Dual Therapy Stent Market

Dual Therapy Stent Market By Use (Single-Use, Multi-Use), By Industry (Hospitals, Clinics) & By Regions (North America, Latin America, The Middle East, Africa) - Global Market Insights 2022-2032

Analysis of Dual Therapy Stent market covering 30 + countries including analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

Dual Therapy Stent Outlook (2022-2032)

Cardiovascular diseases around the world have observed alarming growth in recent years. According to WHO, 17.9 million people die due to coronary heart diseases (heart attacks) and cerebrovascular (strokes) every year.

Family history, high cholesterol, smoking, high blood pressure (hypertension), imbalanced diet, obesity, lack of physical activity, and substance abuse like excessive consumption of alcohol are the main reasons for suffering a heart attack. Younger adults are also prone to suffering from heart attacks due to family history and genetic factors that clot blood at an earlier age.

A patient suffering from a heart attack has higher cholesterol levels that create plaque and clog the arteries and stop the blood flow in the human body. Thus, the patient has to undergo surgery. To remove the clog and accelerate the blood flow, dual therapy stents are used. This stent expands the artery to improve blood flow. Stents help in reducing chest pain in patients and are used when a patient is suffering from severe pain.

The global duel therapy stent market is valued at USD 11.09 Billion in 2022. The market is estimated to surpass a valuation of USD 23.07 Billion by 2032. The forecast duration of this report is 2022- 2032. The market is anticipated to expand with a CAGR of 7.6% in the assessment period.

Dual therapy stents are used in heart care hospitals, clinics, and outpatient surgeries. Mostly, dual therapy stents are used without hesitation as the patient’s life is at risk. Dual therapy stents ensure relief at an early stage which makes the process more reliable for the patients.

Report Attributes


Market size (2022 A)

USD 11.09 Billion

Base Year for Estimation


Forecast duration for this research


Forecasted Market value (2032 F)

USD 23.07 Billion

Global Market Growth rate (2022-2032 E)

CAGR of 7.6%

Key Companies Profiled

  • Abbott
  • Boston Scientific
  • Cardinal Health
  • Cook Medical
  • Alvimedica
  • B.Braun
  • OrbusNeich
  • ORBUSNEICH Medtronic PLC
  • Ostial Corporation.

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What drives the growth of duel therapy stent demand?

“The decline in drug-elating stents and presence of alternative therapies impelling the growth of duel therapy stent”

Reasons that hamper the growth of the dual therapy market are alternative therapy processes, and a decrease in the pricing of drug-elating stents. The evolution of science has invented organic and dissolvable stents known as non-metallic stents.

These stents save the patients from the pain of removing the stent and undergoing surgery. Also, younger adults’ decision to consciously consume food, and choose oil-free and sugar-free food has built a better immunity system for them. Plus, oil companies’ production and marketing of cholesterol-free oil aim to decrease health issues leading to lesser heart problems.

Everyday stress, high blood pressure, and ignorance towards health have increased the risk of heart disease. The growth of fast food joints, exhausting work schedules, and complete ignorance towards fitness have deteriorated healthy lifestyles in people across the globe.

Plus, reliability on fast and instant food has worsened the situation of increasing cholesterol levels in people. A fast-paced lifestyle increased the rate of heart attacks in the world. The increasing population demands more dual therapy stents in hospitals. Also, the dual therapy stents market can increase as it treats patients with complex lesions and atherosclerotic burdens.

Restraints faced by the duel therapy stent market

The reduction in drug-eluting prices is another reason that deters the market demand for duel therapy. The rising availability of alternative options in therapies can bring major obstacles in the dual therapy stent share. The rising preference for drugs over the process of surgery is deterring the growth of dual therapy stent implants. Moreover, this market is driven by the elevating geriatric population who have arterial disorders. Unhealthy lifestyles are also likely to drive sales of duel therapy stent markets in the forecast period.

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Segment wise insights

On the basis of end users, this market is dominated by hospitals and specialty centers. The hospitals see a large demand for duel therapy stents owing to the availability of government funds that give financial relief to patients undergoing surgery. Alongside these hospitals are anticipated to experience a rise in patients due to increasing injuries in the forecast duration. There are wide single and multiple dual therapy stents. The drug-eluting stent and bare metal stent. The latter is used in most cases as it keeps the blocked artery open for a longer duration and the stent eventually makes a part of the artery its placed.

Competitive Landscape

There are numerous players in the industry that are increasingly tough competition and every firm is trying to keep its dominant position. The well-established companies making large growth and major share in the duel therapy stent market. Collaborations, mergers, and acquisitions are commonly adopted strategies by market players. These tactics help players to explore untapped business expansion capacities in the dual therapy stent market. The dual therapy stent market exists with many players. Also, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, different business ventures, and government initiatives are proving to be a boon to the dual therapy stent market. Many companies are researching and trying to improve the stents as patients are suffering severely.

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Regional Outlook

The dual therapy stent market has been analyzed in North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia Pacific. According to NCBI, North America may observe a surge in problems related to the heart-related disease as lifestyle habits and nutritional deficiency are prevalent in North America.

“Europe leading in demand for duel therapy stent”

Demand for dual therapy stents in Europe is likely to remain concentrated in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. The robust healthcare system in these countries is likely to provide an impetus to dual therapy stent market growth in these countries, and also in Europe overall.

The growth in the Asia Pacific region for the dual therapy stent market is expected to increase as governments are taking steps to provide health care to the residents of their countries. This has been profitable for the dual therapy markets due to increasing investments from the governments.


  • By use :

    • Single-use
    • Multi-use
  • By Industry :

    • Hospitals
    • Clinics
  • By Regions :

    • North America
    • Latin America
    • The Middle East
    • Africa
    • Europe
    • Asia Pacific

- FAQs -

What is the future market lookout for the Duel therapy stent market?

The market is estimated to surpass a valuation of USD 23.07 Billion during forecast period 2022- 2032.

How big is the dual therapy stent market at present?

The global duel therapy stent market is valued at USD 11.09 Billion in 2022.

What is the anticipated growth rate for the duel therapy stent market?

The market is anticipated to expand with a CAGR of 7.6% in the assessment period.

Which region is expected to see most of the demand for the duel therapy stent market?

Europe is leading in terms of demand for the duel therapy stent market owing to the rising geriatric population.

Why is global demand for dual therapy stents rising rapidly?

Increasing prevalence of coronary disorders across regions is driving the utilization of dual therapy stents.

Which factor can limit the demand for dual therapy stents?

Availability of alternative therapy processes might limit the demand growth for dual therapy stents.

Which region is the market leader for dual therapy stents?

North America is the leading regional market for dual therapy stents.

Dual Therapy Stent Market

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