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Mouthwash Market by Product Type (Therapeutic Mouthwash, Cosmetic Mouthwash, Antiseptic Mouthwash), by Nature (Conventional Mouthwash, Natural & Organic Mouthwash), by Sales Channel (Modern Trade, Departmental Stores, Drug Stores), By Region - Global Insights 2032

Analysis of Mouthwash market covering 30 + countries including analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

Mouthwash Market Outlook (2022-2032)

The global mouthwash market is expected to accumulate a market value of US$ 8.49 Billion in 2022 and is expected to reach US$ 16 Billion by registering a CAGR of 6.54% in the forecast period 2022-2032. Growth of the mouthwash market can be attributed to increasing prevalence of dental health problems along with growth in awareness to treat the same. The market for mouthwash registered a CAGR of 4% in the historical period 2017-2021

Report Attributes


Anticipated Base Year Value (2021)

US$ 8 Billion

Expected Market Value (2022)

US$ 8.49 Billion

Projected Forecast Value (2032)

US$ 16 Billion

Global Growth Rate (2022-2032)

6.54% CAGR

Expected Market Share of the U.S. Market (2032)


Anticipated CAGR of India (2022-2032)


Major Mouthwash Providers

  • GlaxoSmithKline Plc.
  • Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc.
  • Procter & Gamble Company
  • 3M Company
  • Unilever Plc.
  • Church & Dwight Co. Inc.
  • Colgate-Palmolive Company
  • Royal Philips N.V.
  • Henkel AG & Co. KGaA
  • Kao Corporation
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Hawley & Hazel
  • Amway
  • Caldwell Consumer Health
  • Dr. Harold Katz
  • Sunstar Group
  • Dentyl Active
  • Jason Natural Care
  • Lotus Brands Inc.
  • Rowpar Pharmaceuticals Inc.

The market is likely to be driven by the increased frequency of dental caries in both children and adults. As per the report, cosmetic mouthwash shall account for over 1/3rd of overall market volume by 2032.

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Mouthwash Consumption Analysis 2017-2021 Vs Outlook 2022-2032

According to Fact.MR- a market research and competitive intelligence provider- the global mouthwash industry expanded at above 4% value CAGR from 2017 to 2021. The market reached a value of over US$ 8 Billion.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, routine dental care and prevention via surgical intervention decreased significantly. Closure and reduced hours of dental practices, except for emergency services, is the main reason. Hence, dental practitioners have advocated use of home based oral care, inclining demand for mouthwash.

Future demand will be reliant on the rising prevalence of dental caries of primary teeth. The condition affects about 530 million children, according to the World Health Organization. Key firms such as Procter & Gamble and Colgate-Palmolive have initiated campaigns to raise dental hygiene awareness amongst both children and adults. From 2022 to 2032, mouthwash sales will likely surge at a CAGR of 6.54%.

Which are Some Prominent Drivers of Mouthwash Market?

Growing Burden of Periodontal Diseases to Increase Mouthwash Usage

Oral diseases compel countries to incur hefty expenditures across the world. More than their financial implications, these diseases induce a major health burden, causing immense discomfort, disfigurement and pain amongst patients.

Severe periodontal diseases affects 10% of the global population, with the end result being tooth loss. Furthermore, as per the World Health Organization, high-income countries allocate 5% of their total healthcare expenditure for dental treatment.

Consequently, patients are seeking institutional as well as home-based dental care in large numbers. Amongst all prescribed courses of treatment, the use of mouthwash is highly convenient and cost-effective. Antibacterial mouthwashes can reduce plaque biofilm, attack microbes in inaccessible places and also eliminate contaminants from the cheeks and tongue.

Recent Chemical Technology Developments Aiding Mouthwash Industry Growth

As the incidence of dental plaque and tooth decay continue to rise, oral care products manufacturers are developing highly advanced formulae to prevent onset of periodontal diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis, leading to incorporation of complex formulations.

A 2021 study published in MDPI advocates that incorporating ingredients such as chlorhexidine (0.2%), cetylpyridinium chloride (0.05%) and fluoride exhibited high chances of preventing the onset of supragingival plaque. These ingredients offer better anti-dental biofilm and anti-gingivitis properties compared to essential oil mouthwashes.

Recently, in November 2020, an in vitro test conducted by the Unilever Group concluded that mouthwashes containing cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) is effective in reducing SARS-CoV-2 viral load by 99.9%. Consequently, the company intends to manufacture these mouthwashes on an increased scale.

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What are the Challenges Faced by the Mouthwash Market?

Side-effects of mouthwash affecting growth of market

Although mouthwash has gained immense popularity, the side effects related to using mouthwash is affecting the growth of the market. Moreover, excessive use of mouthwash can cause the mouth to become dry and hold back and result in teeth staining in the longer duration. In addition, the same content of mouthwash may not suit everyone. This, in tun, is hindering the growth of the mouthwash market.

Comparative View of Mouthwash Markets

Mouthwash Market :


Mouthwash Market

CAGR (2022-2032)


Market Value (2032)

US$ 140 Billion

Growth Factor

Demand for refreshing and flavorful mouthwash is bolstering the demand for mouthwash.


Launch of natural and organic mouthwash across the globe is creating lucrative opportunities for mouthwash.

Oral Hygiene Market :


Oral Hygiene Market

CAGR (2022-2032)


Market Value (2032)

US$ 70 Billion

Growth Factor

Rise in awareness regarding the long-lasting health impacts of severe oral diseases is substantially increasing the scope for oral hygiene products.


Increased expenditure on oral healthcare, consumers across the world have started taking preventive measures, which, in turn, has increased demand for innovative oral hygiene products.

Oral Health Ingredients Market :


Oral Health Ingredients Market

CAGR (2022-2032)


Market Value (2032)

US$ 9,957.14 Million

Growth Factor

Consumers are willing to adopt healthy dental care habits, which is directly reflected in increased dental care expenditure.


Increasing sales of oral healthcare products with specialized benefits, such as teeth whitening, gum care, and halitosis prevention, has fueled innovation in oral health ingredients market.

Country-wise Analysis

Oral Diseases Shaping Up Mouthwash Sales in the U.S?

Geriatric population and dental diseases influencing mouthwash market in U.S.

The U.S is expected to hold more than 25% of the mouthwash revenue share, due to high product adoption in the region. The prevalence of dental diseases, a rise in the aging population, and an increasing number of product launches are all contributing to market growth.

As of 2019, 4 out of 5 U.S adults considered oral health as their top priority, surpassing mental health, exercise and diet control respectively. Furthermore, the American Dental Association reports that 18% of people affected by oral diseases experience problems in other aspects of their lives, such as the inability to secure jobs. Hence, usage of mouthwash with advanced disinfectants is inclining considerably.

Dental Caries and Gum Diseases Influencing Market Growth in Mouthwash?

Government initiatives positively affecting growth of mouthwash market in India

India is expected to emerge as a highly opportunistic market for mouthwashes across the forecast period. Dental caries and gum diseases affect nearly 60-80% of the Indian population, linked to bacterial endocarditis, atherosclerosis, chronic obstructive lung disease and preterm low birth weight.

The Dental Council of India estimates that 72% of the population residing in rural areas lack access to proper oral care. To counter this, initiatives such as the National Oral Health Programme have been implemented, to improve access to institutional and home grade oral care, including affordability of mouthwashes. According to Fact.MR, the Indian market for mouthwashes is expected to surge at a CAGR of nearly 7% across the 2022-2032 forecast period.

Increasing Tooth Decay Problems Spurring Growth for Mouthwash in U.K.?

Emphasis on oral health creating lucrative opportunities for mouthwash market

According to Fact.MR, mouthwash sales in the U.K is likely to comprise 45% of the total market across Europe in the upcoming decade. Statistics from the Oral Health Foundation reveal that 66% of adults have visible plaque, while almost one in three adults suffer from tooth decay and 3 million people suffer from oral pain.

Recent years have therefore witnessed increased focus on oral care, with companies introducing a broad range of mouthwash products. For instance, Corsodyl Treatment Mouthwash, comprising 0.2% of chlorhexidine digluconate, is the most widely deployed oral care product in the U.K which helps kill bacteria within half-a-minute.

Country-wise Forecast CAGRs for the Mouthwash Industry

Country CAGR







Category-wise Insights

Properties of Antiseptic Mouthwash Gaining Traction for Mouthwash?

Antiseptic mouthwashes gaining traction owing to multi-purpose properties?

One of the most regularly prescribed antiseptics in oral healthcare is chlorhexidine-containing mouthwashes at a concentration of 0.2%. They've long been regarded as the gold standard in oral antiseptic mouthwashes, as they work against bacteria, spores, and fungi.

As a result, in the future years, the antiseptic mouthwash market will see significant demand and expansion. Fact.MR projects the segment to expand at a CAGR of 6% until 2032.

Inclination towards Natural & Organic Mouthwash Propelling Sales of Mouthwash?

Healing properties of natural & organic mouthwashes shaping market dynamics

Because traditional mouthwashes may contain toxic components such as alcohol, poloxamer 407, and sodium saccharin, customers are turning to natural and organic mouthwashes.

Natural mouthwash, moreover, performs all of these tasks without interfering with other biological functions. According to projections put forward by Fact.MR, the natural & organic mouthwash segment will capture a revenue share of nearly 30% into the upcoming decade.

Start-Ups for Mouthwash Market

Key start-ups in the mouthwash market are Perfora, Fly Mouthwash and Hello

  • Perfora, a key start up layer in the mouthwash market is focusing on using technology to create oral health products. Thus, the company is focusing on offering probiotic mouthwash to its consumers.
  • Fly Mouthwash, a start-up established in 2016 is focusing on eliminating bad breath. Thus, the company is using organic flavors such as mint to offer fresh breath to consumers.

Market Competition

Prominent mouthwash manufacturers are emphasizing on extensive research & development initiatives so as to introduce products containing highly effective disinfectants. Besides, strategies such as capacity expansion, acquisitions and partnerships are also relied upon. Some key developments are as follows:

  • In November 2020, Unilever Research Laboratories discovered that rinsing for 30 seconds with mouthwash containing CPC Technology reduces the viral load of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, by 99.9%.
  • Likewise, in December 2020, Procter & Gamble unveiled its HDPE recyclable toothpaste tubes across North America for its Crest, Oral-B and Blend-a-Mend toothpaste brands, which reinforces the company’s commitment to sustainability
  • Also, Himalaya Pharmaceuticals is the first herbal brand to introduce an entire line of alcohol-free mouthwashes. Comprising of natural ingredients like pomegranate, pineapple and papaya; the mouthwashes complement Himalaya’s pre-existing range of toothpastes and are available in three different variants

Key Segments Profiled in the Mouthwash Industry Survey

  • By Product Type :

    • Therapeutic Mouthwash
    • Cosmetic Mouthwash
    • Antiseptic Mouthwash
    • Other Mouthwash Types
  • By Nature :

    • Conventional Mouthwash
    • Natural & Organic Mouthwash
  • By Sales Channel :

    • Modern Trade
    • Departmental Stores
    • Convenience Stores
    • Drug Stores
    • Online Stores
    • Other Sales Channels
  • By Region :

    • North America 
    • Latin America
    • Europe
    • APEJ 
    • Japan 
    • Middle East & Africa 

- FAQs -

What is the expected market value for mouthwash in 2032?

The mouthwash market worth is poised to reach US$ 16 Billion by 2032.

At what percentage will the market for mouthwash rise until 2032?

From 2022-2032, Fact.MR expects mouthwash revenue to flourish at a 6.54% CAGR.

At what value is the mouthwash industry likely to close by 2022?

Fact.MR foresees mouthwash demand to reach US$ 8.49 Billion in 2022.

How do growth prospects for mouthwash appear in the U.S.?

U.S is expected to hold more than 25% of the mouthwash revenue share.

How do growth prospects for mouthwash appear in the India?

India is expected to register a CAGR of 7% for mouthwash in 2032.

What are the growth prospects for U.S., India and U.K.?

China, U.S., and Australia will flourish at a CAGR of 20% combined until 2032.

Which type of nature is expected to hold the maximum share for mouthwash market?

The natural & organic mouthwash segment will capture a revenue share of nearly 30% into the upcoming forecast period.

Which type of product is expected to hold the maximum share for mouthwash market?

Antiseptic mouthwashes are expected to expand at a CAGR of 6% until 2032.

What was the market worth for mouthwash in 2021?

As of 2021, the mouthwash market was worth US$ 8 Billion.

Mouthwash Market

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