An individual suffering from depression feels discouraged, unmotivated, hopeless, sad, or disinterested in life for over two weeks, with the feelings disrupting daily activities. Depression is a curable illness that affects the way an individual feels, thinks, behaves, and leads life. Depression is a highly prevalent condition in the present era.

According to the national prevalence data compiled by Anxiety And Depression Association Of America (ADAA), nearly 40 million (18%) people experience an anxiety disorder in a year in the United States. Burden of depression is expanding across different parts of the world. With the world having easy access to internet, social channels, coupled with high-tech devices, the rates of depression are growing like never before.

The advancing technology and the onset of modern devices have revolutionized many aspects of life, however, are linked to causing depression, especially among the youngsters. Technology is everywhere, and mobile phones have become an integral part of everyday life.

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Can Advanced Technology Curb the Growing Menace of Depression?

Mental illness and conditions have been brushed under the carpet and treated majorly as a taboo subject, however, times are changing now. With numerous celebrities sharing stories about their own mental health challenges, people are increasingly becoming open about discussing depression, and mental illness. As seeking mental health has become less taboo, technology has started playing a vital part in providing solutions to improve mental health.

Some of technologies assisting in the treatment of mental health conditions are:

  • Virtual Reality (VR) is an emerging field, but is progressing at a fast pace, and has a vital role to play in treating mental health issues, such as depression. The modern devices, such as VR headsets can play an important role in desensitizing patients with PSTD by reconstructing their key emotional triggers. This act can assist patients in developing coping techniques within a safe environment, such as the therapist’s place or a clinic.
  • Alpha Stim: The Alpha-Stim® AID is a tiny, FDA approved and Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) based modern device designed to alleviate mental health conditions, such as depression. The technology used in this device is based on a highly exclusive patented waveform that’s widely researched and proven of its kind in CES devices.
  • Mental Health Apps: There is an app for everything these days. Mental health and wellness apps that target issues like depression mainly focuses on areas, including stress, mood, and anxiety. Some of the widely used apps for fighting mental health issues are Pacifica, Talkspace, Moodnotes, Headspace, and Calm. You can access these apps easily after downloading them on cell phones.
  • Google has introduced a kind of screening that tells you if you are depressed. The tech-giant recently collaborated with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), to provide a mental health screening questionnaire to the U.S. residents who type ‘depression’ on search boxes. Users can click on the option ‘Check if you're clinically depressed’ to get screened by taking a confidential, medically supported self-assessment quiz.

Promising Modern Devices for Treating Depression in Near Future 

In the rapidly technologically-advancing world, researchers are working on modern devices, such as behavior trackers that can indicate an impending mental health crisis. Several researchers are working to leverage mobile technology to detect increasing manic episodes, depressive episodes, or suicidal inclinations, before they manifest. Another promising upcoming device to treat depression is Mindd headband. The Mindd headband is an extremely lightweight, weighing just 150 grams. The wearers do feel a slight tingling while using this device but it’s not at all uncomfortable. Presently, clinical trials are underway at Harvard Medical School, with the device being used in over 10 hospitals in South Korea. The treatment hasn’t caused any reported side effects so far, and has been shown to be effective.

Modern devices can play a significant role in treating depression. With technology pacing up like never before, prediction of suicidal inclination of an individual much before it manifests could be a reality soon. Researchers are increasingly focusing on turning mobile phones, which are often called to be a major cause of depression, into a vital tool in depression treatment arsenal.

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