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Gas Separation Membrane Market

Gas Separation Membrane Market

Gas Separation Membrane Market By Material (Polymeric, Inorganic & Metallic Membrane), By Construction (Hollow Fiber Module, Spiral Wound Module, Plate & Frame Module), By Application, By Region - Global Market Forecast 2020-2030

Gas Separation Membrane Market

Global Gas Separation Membrane Market Outlook

The global gas separation membrane market is poised to witness a CAGR of ~8% during the forecast period (2020-2030). Greater efficiency in gas purification and separation is projected to fuel market growth. Gas separation membranes allow for high performance at elevated temperatures and extreme pressures. Therefore, they have emerged as ideal purification methods in natural gas production.

Increasing natural gas and shale gas production is poised to drive the gas separation membranes market. Increasing demand for gas separation membranes in refining and petrochemical industries is set to proliferate demand in the forthcoming years.

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Global Gas Separation Membrane Market Trends

In 2019, the global production of natural gas was pegged at 3, 937 billion cubic meters (Bcm). This growth was largely driven by China, the Middle East and Europe. Extraction of hydrocarbons has motivated market players to invest in brownfield and greenfield gas processing projects. Gas processing units are expanding in terms of financial growth and technological advancements.

The upgradation of gas processing plants has been driving the deployment of gas separation membranes, augmenting growth throughout the forecast period. Gas treatment plants are expected to register a high investment rate over the forecast period which will create remunerative opportunities for gas separation membranes suppliers.

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Global Gas Separation Membrane Market Regional Insights:

Europe has driven the consumption of gas separation membranes, accounting for over one third of the market share in 2019. The scenario is projected to continue due to upcoming multimillion dollar oil and gas projects in the region. These operations are expected to produce over 1,496 thousand barrels per day (mbd) oil and over 4.7 billion cubic feet per day (bcfd) gas.

Owing to these high budget projects, progressive environments for the regional and global gas separation membrane market are anticipated. However, North America is projected to experience a healthy growth rate of 8% throughout the assessment period.

Gas separation membrane market regional incremental opportunity analysis forecast by Fact.MR

Global Gas Separation Membrane Market Manufacturers: Key Strategies

The global gas separation membrane market is highly consolidated in nature, in which the top six players accounted for over half of the global production in 2019. Honeywell International Inc., Evonik Industries, Air Products and Chemicals are some of the key stakeholders. A key trend witnessed in the market encompasses strategic partnerships and collaborations between membrane manufacturers, technology providers and stakeholders in the industry.

For instance, in 2018, to address the increasing demand for natural gas, Evonik Industries and The Linde Group has collaborated to implement gas separation membranes in natural gas processing. The joint product will be marketed and promoted by Linde as the “HISELECT powered by Evonik” high-performance membrane package unit. Similarly, companies like Air products and Air Liquide Advanced Separations LLC have been involved in other organic and inorganic strategies to leverage immense potential from the market.

Gas separation membrane market competitive analysis forecast by Fact.MR

COVID-19 Impact Insights

The coronavirus pandemic has generated major shockwaves across the globe. As a result, trade in natural gas has been disrupted as a result of cessation of extraction operations, shutting down of production units and suspension of logistical arrangements. Due to the pandemic, every refinery, plant and natural gas processing plant is closed, thus restraining the demand for gas separation membranes.

Europe is a leading consumer of gas separation membranes, accounting for over one third of the global demand in 2019. In the first quarter of 2020, European markets suffered huge losses as it was the worst affected region. In the second quarter, while mortality rates have declined, the number of coronavirus cases have not abated. This has dimmed prospects for regional growth. Following Europe is North America in terms of the number of COVID-19 infections and is poised to experience stagnant growth in the second and third quarters respectively.

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Analyst Viewpoint

“Uncertainties related to the novel coronavirus outbreak will restrict the growth of the global gas separation membrane market in the midterm (2020-2025) forecast. The market is likely to surge in the aftermath”, says the Fact.MR analyst.

About the Report

Fact.MR published an exclusive forecast report for gas separation membrane market between 2020 and 2030. The foremost objective of this report on gas separation membrane market is to pitch spearhead insights on market scenario, demand generators, and technological advancements in the gas separation membrane market.

Also, the study on gas separation membrane market addresses key dynamics, which are expected to diversify the sales and future prominence of gas separation membrane market.

The report on gas separation membrane market begins with an executive overview in which product definition has been provided. The report further proceeds with taxonomy of gas separation membrane market elaborating on the key segments. Also, the report outlines visionary insights on dynamics gas separation membrane market including drivers, restraints, opportunities and trends and pricing analysis along with the key buying factors for gas separation membrane.

Supply chain analysis and pricing analysis of gas separation membrane market along with the difference between gas separation membrane used as per applications have also been included in the report to help the readers clearly understand the product framework map in gas separation membrane market.

Gas Separation Membrane Market: Segmentation

Fact.MR has segmented the gas separation membrane market on the basis of material, construction, application, end use and region.

  • By Material :

    • Polymeric Membrane
    • Inorganic Membrane
    • Metallic Membrane
  • By Construction :

    • Hollow Fiber Module
    • Spiral Wound Module
    • Plate & Frame Module
  • By Application :

    • Nitrogen Separation
    • Oxygen Separation
    • Acid gas Separation
    • Hydrogen Separation
    • Methane Separation
    • Carbon Dioxide Separation
    • Olefin - Paraffin Separation
  • By End Use :

    • Chemical
    • Petrochemical and Oil & Gas
    • Food and Beverages
    • Power Generation
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Pollution Control
    • Others
  • By Region :

    • North America
    • Latin America
    • Europe
    • East Asia
    • South Asia & Oceania
    • Middle East Africa

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The global gas separation membrane market is expected to exhibit a CAGR of nearly 8% during the forecast period.
Europe region is expected to lead the consumption of gas separation membranes and accounted for over one third of the market share in 2019.
Honeywell International Inc., Evonik Industries, Air Products and Chemicals are some of the key stakeholders.

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