Pervasiveness of information technology has infused a sense of curiosity about the overall infrastructure scenario. The rapid evolution of IT infrastructure has become a focal point of innovation and disruption in critical IT hardware from data centers and servers to networking. The IT industry is witnessing a surge in investments on enterprise hardware, despite the burgeoning adoption of cloud platforms.

2017 set the stage for IT infrastructure, as aggregate revenues reached a billion dollar high the same year, pushing vendors to beef up their hardware offerings. This trend is likely to maintain status quo in the years to come. The future will further witness innovations in data center operations, such as the integration of artificial intelligence to create self-managing data centers. Enterprises are moving towards hyper-converged infrastructure to streamline critical IT operations. Hyper-converged IT infrastructure systems run on off-the-shelf, standard servers, and facilitate the speedy deployment and ease of management by combining networking, computing, and storage on a single platform to reduce complexity and enhance scalability in data center operations.

With continuous innovations hitting the IT landscape, organizations need to stay abreast of the happenings in the industry on a regular basis to ensure readiness to face these disruptions head on. Fact.MR’s deep market intelligence helps organizations gauge the future growth trajectory of the IT industry, and harness vital insights for enhanced revenue standing and improved business outcomes.

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