Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are fast gaining ground in the field of military, healthcare, and manufacturing. While VR is being leveraged to improvise human control over drones and robots, AR is foraying into healthcare to enhance wayfinding for physically-challenged individuals. The convergence of robotics is nowhere better discerned than with AR and VR.

Opportunities are immense for robotics integrated with AR and VR in the manufacturing sector, with researchers developing novel platforms that train artificial intelligence-backed physical robots. With worker safety and productivity concerns being top agendas of manufacturing industries, robotics in combination with AR and VR is likely to gain rapid traction in the forthcoming years.

Augmented reality is witnessing gradual deployment as an innovation technique in the cinematography, videography, and broadcast industries. AR continues to witness robust demand in these industries, helping broadcasters interact with augmented virtual 3D models. Advanced robotic technologies are also being deployed in camera shooting systems for improving the performance of AR broadcasting.

Imperative insights on AR, VR, and robotics is of paramount importance to the global business community for gaining a technology-enabled competitive edge in the marketplace. With deep research expertise in new-age technologies impacting the AR, VR, and robotics space, Fact.MR provides relevant market acumen to enable enterprises achieve readiness in implementing advanced technologies in these areas, and in the process, outpace the competition in the global market.

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