The past few years have witnessed a significant uptake in the demand for semiconductors, owing to their capacity to provide high-speed processing power to smartphones, computers, and flat-screen displays. While semiconductor revenues are breaking record levels, recent product and geographic shifts have been upending several long-standing business plans. Additionally, R&D budgets are on the rise on the coattails of new business and technological challenges, which include the growing complexities in software coding, testing, and verification.

Information connectivity is primarily driving billings in the semiconductor industry. The reliance of connected devices, ranging from customer-oriented technology to industrial machinery, oil drilling rigs, and commercial jet engines, on data collecting components is driving the demand for and sales of sensors in the semiconductor industry. Semiconductor companies are being deemed as enablers of IoT, with their provision of technology building blocks to devices, machines, and components across industrial verticals.

Analysts at Fact.MR impart exclusive intelligence on sensors and semiconductors – coupled with their interdependence – to help clients prioritize improvements in the end-to-end yield, sustain higher profitability, and manage cost pressures. The direction forward for companies manufacturing sensors and semiconductors engulfs critical shifts in mindsets and the deployment of highly advanced analytic solutions. To even the odds, multinational manufacturers are considering local investments while striving to retain their global position.

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