Raw Beetroot Sugar Market

Raw Beetroot Sugar Market Analysis by Brown (Dark) Sugar and Organic Sugar from 2023 to 2033

Analysis of Raw Beetroot Sugar Market Covering 30+ Countries Including Analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

Raw Beetroot Sugar Market Outlook (2023 to 2033)

The global raw beetroot sugar market is valued at US$ 6 billion in 2023 and is predicted to reach US$ 11 billion by 2033-end. Global consumption of raw beetroot sugar is forecasted to increase at a CAGR of 6.2% from 2023 to 2033.

Increasing demand for fruit-based or flavored beverages and energy drinks is driving the use of brown sugar. Due to the inherent hygroscopic quality conferred by the presence of molasses, brown sugar is sometimes referred to as soft sugar.

A plant with a lot of sucrose in its roots is called a sugar beet. Commercial sugar beetroot farming is done to produce sugar, which is extracted from the root. A natural sweetener made from beets is raw beetroot sugar. Demand for products such as sugar beetroot juice extracts is anticipated to increase as a result of rising health and hygiene awareness as well as consumer desire for organic sugar.

Raw beetroot sugar tastes sweet and earthy and is a fantastic substitute for regular white sugar. Because it has more vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber than white sugar, beetroot sugar is becoming more popular as a healthy alternative to white sugar.

The main factors driving the market are expanding consumer health consciousness, rising demand for natural sweeteners, and increased consumer awareness of the health advantages of raw beetroot sugar. The surge in demand for raw beetroot sugar among retailers and food processors is expected to positively impact market growth.

Beetroot pulp is widely utilized in the culinary and pharmaceutical sectors. It has been discovered that beetroot pulp aids in maintaining healthy muscles, nerves, and kidney, liver, and pancreatic functions. Furthermore, folic acid, B vitamins, and antioxidants in beetroot pulp help maintain good health. Beetroot pulp boosts resistance and offers defense against many immunodeficiency disorders.

The popularity of convenience foods is another factor driving the market for raw beetroot sugar. Several convenience food products employ raw beetroot sugar as a natural sweetener, coloring, and flavoring component.

Market growth is anticipated to be complemented by the European Food Safety Authority's (EFSA) recent approval of the use of genetically modified sugar beetroot in the food and beverage industry. Moreover, increased sugar beetroot output and its use in ethanol manufacturing are anticipated to fuel market expansion.

Report Attributes


Market Size in 2023

US$ 6 Billion

Projected Market Value (2033)

US$ 11 Billion

Global Market Growth Rate (2023 to 2033)

6.2% CAGR

Market Share of Brown (Dark) Sugar (2023)


Key Companies Profiled

  • Louis Dreyfus
  • Südzucker AG
  • Nordzucker
  • Tereos
  • American Crystal Sugar Company
  • Amalgamated Sugar
  • Rana Sugar Ltd.
  • Nordic Sugar A/S
  • Michigan Sugar Company
  • Nippon Beet Sugar Manufacturing
  • Agrana Zucker
  • British Sugar Plc

What are the Key Drivers of the Raw Beetroot Sugar Market?

“Rapid Increase in Adoption of Sugar Beetroot Pectin in Food Industry”

Market growth of raw beetroot sugar is driven by the expanding uses of sugar beetroot pectin in the food industry. Since sugar beetroot pectin improves the characteristics of food products, the use of this substance is on the rise in the food industry. The characteristics include rheological, physicochemical, and nutritional elements.

Sugar beetroot pectin is gaining traction, despite being a more recent kind of pectin. This is connected to the fact that sugar beetroot pectin is produced with comparatively fewer steps than other types of pectin. Due to increasing research and development activities in the food industry, the worldwide market is expected to rise over the coming years.

Growing demand for components produced from plant sources is also being driven by the growing popularity of veganism and plant-based diets. Pectin from sugar beets is a vegan ingredient that may be used in a variety of foods, including jams, jellies, and desserts. The market for sugar beetroot pectin is anticipated to expand as a result of this trend, which is encouraging businesses to choose natural, vegan substitutes for conventional components.

“Growing Usage of Raw Beetroot Sugar in Cosmetic Products”

Increasing applications of raw beetroot sugar in cosmetics are driving market growth. Attributed to its high vitamin C content, raw beetroot sugar is also significantly used in cosmetic products such as sugar scrubs. Moreover, market growth is also driven by the application of the extract in facial masks and soaps, as it helps in reducing acne and blemishes on the skin.

The market is expected to witness considerable growth, driven by the adoption by cosmetic manufacturers for the production of lip gloss, blush, and hair color products. Due to such factors, market expansion will be significantly driven by the cosmetic industry.

“Huge Demand for Natural Sweeteners”

Demand for natural sweeteners is predicted to increase as consumer awareness of maintaining healthy eating and lifestyle habits rises. A healthier alternative to artificial sweeteners is raw beetroot sugar.

Betaine, a naturally occurring and prospective vitamin source found in raw beetroot sugar, is also present. It is employed in energy drinks for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The worldwide market is anticipated to be driven by the rising use of raw beetroot sugar in the beverage industry over the coming years.

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What is Restraining Global Demand Growth for Raw Beetroot Sugar?

“Adverse Effects of Contamination on Growth of Sugar Beetroot Crops”

Development of the global market for raw beetroot sugar may be hampered by a few restrictions. The adverse effects of contamination on the growth of sugar beetroot crops are one of the key inhibitors. By lowering the quality of the finished product, the extraction of sugar from these unhealthy crops might impede market expansion.

Pricing trends indicate that fluctuating costs of industrial equipment and raw materials are restraining market value. The availability of substitutes such as palm sugar is hampering market growth.

Raw Beetroot Sugar Market Trends, Demand, Size, Share and Forecast Report by Fact.MR

Which Region is Forecasted to Generate Substantial Revenue for Raw Beetroot Sugar Producers?

“Favorable Climate for Sugar Beetroot Cultivation in Asia Pacific”

  • Asia Pacific accounts for 50% share of the global market due to the growing usage of raw beetroot sugar in livestock feed.

Increasing standards of living, a favorable climate for sugar beetroot cultivation, and rising disposable income are the key elements boosting market demand. Growing consumer preference for raw beetroot sugar over refined beet sugar is predicted to favor market expansion.

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Country-wise Insights

Why are Sales of Raw Beetroot Sugar Bolstering in the United States?

“Rapidly Expanding Food and Beverage Industry

The market in the United States is anticipated to experience considerable growth as a result of the expanding food and beverage industry. The development of the market may be influenced by the growing usage of sugar beetroot pectin as an emulsifier. Rapid innovation in harvesting technologies is boosting market value in the country.

Why is Demand for Raw Beetroot Sugar Strong in Germany?

“Increase in Sugar Beetroot Production”

Market growth in Germany is attributed to the massive production of sugar beets with premium and high-yield seeds. High alcoholic beverage consumption is boosting demand for natural flavorings and sweeteners and fostering market expansion. Increasing research and development efforts by major corporations and rising convenience food consumption are driving market revenue.

What Makes Japan an Opportune Market for Raw Beetroot Sugar Manufacturers?

“Shifting Consumer Preferences toward Organic Ingredients”

The market in Japan is expected to rise over the coming years due to rapid urbanization and the increasing usage of sugar beetroot pectin in bakery products. The growing population and shifting consumer preferences toward organic ingredients are supporting market expansion. The market value is anticipated to increase as a result of expanding distribution channels and rising demand for biofuel and ethanol-blend fossil fuel.

Category-wise Insights

Which Type of Raw Beetroot Sugar is Highly Sought-after?

“Brown Sugar Popular for Enhancing Blood Circulation and Aiding Platelet Development

Based on product type, the market is divided into brown (dark) sugar and organic sugar.

  • Brown (dark) sugar accounts for 70% share of the global market in 2023.

Raw cane sugar or beetroot sugar is used to make brown sugar. Growing consumer awareness of the advantages of brown sugar intake is expected to boost market growth over the forecast period. Blood circulation is improved by brown sugar, which also promotes platelet growth.

Brown sugar has more additives than traditional white sugar, such as iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Brown sugar is used to sweeten many prepared dishes and drinks, sauces, and marinades.

Which End User Will Account for High Revenue Generation in This Market?

“Raw Beetroot Sugar Widely Used in Food Processing Industry Owing to its Rich Properties of Vitamins, Iron, and Calcium

The market is segmented into food processors, livestock feed, retailers, and industrial uses based on end user. Known as a powerful antioxidant, the consumption of raw beetroot sugar is high in the food processing industry.

Raw beetroot sugar market growth is attributed to the rich properties of vitamins, iron, and calcium, which in turn have led to increased consumption of raw beetroot sugar in confectionery, beverages, and baked food products. The sugar pulp from beetroots also witnesses considerable demand among animal feed manufacturers globally.

While beetroot is a major source of sugar production, it also witnesses a significant demand among diabetic food manufacturers. Beetroot has a high sucrose content; however, the rate of converting it into glucose on consumption is low. Due to such factors, manufacturers producing diabetic food products prefer using raw beetroot sugar.

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Competitive Landscape

Leading companies are engaged in R&D activities to introduce new products to meet evolving customer demand trends. They are focusing on quality control, collaborations, supply chain management, new developments, and product standards to make a mark in the industry.

Top raw beetroot sugar manufacturers prefer using biotechnologically enhanced procedures for producing premium-quality beets while following safety regulations to reduce the environmental impact. This is expected to drive the raw beetroot sugar market over the coming years.

For instance,

  • NutriScience Innovation LLC provides a range of uses for beetroot sugar extract in medicines, chemicals, and energy beverages.

Key Segments of Raw Beetroot Sugar Industry Research

  • By Product Type :

    • Brown (Dark) Sugar
    • Organic Sugar
  • By End User :

    • Food Processors
    • Livestock Feed
    • Retailers
    • Industrial Uses
  • By Region :

    • North America
    • Europe
    • Asia Pacific
    • Latin America
    • Middle East & Africa

- FAQs -

What is the value of the raw beetroot sugar market in 2023?

The global raw beetroot sugar market is valued at US$ 6 billion in 2023.

What is the forecasted size of the market for raw beetroot sugar by 2033?

Worldwide sales of raw beetroot sugar are forecasted to reach US$ 11 billion by 2033.

What is the estimated CAGR for the raw beetroot sugar market from 2023 to 2033?

Global consumption of raw beetroot sugar is set to increase at a CAGR of 6.2% through 2033.

Which product type accounts for a leading market share?

Brown sugar holds 70% share of the global market in 2023.

Who are the prominent raw beetroot sugar suppliers?

Louis Dreyfus, Südzucker AG, and Nordzucker are leading raw beetroot sugar manufacturers.

Raw Beetroot Sugar Market

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