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Airport Kiosk Market

Airport Kiosk Market

Airport Kiosk Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Market Insights 2019 to 2029

Airport Kiosk Market
  • Oct-2019
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  • Technology

Growing Investment in Self-Service Technologies to Increase the Demand for Airport Kiosk

According to the new Fact.MR study on the airport kiosk market, the increasing demand for more efficient airport management, the airport kiosk market is expected to witness significant opportunities across the globe. Fact.MR has published an exclusive report for the airport kiosk market for the forecast period of 2019 - 2029.

The primary objective of this report on airport kiosk is to provide key insights on market scenario coupled with technological advancements in global airport kiosk market. Also, the study on global airport kiosk market offers different drivers, trends, restraints, and opportunities that are expected to impact the growth of airport kiosk market during the forecast period.

Digital transformation that has been touted by many to bring about a paradigm shift in market dynamics, is finally underway and among the end-use industries it has transformed, the airline industry is at the forefront. From mobile check-in apps to interactive digital displays, digital transformation has created multiple opportunities in the airline industry.

The airline industry has not only adopted digital transformation but also invested in advanced technologies, which will drive the market for airport kiosk during the forecast period. There has been an increasing adoption of advanced technologies by the airport industry coupled with safety

measures and amongst these safety measures cyber security is on the rise. It is expected that spending on strengthening the customer and organizational privacy will gain massive momentum during the forecast period and give a boost to the market. Latest technological advancements such as self-serving technologies, digital travel advisor, and multiple entertainment options are being adopted by airport authorities around the globe.

It is anticipated that the adoption of such advanced technologies at the airport will continue to grow at a steady pace and indirectly drive the airport kiosk market during the forecast period.

In order to offer convenience to passengers, the worldwide airport authorities are concentrating on the adoption of self service solutions at the airport. Increasing installations of airport kiosks has reduced passenger delay.

In addition, since the airport kiosk possesses different features, which enables control over check in, baggage clearance, and passenger clearance at the airport, the installation of airport kiosk has helped airport authorities to manage the burgeoning airline passenger traffic at the airport. Furthermore, the increase in IT spending across airports has supported the adoption of airport kiosk and this trend is expected to continue over the assessment period.

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Incorporation of IT Solutions and Infrastructural Upgrades at Asian Airports to Provide Ample Opportunities

To oblige the growing air traffic and evolving expectations of consumers, worldwide airport authorities are focusing on incorporating IT solutions in their operations. By knowing the importance of IT solutions, the IT spending is being positively adopted by airport authorities across the globe, and it is highly expected that investments in the same will continue to grow during the assessment period.

The broader push towards IT spending is likely to increase the development and adoption of airport kiosk. In order to nullify the growing tourist footfalls, airport authorities in many Asian countries are set to massively invest in infrastructural upgrades. Beijing is working on developing a US$ 13 billion airports that is considered as one of world’s biggest aviation hubs.

Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi and South Korea’s Incheon International Airport are also spending billions of dollars to boost airport infrastructure. Such activities are expected to provide a boost to the growth of the airport kiosk market during the forecast period.

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Development of Next-generation Airport Kiosk to Increase Vulnerability to Cyber Attacks

Although the inclusion of technology is expected to speed up operations and offer excellent experiences to consumers at airport, the vulnerability of these systems to cyber-attacks is also anticipated to increase. In order to prevent a cyber-attack, airport authorities need to spend massively on safeguards.

Considering the sensitive nature of the industry to cyber terrorism, it is expected that regulations on the safe use of technology will become stringent during the forecast period and this will further boost the growth of the airport kiosk market.

Owing to the presence of players operating in the airport kiosk market across the globe, the global airport kiosk market is a moderately fragmented one.

From the past few years, in order to offer increased flexibility and convenience to passengers, installation of airport kiosk at the airport is increased significantly and by considering this increased demand, the leading players operating in the airport kiosk market are focusing on innovations and new product developments which are anticipated to drive the airport kiosk market in the upcoming years.

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An Adaptive Approach to Modern-day Research Needs

Regional Developments in the Airport Kiosk Market

According to the report published by Fact.MR, the regions such as North America and Europe are the dominating regions in the airport kiosk market, owing to the robust investment by airport authorities in advancing facilities over there. Furthermore, it is expected that these regions will continue the same trend during the forecast period which will help to maintain their dominance in the global airport kiosk market.

Among these two regions, Europe will remain the leading revenue contributor in the global airport kiosk market followed by North America. Both these regions together hold around more than 50% of the global market share in the airport kiosk market. In case of Europe, Russia is leading the airport kiosk market holding more than 15% of total market share followed by Germany holding around 14% of the airport kiosk market share.

On the other hand, owing to the relatively high number of airports in the US, it dominates the regional North American airport kiosk market with more than 80% of market share.

In Asian countries, there has been exponential growth in air travel, as the rapidly growing middle class is opting for a quicker medium of transportation. While this has not only created new opportunities for players operating in airport kiosk market, it has also created pressure on airport authorities to provide adequate facilities at the airport.

Owing to these reasons, investments in airport infrastructure have witnessed a surge, and this indirectly boosts the market for airport kiosk. The outlook for the Asian countries airport kiosk market remains positive, and players in this sector can expect significant opportunities to emerge during the forecast period. In addition to the significant growth in the emerging economies of China and India, Japan is likely to provide necessary support for the growth of the airport kiosk market.

On other hand, while considering the region of Latin America, the air traffic across Latin America has witnessed robust growth in the last decade. The growth in air traffic has necessitated investment in airports, with many airports across the region witnessing an upgrade. Special focus on technology incorporation and availability of self-serving kiosks have grown at a rapid pace in the region creating ample opportunities in the Latin America market during the assessment period.

In Middle East, investments in airport modernization and upgrade have remained concentrated in the GCC, with Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Kuwait accounting for a sizeable share of investments. Some of the prominent, multi-billion airport projects in the Middle East region includes Dubai World Central, King Abdul-Aziz International Airport, and Abu Dhabi International Airport which are expected to boost the airport kiosk market.

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Key Segments of the Airport Kiosk Market

Fact.MR’s study on the airport kiosk market offers information divided into two important segments— by product and region. This report provides important data and information about the market dynamics and growth parameters associated with these categories.

Check in Kiosk
  • Automated Passport Control Kiosks
  • Baggage Check-in
  • Information Kiosks
  • Ticketing Kiosks
  • Internet Kiosks
  • Others
  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • East Asia
  • South Asia
  • Oceania
  • MEA

Airport Kiosk Market - Scope of the Report

A market study done by Fact.MR on airport kiosk gives out an exclusive information about how the market is gaining traction during the forecast period. The main aim of the report is to give different insights on the advancements in the global airport kiosk market.

This newly published report offers different market dynamics that are expected to influence the current and future status of the airport kiosk market over the forecast period.

The report on airport kiosk market starts with an overview of the market. Followed by the overview, a detailed assessment of airport kiosk supply chain analysis, business execution, value and volume chain analysis across the regional markets has been done in the report.

Airport kiosk market is anticipated to grow at a significant pace in the near future. A list of prominent players operating in the airport kiosk market enhances the reliability of this comprehensive research study.

A section of the report discusses different factors that are influencing competition in the airport kiosk market. Essential and up-to-date data and information correlated to the market performers, who principally engage in the airport kiosk market, has been sought with the help of a detailed dashboard view.

On the basis of operating market players, the report offers a detailed market share analysis of the airport kiosk market. A section of the report highlights the region wise market for airport kiosk and gives the forecast within the context of the report. The report sheds light on various activities and developments executed by the key market players operating in the airport kiosk market.

Key Questions Answered in Fact.MR’s Market Report

  • How will changing trends impact the global airport kiosk market during the forecast period?

  • Which region holds the maximum share in the global airport kiosk market in upcoming years?
  • Which companies are leading the airport kiosk market?
  • How the overall competition in the airport kiosk market is continuously increasing?
  • What will be the growth rate of airport kiosk market in different regions across the globe?
  • Which factors will induce a change in the demand for airport kiosk market during the assessment period?
  • How can market players catch the upcoming opportunities in the global airport kiosk market?

Airport Kiosk Market - Research Methodology

The report on airport kiosk market focuses on providing information regarding the volume and value of market from a global perspective. The research on the airport kiosk market was started through secondary research on the product, using both bottom-up and top-down approaches.

Future and current prospects of the airport kiosk market containing future as well as current projected values and a study on demand trends have been included in the report. In addition, the yearly revenue generated by different operating players in airport kiosk market were obtained from both primary and secondary sources.

Fluctuations in annual prices over the forecast period is based on the expected percentage change and market trends in the upcoming years. Any increase or decrease in the price in the upcoming years is kept linear for all the regions. The approach was further confirmed by the primary respondents across the entire value chain of airport kiosk market, such as the operating market players and independent service providers.

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Is the market research conducted by Fact.MR?

Yes, the report has been compiled by expert analysts of Fact.MR, through a combination of primary and secondary research. To know more about how the research was conducted, you can speak to a research analyst.

What research methodology is followed by Fact.MR?

Fact.MR follows a methodology that encompasses the demand-side assessment of the market, and triangulates the same through a supply-side analysis. This methodology is based on the use of standard market structure, methods, and definitions.

What are the sources of secondary research?

Fact.MR conducts extensive secondary research through proprietary databases, paid databases, and information available in the public domain. We refer to industry associations, company press releases, annual reports, investor presentations, and research papers. More information about desk research is available upon request.

Who are the respondents for primary research?

Fact.MR speaks to stakeholders across the spectrum, including C-level executives, distributors, product manufacturers, and industry experts. For a full list of primary respondents, please reach out to us.

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Yes, you can request a sample, and it will be sent to you through an email.