The importance of doing Content moderation the Right Way is increasing day by day. This has led to the emergence of various content moderation companies and freelance content moderators. A good content moderation company is expected to have outstanding analytical skills, ample amount of exposure and should be well versed with ways to engage in the online community. Content moderation companies are responsible for keeping their client (which can be any business or person) away from the negative comments and posts and protecting them from deceptive proposals made by spammers. They also guide the clients in creating content and grant approval on the content uploaded by the clients. 

5 Companies Doing Content Moderation the Right Way-

Besedo is one of the top Content Moderation companies. It believes that success is built on three pillars- trust, content quality and user experience. Besedo manages a wide range of content challenges. The list includes fraud, deduplication, image quality, nudity, cyberbullying, counterfeits, illegal items and categorization. The company holds the top rank in the “Content Moderation” market for a reason. Besedo has its own range of Customised AI moderation models, manual models and a combination of both to ensure the highest level of accuracy in the content moderation. 

Some examples of different moderation models offered by Besedo are- 

  • Besedo Total- This moderation model combines AI with manual to solve their clients’ moderation needs and ensure the highest possible level of accuracy. 
  • Besedo AI- This moderation model creates an AI model based on the unique data of their clients. 
  • Besedo Implio- This is an all in one content moderation tool offered by Besedo. 
  • Besedo Outsourcing- This moderation model involves manually working on the clients’ platforms.

LiveWorld offers a combination of intelligence and compassion of human beings by making use of leading software technology in the industry. They have a team of trained moderators who work constantly, use local language and culture to understand customer’s preferences and needs. What makes Live World unique from other companies is that their content moderation services are designed to deal with large volumes and multi language brands. 

Some of the key features are- 

  • Works 24*7 globally and deals with more than 70 country languages. 
  • Constant monitoring 
  • Identification of possible threats 
  • Works on a software which is designed specially to handle large volumes of content generated by end users
  • Easily adaptable with the existing technological infrastructure of the client

Europe IT Outsourcing is a leading content moderation company trusted by top marketing companies across Western Europe and North America. The company has till date assured and delivered a high rate of customer satisfaction. What makes Europe IT outsourcing different from other companies is that their results make the clients last lifetime because of the excellent services offered. The company offers complete transparency, has enough resources to deliver quick results and fulfills any query request that may arise by a client. EITO deals with Image Moderation, Video Moderation, Text Moderation, Template responses (minimal editing) and Free-text responses. 

The product range is divided into following categories-

  • Content Moderation 8/5- A content moderation model in which the company works for 8 hours and 5 days a week, costing $1000/month. 
  • Content Moderation 16/5- A content moderation model in which the company works for 16 hours and 5 days a week, costing $1900/month. 
  • Content Moderation 24/7- A content moderation model in which the company works for 24 hours and 7 days a week, costing $3800/month.

Two Hat is a moderation platform that classifies, filters, and escalates more 102 human interactions. The unique part about Two Hat is that it ensures safe and healthy user experience by emphasizing on issues like  cyber bullying, abuse, hate speech, violent threats, and child exploitation. 

The key TwoHat’s all in one platform includes- 

  • 20+ years of industry expertise
  • Auto classification and moderation of username, text, images and videos. 
  • Has their own patented user reputation system
  • Offers a flexible work flow system  
  • Makes real time updates 
  • Has a diverse and huge data set

ICUC.Social’s moderation team is known for protecting their companies from any kind of crisis through social listening and social media moderation. Their team works 24/7/365 for their clients. ICUC makes data driven decisions which lead to maximum rate of return.