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Avalanche Airbags Market

Avalanche Airbags Market

Avalanche Airbags Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Market Insights 2018 to 2028

Avalanche Airbags Market
  • Nov-2018
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Top Five Companies Account for Over 40% Share of the Overall Avalanche Airbags Market

Avalanche airbag demand will expand at a rate of 2.6% from 2018 to 2028. This is a bit higher than the growth rate from 2012 to 2018.

Top five companies involved in the manufacturing and distribution of avalanche airbags account for a significant revenue share of the overall avalanche airbags market.

ABS Protection GmbH (now a SPIN Capital company), K-2 Sports (Backcountry Access), Mammut Sports Group AG, Arc’teryx and Black Diamond Equipment Ltd. – tier one manufacturers of avalanche airbags – collectively account for more than 40 percent share in the avalanche airbags market.

Of these, ABS Protection GmbH and Mammut Sports Group AG are the top two players accounting for 13.2 percent and 10.2 percent share in the market.

Regulations on Avalanche Airbags Field Testing and Mandatory Use of Avalanche Airbags Complementing Growth

Government regulations on testing of avalanche airbags have become more stringent in a bid to reduce operational failures of avalanche airbags and reduce fatalities.

Field testing of avalanche airbags has become mandatory in some countries, apart from regular lab testing during manufacturing.

For instance, European Union has initiated a mandate of testing of avalanche airbags under natural environmental conditions under its DIN EN 16716 regulation. Manufacturers of avalanche airbags are required to follow this regulation and avalanche airbags need to be certified with DIN EN 16716 standards.

This aspect is complemented by mandates regarding use of mountaineering equipment such as avalanche airbags while skiing and hiking.

Regulatory authorities such as the International Skiing Federation has made it compulsory for skiing participants to wear avalanche airbags, particularly during national winter sports. This factor is expected to influence the demand for avalanche airbags in the forthcoming years.

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Increasing Avalanche Fatalities to Trigger Adoption of Avalanche Airbags

Rising fatalities associated with avalanche mishaps have caused major concerns among mountaineers and enthusiasts. This factor has pushed the use of various safety gears such as avalanche airbags.

In United States, more than 925 fatalities due to avalanche mishaps were recorded during the 1951-2013 timeline, according to Colorado Avalanche Information Center.

This count is likely to increase in the coming years on account of increasing utilization of backcountry, says Colorado Avalanche Information Center.

Likewise, avalanche fatalities in Europe, in particular the Alps, have risen steadily. On an average, more than 26 individual fatalities occur every year in Austria alone, which has increased to 37 deaths.

Increasing Skiing and Snowboarding Participation Influencing Sales of Avalanche Airbags

There has been a steady increase in skiing and snowboarding activities across the globe, which is expected to translate into an increase in demand for avalanche airbags.

According to NSAA (National Ski Areas Association), 2017-2018 (Q3) timeline reflected participation of about 9.2 million people in skiing and snowboarding million, which is likely to increase in the coming years.

Likewise, in EU, participation in skiing is likely to cross 6 million by 2018 end owing to skiing championships held in the region.

For instance, the upcoming 2018/2019 Audi FIS Ski World Cup in Austria has attracted more than 200 participants, which is expected to augur well for the growth of the avalanche airbags market.

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Avalanche Airbags Cannot be considered as a Complete Replacement – A Possible Growth Deterrent

Uncertainties associated with avalanche airbags with respect to survival percentages continue to challenge avalanche airbags sales.

During avalanche situations, there are certain situations where avalanche airbags operations fail, resulting in a higher possibility of avalanche fatalities.

For example, if the user is at the bottom of a steep sided valley, an avalanche safety gear such as avalanche airbags would not be effective owing.

Although avalanche airbags enable the user to stay on top of snow slab, there is a higher possibility of injuries occurring due to rocks and trees present on the slope.

Against this backdrop, relative uncertainty lies with use of avalanche airbags that cannot be considered as a complete replacement for standard safety gear such as shovel, probes and transceivers.

This factor is expected to challenge the growth of the avalanche airbags market.

Competitive Landscape

The report on avalanche airbags market covers detailed portfolio of key participants involved in the manufacturing of avalanche airbags.

The competitive landscape section of the avalanche airbags market report covers key aspects such as SWOT analysis, avalanche airbags product portfolio assessment, developments and key strategies. Companies such as

  • ABS Protection GmbH
  • Black Diamond Equipment Ltd.

Arc’tyrex have been profiled in the report.

Companies in the avalanche airbags market are largely focusing on new product developments in a bid to enhance user convenience, experience and safety.

For instance, Snowpulse has introduced new Highmark avalanche airbags that are incorporated with Snowpulse 3.0 deployment system. These avalanche airbags use both RAS (Removable Airbag System) and PAS (Protection Airbags System).

avalanche air bags market 2

Black Diamond Equipment Ltd., has introduced Black Diamond Jetforce avalanche airbags that allow up to three deployments in one battery charge. These avalanche airbags feature high powered fans that inflate the backpack in 3.5 seconds.

Mammut Sports Group AG has introduced new avalanche airbags that are 2lbs lighter than most of the avalanche airbags in the market.

Company’s 20L ultralight avalanche airbags offer enhanced convenience alongside improved protection against trauma.

BCA (Backcountry Access), a K-2 sports brand, has introduced small and light float speed avalanche airbags. These avalanche airbags are designed for fast backcountry skiing along with aggressive freeriding.

New acquisitions have taken place in the avalanche airbags marketplace, as new companies are entering the market by acquiring avalanche airbags manufacturers.

For instance, SPIN Capital – a financial holding company – acquired 100% of ABS Peter Aschauer GmbH, a market leader in avalanche airbags sector. This acquisition by SPIN Capital was mainly to enter the sports business alongside promoting ABS brand name.

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Avalanche airbags are safety gear used while skiing and mountaineering. The avalanche airbags system consists of an airbag incorporated in the backpack, which inflates when the user encounters an avalanche.

Avalanche airbags are designed in a way that enhances their functionality of uplifting the user, maintaining his/her position above snow surface.

There are different types of avalanche airbags available, including mono and dual avalanche airbags and are used across recreational activities such as skiing, hiking and ski-jumping.

About the Report

The report on “avalanche airbags market forecast, trend analysis and competition tracking – global market insights 2018-2028” is an analytical compilation of various aspects influencing sales of avalanche airbags.

The avalanche airbags market report includes various insights on avalanche airbags sales and demand forecasts across key regions in the globe.

The 150+ page report on avalanche airbags includes detailed analysis on various dynamics influencing growth in sales of avalanche airbags along with past avalanche airbags sales data, current avalanche airbags scenario and future demand for avalanche airbags for a 10 year timeline (2018-2028).

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Market Structure

The avalanche airbags market is segmented in detail to include very aspect of avalanche airbags and covering all angles of the market.

The avalanche airbags market has been segmented on the basis of capacity type, airbag type, activation type, system type, sales channel, application and region. By capacity, avalanche airbags are classified into small (<20L), medium (20L-35L) and large (>35L).

Avalanche airbags in terms of type are categorized into mono and dual avalanche airbags. In terms of activation, avalanche airbags are segmented by canister/cartridge and electric fan. By system type, avalanche airbags are categorized into integrated, base unit and removable systems.

Applications of avalanche airbags are assessed including their use in skiing, hiking and adventure sports.

By sales channel, avalanche airbags market is categorized into specialty stores, modern trade channel, sports variety stores, direct-to-customer and third party online channel.

The market for avalanche airbags is assessed across regions such as North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific (APAC), Europe and Middle East and Africa (MEA).

Additional Questions Answered

Apart from the above mentioned findings, the avalanche airbags market report provides answers to additional questions such as:

  • Which type of avalanche airbags are highly preferred across the globe?
  • Sales of which capacity of avalanche airbags has recorded a maximum in 2017?
  • What type of activation system do end users of avalanche airbags prefer the most?
  • Which region and country reflects higher attractiveness and lucrativeness in the avalanche airbags market?
  • Which is the most attractive channel for sales of avalanche airbags?
  • On what applications of avalanche airbags can stakeholders rely on to direct their marketing strategies to enhance avalanche airbags sales?

Research Methodology

The report on avalanche airbags market has been designed using a unique combination of primary and secondary research along with information from external sources.

The in-depth primary research on avalanche airbags along with extensive secondary research is compiled together with information from external sources such as press releases, company SEC filings, sports magazines, news and university papers.

This compiled data is further triangulated to obtain a higher accurate estimate of avalanche airbags market.

Avalanche Airbags Market Scope Of The Report

The report on avalanche airbags market is a comprehensive compilation of various key insights and statistics circling the avalanche airbags marketplace.

The avalanche airbags market report includes analysis on various types of avalanche airbags used, their demand worldwide and their sales cross major countries in the globe.

The avalanche airbags market provides detailed insights on various aspects influencing the sales and demand for avalanche airbags including assessment on key drivers, trends, opportunities and trends.

The avalanche airbags market report also includes volume and value projections for a period of 10 years, from 2018 till 2028.

Chapter 1 – Executive Summary

This chapter in the avalanche airbags market report includes overview on avalanche airbags market, segmental analysis, mega trends in the avalanche airbags market, key opportunity assessment, wheel of fortune and analyst viewpoint.

Chapter 2 – Avalanche Airbags Market Overview

This chapter in the report on avalanche airbags market covers introduction, avalanche airbags market definition and scope of the avalanche airbags market report along with market segmentation.

Chapter 3 – Avalanche Airbags Market Key Indicator Assessment

This extensive chapter in the avalanche airbags market research report offers assessment on supply chain, investment feasibility matrix, Porter’s five forces and overall avalanche airbags market forecast scenario.

Chapter 4 – Avalanche Airbags Market Dynamics

Analysis on macroeconomic factors, key growth drivers and trends influencing the demand and sales of avalanche airbags is covered in this chapter of the avalanche airbags market report.

Chapter 5 – Avalanche Airbags Market Price Point Analysis

This chapter in the avalanche airbags market report covers price point assessment by every region. It describes the pricing scenario of avalanche airbags along with key aspects impacting pricing of avalanche airbags.

Chapter 6 – Avalanche Airbags Market Analysis and Forecast

This extensive chapter in the avalanche airbags market report includes volume and value projections apropos global sales of avalanche airbags. This chapter also covers avalanche airbags regional demand analysis, along with segmental outlook including assessment on segments of avalanche airbags market such as airbag type, activation, system type, capacity, and application.

Chapter 7 – North America Avalanche Airbags Market

Detailed analysis on avalanche airbags demand and sales across key countries in North America including Canada and the United States, with pricing index and price point assessment is covered here. The chapter reveals the market attractiveness index for avalanche airbags in North America.

Chapter 8 – Latin America Avalanche Airbags Market

This chapter in the avalanche airbags market report includes analysis on sales of avalanche airbags across countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Argentina for the forecast period. It reveals various aspects influencing sales of avalanche airbags in these countries.

Chapter 9 – Europe Avalanche Airbags Market

Demand for avalanche airbags across major countries in Europe such as EU-4, Nordics, United Kingdom and Russia along with remaining European region has been provided in the report. The year-on-year growth rate of avalanche airbags market in European countries is mentioned.

Chapter 10 – Asia Pacific (APAC) Avalanche Airbags Market

This chapter in the avalanche airbags market report includes analysis on the market attractiveness with respect to sales of avalanche airbags across countries such as India, Greater China, Australia & New Zealand, ASEAN and Japan. It includes assessment on the market lucrativeness of the region in the avalanche airbags market.

avalanche air bags market 0

Chapter 11 – Middle East and Africa (MEA) Avalanche Airbags Market

Analysis on avalanche airbags market in Middle East and Africa across major countries of South Africa and GCC and other countries in MEA is covered in this chapter. The chapter includes assessment on avalanche airbags market growth factors in MEA, along with demand analysis for avalanche airbags.

Chapter 12 – Competitive Assessment

The competitive assessment chapter in the avalanche airbags market report includes a dashboard view of the market participates involved in manufacturing of avalanche airbags. It also covers avalanche airbags market structure and company share analysis.

Chapter 13 – Company Profile

This chapter in the avalanche airbags market report includes analysis on various key players involved in the manufacturing of avalanche airbags.

It includes various aspects of competition including SWOT analysis, avalanche airbags product portfolio, new product launches and developments, mergers and acquisitions and key strategies. This chapter includes profiles of 10 major players in the avalanche airbags market.

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