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Kiosk Market Analysis By Type (Vending, Self-Service Kiosks, ATMs, Locker Kiosk, Charging Kiosk, Others), By End-Use (Retailer, Transport Operator, Banks & Advertisers, Petrol Stations, Commercial Complexes, Government) & By Region - Global Market Insights 2022-2032

Analysis of Kiosk market covering 30 + countries including analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

Kiosk Market Outlook (2022-2032)

The global kiosk market was valued at US$ 22.2 Billion in 2021, and is projected to register a Y-o-Y increase of 11.2% in 2022 to be valued at US$ 24.7 Billion.

Report Attributes


Anticipated Base Year Value (2021)

US$ 22.2 Billion

Expected Market Value (2022)

US$ 24.7 Billion

Projected Forecast Value (2032)

US$ 63.2 Billion

Global Growth Rate (2022-2032)

9.8% CAGR

Growth Rate of the U.S (2022-2032)

8.9% CAGR

Expected Market Value of China (2032)

US$ 2.1 Billion

Growth Rate of U.K (2022-2032)

7.8% CAGR

Key Kiosk Market Players

  • KIOSK Information Systems Inc.
  • NCR Corp.
  • International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) Corp.
  • Slabbkiosks
  • Wincor Nixdorf Ag

During the 2022-2032 period of assessment, demand is expected to rise at a 9.8% value CAGR, likely to reach US$ 63.1 Billion by the end of the said forecast period.

Overall, the kiosk market landscape is poised to yield an absolute dollar opportunity worth US$ 38.5 Billion until 2032. Sales of vending kiosks will continue to flourish, with a documented CAGR of 10.7% from 2015-2021. North America will remain at the forefront, generating an opportunity worth US$ 17.2 Billion during the forecast period.

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Kiosk Market Revenue Analysis 2015-2021 vs. Future Outlook 2022-2032

According to market research and competitive intelligence provider Fact.MR, the kiosk industry grew at a CAGR of 10.4% from 2015 to 2021. Demand is majorly attributed to increased need for convenience in business operations across such key end use industries as retail, financial services, hospitality, public sector, travel and food & beverage among others.

In the past 2 years, the popularity of kiosks heightened significantly, thanks to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. With increased emphasis on contactless delivery of products and services, several industries began deploying kiosks with user-friendly interfaces, permitting independent purchases of various goods, as well as availability of important public services.

As connectivity technologies continue to improve, kiosk manufacturers are transforming the global landscape by incorporating various advancements, including ML, AI, IoT and Wi-Fi connectivity. From completing bill payments to guiding passengers on public transport systems, use of different types of kiosks in only poised to accelerate in the future. From 2022 to 2032, Fact.MR expects the market to flourish 2.5x. The retail sector is expected to emerge as the primary end user of kiosks in the long-run.

Prominent Kiosk Market Growth Drivers

Demand for user friendly shopping experiences to Generate Significant Market Growth

Kiosk market growth is driven by the increase in user friendly shopping environments, as more people relay on that. People nowadays prefer online shopping over visits to conventional brick and mortar stores. With the prevalence of highly busy lifestyles, consumers and end users seek out shopping experiences which are quick and efficient. Consequently, kiosk vendors are incorporating technological advancements, including advanced connectivity and smart shopping experiences.

Kiosks act as an upselling tool for meeting shopping requirements. Kiosk allow to search the product online and purchase it instantly. Furthermore, they help improve the checkout experience by reducing queues. Among all kiosk types, self-service kiosks are especially gaining major traction, as it permits customers to independently navigate through purchase options, allowing them to choose the said product or service based on their tastes and preferences. From hospitals to food courts, self-service kiosks are becoming popular everywhere.

Emergence of Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) to Provide Major Growth Opportunity

Although the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us, consumers globally are still apprehensive about resuming direct contact with people. With a major part of the global population taking voluntary measures to limit physical contact, the food & beverage industry has been experiencing an explosion of quick service restaurants (QSRs). Patrons are looking for arrangements wherein they continue enjoying meals in outdoor settings while simultaneously avoiding direct contact.

In such a scenario, these outlets are investing in kiosks which permit users to select meals of their choice in a hassle-free manner. Recent studies have shown that 65% of QSR customers would visit restaurants more frequently if they could order using self-service kiosks. And 30% said they would rather order from a kiosk than a cashier, given that the lines were about the same wait. Deployment of kiosks across QSRs have prompted consumers to expend 15-30% more money, with more individuals likely to purchase add-ons, including dessert or French fries, instead of when they are face-to-face with a cashier.

Kiosks market forecast by Fact.MR

Key Challenges Affecting Kiosk Market Growth

Some restraints which are hindering the growth of self-service kiosks market are, high initial cost of the interactive kiosk and time to time maintenance of the interactive kiosk.  costly infrastructure and licensing are some of the significant factors which may limit the growth of kiosk market and hamper the sales of kiosk market, which eventually result in dipping demand for kiosk market.

Also, kiosks are susceptible to cyberattacks, with hackers gaining access to sensitive information, including contact numbers, financial instruments details and other personal data of the consumer. Public kiosks are subject to hacking, which keeps the customers away from adopting such online services hinder the growth of market. Transactions that can be conducted in kiosks are limited as they use pre-programmed software so Kiosks cannot be used for complex and technical transactions which they are not programmed for this will effect negatively to the market growth. Moreover, government regulations in its installation, and rising cybercrime as well as security issues also hinder the growth of the market.

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Country-wise Analysis

How Opportunistic will the Market for Kiosk Market be across the U.S?

Increasing adoption of self-service system across different segment to enhance the growth of the kiosk market.

According to Fact.MR’s study, the U.S is poised to yield an absolute dollar opportunity worth US$ 9.9 Billion, expanding at an 8.9% value CAGR from 2022 to 2032. By the end of the said forecast period, a market valuation of US$ 17.2 Billion has been projected for the industry across the country.

Due to presence of various digital kiosk display providers and adoption of technological advancement in the country the US Kiosk market remains most prominent. The U.S has always been at the forefront of advancing Kiosk market since the 21st century. Increasing adoption of self-services system across different segment is to enhance the growth of the kiosk market in forecasting period. Furthermore, Kiosk Market expected to witness high growth during the forecast period due to the rising digitalization trend and the increasing penetration of smart devices in various industries such as retail, bank, transport and advertisement.

For instance, in August 2018, McDonald's Corporation introduced more than 6,000 stores throughout the United States with spending of USD 6 billion. The introduction of 2,500 interactive kiosks under its 'experience of the future' strategy restaurants. Recently MacDonald's has also created a team to increase digital customer engagement of customers looking at the rapid involvement of technology in the food industry. digital ordering, personalization, payments, loyalty, and payments. Developments by leading players in the industry are expected to provide opportunities to kiosk vendors across the globe.

Will China emerge as an attractive Kiosk Market?

Technological Advancement Drives to Widen Growth Scope in the Future

According to Fact.MR, China is expected to contribute the largest revenue share in the kiosk market as a result of increased adoption of kiosk services and technological advancement. As shopkeepers and retailers are installing kiosk machines for consumers to provide them an interactive service.

Also, growing tourism in the country is expected to increase the kiosk market in china. China also exhibit with strong demand pf ATM machines in the country as the consumers preferring interactive touchscreen ATMs in the region, also the technological advancement like speech capability, smartphone connectivity will boost the market growth.

For instance, in October 2018, China deployed fully automated self-service kiosks at Shanghai's Hongqiao for flight and baggage check-in, security clearance, and boarding powered by facial recognition technology states the Civil Aviation Administration of China. As per Fact.MR’s estimates, the Chinese market is poised to register a CAGR of 4.9% from 2022 to 2032, reaching US$ 2.1 Billion and yielding a dollar opportunity worth US$ 0.8 Billion

Country-wise Forecast CAGRs for the Kiosk Market











Category-wise Insights

Which segment is expected to be the Top Kiosk System End User?

Kiosk Market system for Retailer to remain Prominent

According to Fact.MR, Kiosk market for Retailer are expected to register highest growth, expanding at a CAGR of 9.5% from 2022-2032. Increasing investments in procuring superior quality kiosks to attain supremacy has heightened growth prospects in recent years. Countries are striving to improve retail capabilities by installing such advanced systems.AI enabled kiosks are gaining popularity in retail sector. Many organizations in the marketplace are seen collaborating with an aim to offer the retail industry with targeted marketing.

Facilities like in-store product information and promotional displays have become a prominent source of customer attraction. Self-directed bill payment, check-out, digital signage is some of the key applications of kiosk helps to reduce the overhead cost of retailers. Retailers can install self-service kiosks in new, additional locations, help business bring in more profit by reaching new customers in different places and thus selling more product.

By Type, which Category is likely to make Maximum Usage of Kiosk market system?

Vending service to be Primary Utilizers of Kiosk Market system

According to Fact.MR, vending kiosks are expected to experience major uptake, growing at a CAGR of 10.1% until 2032. Recent advancements in vending to achieve greater target precision and strike rate is prompting increased uptake in recent years.

Competitive Landscape

Prominent manufacturers of Kiosk market are eyeing technological innovations in order to provide the most accurate and precise system arrangements to their customers. As there is significant increase in AI implementation in the kiosk market, companies are forging collaborative agreements with government entities to enhance their presence across major geographies. In addition, the vendors are likely to leverage upgradation and product differentiation to gain an edge over other competitors in the market

  • In April 2021 Fujitsu Front Tech North America Inc. a retail technology provider announced the launch of its U-Scan Elite kiosk machine. This machine works on automated solution and provide cash and coins with enhance speed.
  • In April 2021, Sensi, a technology startup base in Ireland, introduced an artificial intelligence based kiosk machine. The machine rewards customer who recycle paper cup, aluminum cans, plastic bottles.
  • In January 2021, Magnit partnered with NCR Corporation to introduce innovative technology such as self-service checkouts and kiosks, self-scanning systems, video analytics systems based on artificial intelligence and computer vision, and software, including solutions for processing online orders to the Russian market.

Key Segments Covered in the Kiosk Market Study

  • By Type :

    • Vending Kiosks
      • Drink Vending
      • Food Vending
      • Photo Printing
      • DVD Rental
    • Self –Service Kiosks
      • Information Kiosks
      • Ticketing Kiosks
      • Patient Interactive Kiosks
      • Check-in Kiosks
      • Employment Kiosks
      • Bill Payment Kiosks
    • ATM (Automated Teller Machine) Kiosks
    • Locker Kiosks
    • Charging Kiosks
    • Other (Web Payphone, Gaming) Kiosk Types
  • By End-Use :

    • Retailers
    • Transport (Airport/Railway/Bus) Operator
    • Banks
    • Advertisers
    • Petrol Stations
    • Commercial Complexes (Education, Hospital, etc.) 
    • Government
  • By Region :

    • North America
    • Europe
    • Asia Pacific
    • Middle East and Africa
    • Latin America

- FAQs -

What was the market worth for kiosk market in 2021?

As of 2021, Fact.MR estimated the Kiosk Market to have reached US$ 22.2 Billion

What is the expected worth of the kiosk industry in 2022?

By 2022, Fact.MR expected demand for kiosk industry to reach US$ 24.7 Billion

At what CAGR did the kiosk market flourish from 2015-2021?

From 2015-2021, the kiosk market grew at a 10.4% value CAGR, according to Fact.MR

What is the expected forecast CAGR for kiosk market from 2022-2032?

From 2022-2032, Fact.MR expects that the demand for kiosks is likely to surge at a 9.8% CAGR

At what value will the market for kiosk system close in 2032?

By 2032, the market for kiosk system is likely to be valued at US$ 63.1 Billion

What is the expected market value for the U.S kiosk market?

By 2032, Fact.MR expects the U.S market for kiosk market to reach US$ 17.2 Billion

How opportunistic is the Chinese market for kiosk system?

China is expected to register a 4.9% CAGR with regard to the kiosk industry

What is the expected growth rate for the U.K market?

U.K is expected to document a CAGR worth 7.8% in the kiosk market

Which industry segment is likely to drive the kiosk market?

The retail industry segment is likely to drive the kiosk market, expected to document a 9.5% CAGR until 2032

Kiosk Market

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