Vacuum Sealer Market

Vacuum Sealer Market Share & Trends Analysis, By Product Type (External Vacuum Sealer, Thermoforming Machine, Others), By Packaging (Semi-rigid, Rigid Packaging, Others), By Usability (Floor standing, Countertop), By Material used, By End-user & By Region Forecast - Global Review 2021 to 2031

Analysis of Vacuum Sealer market covering 30 + countries including analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

Vacuum Sealer Market: An Overview

The rising need for increasing the shelf life of the products across industries and the increasing demand for hygienic packaged food will drive the growth of the vacuum sealer market for the next few years. The vacuum sealer market is expected to have a moderate growth rate in the coming years.

Vacuum sealing is a method to remove air from the package before sealing to increase the shelf life of the product. The vacuum sealer machine sucks the air out of the package and seals it to not allow air to pass which keeps the items fresh for longer periods.

Vacuum sealing helps to protect the products from dust, bugs, dampness, and other irresistible components. The use of vacuum sealers in food packaging is a major factor for the increase in market growth.

What are the latest trends impacting the growth of the Vacuum Sealer Market?

The food packaging market is the major driver of the Vacuum sealing market. Increasing consumer focus on hygienic packaging, improving shelf life of products, ready-to-eat foods, and shift towards hassle-free and convenient packaging around the world is fueling the market growth.

The vacuum Sealer market is further expected to grow owing to the investments by pharmaceutical, FMCG, and other sectors. The Covid-19 pandemic had a positive impact on this market, as it led to an increase in investments in the pharmaceutical sector and food sector.

One of the trends influencing the market growth is the growing preference for vacuum sealers with advanced technology like sensors, pressure gauges, and controllers along with other consumer experience factors like Clear operation interface and time consumption. In addition to that rapid industrialization, population growth, Healthcare expenditure, and increasing disposable income are some factors contributing to the market growth.

 A surge in the e-commerce sector also fueled the online sales of vacuum sealers. Changing food patterns of the population, mainly the millennials and gen-z is also a contributing factor for the market growth.

What are the opportunities and key factors that might restrain the growth of the Vacuum Sealer Market?

The manufacturing of vacuum sealers is a cost-intensive process. As this market is highly competitive and fragmented it is tough for new entrants to enter the market. With the rapid technology change, it will be difficult to adapt to the trends to stay in the competition. Increasing health consciousness of people, and awareness about the use of plastic and its impact on the environment are also affecting the growth.

But in another way, it can also be seen as an opportunity to experiment with different environmentally friendly products. The dominance of online selling platforms will also help to boost revenues.

Vacuum sealer Market: Competitive landscape

As Vacuum sealer is used in various end-use industries such as food, pharmaceutical, industrial, and consumer packaging there is a huge demand for it and also faces huge competition. A few key players in the global market in this sector are

  • Henkelman
  • Sammic S.L.
  • VacMaster
  • Zeropak
  • Berkel
  • Accu-Seal SencorpWhite
  • Star Universal
  • Ultra source
  • Henkovac.

Few key players in the Asia Pacific region are Foodsaver, Nutrichef, Geryon, Nesco, and Weston.

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What are the key strategies adopted by major players in the Vacuum Sealer market to increase market share?   

A vacuum sealer machine is used across several industries; this will provide more opportunities for the manufacturers in the coming years. Manufacturers are coming up with upgrades in the product type in terms of quality, durability, and better user interface.

A vacuum sealer that provides hassle-free service and it can maintain the quality of the product for a longer duration is more favored by the consumers. Few other aspects that the companies are focusing including speed, adjustable vacuum strength, pressure gauges, and LED screens. Many manufacturers are focusing on producing vacuum sealers with an external hose that can seal the jars and canisters.

Manufacturers are also concentrating on marketing campaigns to create awareness among the people about the product. This helps the companies to generate more revenue.

Which Region is the major market contributing to the growth of Vacuum sealers?

The vacuum sealer market is growing exponentially across the globe. The market is spread across North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, and Europe. North America already has a strong market for vacuum sealers and is further expected to grow in the coming years.

Asia Pacific region has a lot of scopes to gain market share and generate higher revenues. India and China can be major markets in the Asia Pacific region because of their population and the increasing investments in the industrial sector. There is a huge demand for packaged and processed food in Europe which will increase the demand for vacuum sealers.

The Middle East and African regions can also expect a decent growth rate in the vacuum sealer market due to industrialization and an increase in disposable incomes of the population.

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How did Covid-19 impact the growth of the Vacuum sealer market?

Like many other sectors, the supply chain disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the vacuum sealer production were also hampered. This created a gap between the supply and demand thereby reducing the revenue of the manufacturing companies.

The health consciousness and demand for hygienic packaged food has increased during this period providing an opportunity for the companies to generate revenue.

Rapid developments in the pharmaceutical industry during the pandemic also led to an increase in market growth rate and generated more revenues for the manufacturing companies. Overall there has been a positive impact on the Vacuum sealer market due to Covid-19.

Key Segments of the vacuum sealer Market

  • Based on the product type, the Vacuum sealer is segmented into

    • External Vacuum Sealer
    • Thermoforming Machine
    • Tray-Sealing Machine
    • Chamber Vacuum Sealer
    • Handheld or Pistol Vacuum sealer
  • Based on the Packaging, the Vacuum sealer is segmented into

    • Semi-rigid packaging
    • Rigid packaging
    • Flexible packaging
  • Based on Usability, the Vacuum sealer is segmented into

    • Floor standing
    • Countertop
  • Based on the Material used, the Vacuum sealer is segmented into

    • Polyethylene
    • Polyamide
    • Ethylene
    • Vinyl Alcohol
  • Based on the End-user, the Vacuum sealer is segmented into

    • Food and Beverage industry
    • Pharmaceutical Industry
    • Electronics sector
    • Chemical Industry
    • Industrial Packaging
    • Other consumer goods
  • Based on the region, the Vacuum sealer is segmented into

    • North America
    • Latin America
    • Europe
    • South Asia
    • East Asia
    • Oceania
    • Middle East & Africa

The Chamber Vacuum sealer machine will have the highest demand because of its better performance and operator friendliness. It is very convenient for packaging larger batches of food and also very effective in packing liquid foods. Looking at the increasing demand for vacuum-sealed foods, the demand for chamber vacuum sealing machines will rise.

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- FAQs -

What is the valuation of the global vacuum sealer market in 2022?

The current value of the vacuum sealer market is US$ 1.04 billion.

What is the estimated CAGR of the vacuum sealer industry?

The industry of vacuum sealers is likely to progress at a CAGR of 4.9% through 2028.

What are the key growth driving factors in the vacuum sealer industry?

Growing requirements for the increased shelf life of products and rising demand for hygienic packaged food are expected to boost growth opportunities in the global market.

Vacuum Sealer Market

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