Medical Lifting Slings Market

Medical Lifting Slings Market By Product (Universal Slings, Seating Slings, Transfer Slings, Hammock Slings, Standing Slings, Bariatric Slings, Toilet Slings), By Material (Nylon, Padded, Canvas, Mesh), By Usage (Reusable, Disposable, Others), By End User & By Region - Global Market Insights 2023-2033

Analysis of Medical Lifting Slings Market Covering 30+ Countries Including Analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

Medical Lifting Slings Market Outlook (2023-2033)

Increasing at an impressive CAGR of 10.5%, the global medical lifting slings market is projected to increase from a value of US$ 1.14 billion in 2023 to US$ 3.11 billion by the year 2033.

Medical lifting slings are classified as universal slings, seating slings, transfer slings, hammock slings, standing slings, bariatric slings, toilet slings, and others. There is high demand for universal slings and seating slings. Global demand for universal slings and seating slings is expected to increase at CAGRs of 11.5% and 11% during the forecast period, respectively.

Universal slings are utilised along with a ceiling lift or floor lift. The sling is used to pull patients from on/off the bed, geriatric chair, wheelchair, shower chair, or ground. For patients with inadequate upper body strength, this sling can be very useful for movement.

Different types of clients are served by this sling. When caregivers are unsure of the patients to be hoisted, universal slings are excellent options because they are suitable for a majority of lifting scenarios. They are multi-purpose slings that feature side, hip, shoulder, and leg straps for added support and weight distribution.

Major market participants such as Prism Medical and Hill-Rom are selling slings with several colour-coded loops that can cater to different seating positions and have universal uses. Demand for universal slings is expected to increase rapidly as a result of consumers' increasing preferences for slings with universal uses.

Medical lift slings are manufactured using nylon, mesh, polypropylene, cotton, and a variety of other materials, and have a hydraulic lift that is user-friendly for patients. At retailers, it can be found industrially in the shape of U or C. Furthermore, slings give consumers a sense of security and control while fostering the best possible employment atmosphere and offering quality care. They provide healthcare professionals and patients with the best functionality possible and are long-lasting and easy to use.

To reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries brought on by lifting, placing, and moving patients, top manufacturers are creating advanced medical lifting slings. Physical disabilities are more prevalent as people age. This, combined with an increase in the number of elderly people worldwide, is having a substantial impact on the need for mobility aids such as medical lifting slings.

Based on material type, medical slings are available as nylon-based medical lifting slings, padded medical slings, canvas slings, and mesh slings. When it comes to home care settings, medical lifting slings are helpful for caregivers to operate other remote monitoring services as well.

Report Attributes


Market Size (2023E)

US$ 1.14 Billion

Forecasted Market Value (2033F)

US$ 3.11 Billion

Global Market Growth Rate (2023-2033)

10.5% CAGR

China Market Growth Rate (2023-2033)

10% CAGR

Japan Market Growth Rate (2023-2033)

9.5% CAGR

Germany Market Growth Rate (2023-2033)

8.5% CAGR

Key Companies Profiled

  • Arjo AB
  • ArjoHuntleigh, Inc.
  • Bestcare, LLC
  • DJO Global, Inc.
  • Drive Medical
  • GF Health Products, Inc.
  • Guldmann Inc.
  • Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc.
  • Invacare Corporation
  • Prism Medical Ltd.

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What is Driving the Sales of Medical Lifting Slings?

“Rising Rate of Geriatric Population across the World”

The population of senior people around the world is rising noticeably, and this trend is anticipated to continue during the projected period. For movement and function, while recovering from injuries, elderly people need assistance, which increases the demand for patients lifting medical devices

Over the coming years, China and the United States are likely to offer attractive opportunities for producers of medical lifting equipment because they are two of the top nations where the rate of the senior older population is growing rapidly. Furthermore, higher rates of musculoskeletal injuries and accidents are boosting the patient lifting equipment market growth.

“Increasing Cases of Muscular Disorders”

Rising incidence of muscular disorders and an increasing prevalence of neuromuscular disorders such as Parkinson's and muscular dystrophy are boosting the demand for medical patient lift slings. Also, the rising demand for universal slings, an increase in funding from the private and public sectors for the advancement of various medical fields, and technological advancements in patient lifting slings are the main factors driving the growth of the global medical lifting slings market.

What Could Slow Down Demand Growth for Medical Lifting Slings?

“Lack of Knowledge of Advanced Transfer Slings among Many Caregivers”

The care of patients is greatly aided by the work of caregivers, who also need to be proficient in using the necessary medical supplies and equipment. Modern patient lifting equipment and systems are fitted with cutting-edge technological advancements to improve the comfort, effectiveness, and safety of the patient.

The fact that untrained caregivers cannot use such sophisticated patient lifting equipment is a hurdle. Thus, a lack of knowledge about advanced transfer slings among caregivers may hinder sales growth to some extent. Furthermore, technological developments raise the product's total cost and make it unaffordable to some healthcare providers operating on a limited budget, which may slow the demand for patient transfer slings.

Medical Lifting Slings Market Growth Forecast by Fact.MR

Country-wise Analysis

What’s Allowing Manufacturers of Medical Lifting Slings to Evolve in the European Region?

“Increasing Cases of Obesity & Vehicular Accidents”

The rising prevalence of obesity, the rapidly ageing population, and the growing number of accidents and injuries are the main drivers propelling the growth of the European medical lifting slings market. Furthermore, the countries including Germany, the U.K., France, and Italy, in the region have developed healthcare systems, which are boosting the sales of medical lifting slings.

  • According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the U.K. has the most recorded cases of obesity in Western Europe.
  • Germany's annual traffic fatality rate, which reached a record low in 2021, is estimated to rise by about 9% in 2022 compared to the previous year. Estimates from the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) based on data for the period of January to September 2022 predict that there will be roughly 2,790 more fatal traffic accidents in 2022 than there were in 2021, an increase of more than 220.

Thus, the above-mentioned aspects are supporting the growth of the market for medical lifting slings in European countries

How is Demand for Medical Lifting Slings Progressing in the U.S.?

“Rising Number of Senior People and Growing Prevalence of Chronic Disorders”

In the United States, increasing rates of hospitalization and impairments are a result of the rising prevalence of chronic diseases. The market potential for patient lifting equipment is anticipated to be greatly boosted by this aspect over the projected timeframe.

The number of elderly people in the United States is significantly rising, and manufacturers of medical lifting slings expect that this will open up new business prospects as they manufacture and market medical lifting straps specifically for the elderly market.

The rising government investments in healthcare infrastructure, the growing popularity of home care, the availability of more sophisticated patient lifting equipment, and the presence of significant medical patient lifting sling suppliers across the country are boosting sales growth.

Why are Suppliers of Medical Lifting Slings Attracted to Asian Countries?

“Rising Medical Tourism and Rapidly Growing Healthcare Infrastructure”

The government's increasing investments to improve the country's healthcare system is predicted to have a significant impact on the market for patient lifting equipment in China. A rising senior population, the rising use of advanced patient handling equipment, and an increase in the number of disabled persons are the main drivers that are anticipated to offer profitable prospects for patient lifting equipment suppliers in the nation.

The rate of the senior population is growing more rapidly in Japan than in any other region of the world. Most care is required to be taken of older people because they are more prone to experience various orthopedic disorders.

Thus, as a result, the sales of medical patient lifting slings are increasing quickly in the nation. Also, the rising prevalence of lifestyle diseases and growing medical tourism across other parts of the Asia Pacific region such as India, Malaysia, and South Korea is boosting the sales growth.

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Category-wise Analysis

Which End User is Spearheading the Sales of Medical Lifting Slings?

“Hospitals Exhibiting High Demand for Transfer Slings”

Over the past few years, there has been significant growth in the prevalence of chronic diseases, which has increased the number of individuals hospitalised and raised the burden on hospitals. In hospital settings, there is a strong need for patient-handling equipment such as stand-to-assist lifts, Hoyer lifts, and patient hoists due to an increase in the number of patients needing critical care.

Thus, the rising intake of patients by hospitals with severe illnesses is boosting the demand for patient lifting slings. Also, over the forecast period, it is predicted that the growing demand for home care would accelerate demand for Hoyer lifts and other lifting equipment such as split leg slings, toilet slings, and more. Sales of patient lifts for home care settings are anticipated to soar during the forecast period.

Which Lifting Slings are Preferred Based on Usage?

“Reusable Slings Handsomely Leading Medical Lifting Slings Market Landscape”

Based on usage, the medical lifting slings are segmented into reusable slings, disposable slings, full-body slings, and U-shape slings. The demand for reusable slings is increasing rapidly due to their prime quality of being able to use again as they are washable.

Most reusable slings are controlled by the caregiver and can be used for patients with restricted upper body function (head support). Reusable slings are also made to make it simple to move, rotate, or turn a patient. These slings are typically composed of polyester and yarn to increase comfort and decrease shear by conforming to the body's contours.

Disposable medical slings, on the other hand, are anticipated to rise quickly during the forecast period. The main driver for professionals to shift to disposable products is the rising risk of hospital-borne illnesses and cross-infection caused by reusable products. When they become used, it is simple to dispose of them to avoid cross-contamination. The sling is constructed from sustainable materials.

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Competitive Landscape

Key market players in the medical lifting slings market are strongly emphasizing developing advanced patient transfer slings to reduce the risks of any injuries. According to regional demand, major participants are changing their marketing tactics as well as product launches.

  • Savaria Corporation purchased Silvalea, a manufacturer of patient transfer slings, in June 2019. Savaria's ceiling lift product line was predicted to improve as a result of Silvalea's complete products and manufacturing repute.
  • The Invacare Corporation created the BirdieEVO and BirdieEVO Compact in March 2019. The main purpose of the new items is to move patients from couches, beds, and basements.

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Segments of Medical Lifting Slings Industry Research

  • By Product :

    • Universal Slings
    • Seating Slings
    • Transfer Slings
    • Hammock Slings
    • Standing Slings
    • Bariatric Slings
    • Toilet Slings
  • By Material :

    • Nylon Slings
    • Padded Slings
    • Canvas Slings
    • Mesh Slings
  • By Usage :

    • Reusable Slings
    • Disposable Slings
    • Full Body Slings
    • U-shape Slings
  • By End User :

    • Hospitals
    • Home Care
    • Elderly Care Facilities
  • By Region :

    • North America
    • Latin America
    • Europe
    • East Asia
    • South Asia & Oceania
    • MEA

- FAQs -

What is the value of the medical lifting slings market in 2023?

The global medical lifting sling market is valued at US$ 1.14 billion in 2023.

How big will the global medical lifting slings market be by 2033?

Global demand for medical lifting slings is expected to reach a valuation of US$ 3.11 billion by 2033.

What is the medical lifting slings market predicted growth rate?

Worldwide sales of medical lifting slings are predicted to increase at a CAGR of 10.5% through 2033.

Which are the profitable markets in this space?

The United States, Germany, the U.K., Japan, China, and South Korea are key markets for medical lifting sling suppliers.

Who are the prominent players in the global medical lifting slings market?

Arjo AB, ArjoHuntleigh, Inc., Bestcare, LLC, and DJO Global, Inc. are leading manufacturers of medical lifting slings.

Medical Lifting Slings Market

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