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Pneumatic Rollers Market

Pneumatic Rollers Market

Pneumatic Rollers Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Market Insights 2018 to 2028

Pneumatic Rollers Market

Key Findings

Hydrostatic Wheel Drive Concept Proliferating in the Pneumatic Roller Space

Hydrostatic transmission (HST) or hydrostatic wheel drive is largely preferred in compaction equipment such as pneumatic rollers over gear transmission as HST offers rapid alterations in speed ratio.

There is a likelihood of efficiency being compromised with using hydrostatic wheel drive, however, it is offset with enhance maneuverability allowing the pneumatic rollers to operate over a wide range of speed/torque ratios.

Various manufacturers have recently been integrating hydrostatic wheel drive in their pneumatic rollers, to name a few:

  • BOMAG has introduced new soil pneumatic rollers with hydrostatic four-wheel drive. This variant includes sealed frame design. The new BC462EB pneumatic roller have been introduced in the North America market
  • Volvo Construction Equipment Corporation has introduced PT220 pneumatic roller with hydrostatic drive that offer smooth operation. It includes double drum vibratory compactors that enable perfect mat with appropriate pressure. With hydrostatic drive in PT220 pneumatic rollers, efficient transition between reverse and forward direction is possible without damaging the mat
  • Case Construction has come up with SV series pneumatic rollers that use three hydrostatic drives to impart motion to the drum and rear wheels. This axle-free design has facilitated minimization of hood height enhancing visibility and efficiency

Security Marking for Pneumatic Rollers Becoming Essential – Adoption of CESAR Witnessed

Manufacturers of pneumatic rollers are intensifying their security measures on the back of increasing theft rates of pneumatic rollers.

Various leaders in compaction technology have steeped-up their security markings on their range of pneumatic rollers in response to consistency in theft rates since the past couple of years.

Construction Equipment Security and Registration (CESAR) has become a viable option for manufacturers of pneumatic rollers since 2008 till date. Though equipment theft has been reduced by over 60% since 2007, however, CEA predicts that theft cannot be completely eliminated.

This remains a key challenge for manufacturers and CESAR can act as a theft deterrent. According to Construction Equipment Association (CEA), it is advisable for manufacturers of pneumatic rollers to implement CESAR to avoid further theft possibilities.

Road Construction of More Than 25 Million Kilometers by 2050 to Trigger Demand for Pneumatic Rollers

Transportation infrastructure plays a vital role in managing the export and imports of goods across various industries, in turn contributing to the economic development of countries.

In developing economies infrastructure projects are increasing at a substantial rate, particularly the construction of roads, railways, and dams. Pneumatic rollers are extensively being used in road construction projects as they provide improved static penetration relocating the particles in turn enhancing the density after asphalt application.

According to Global Road Map – an alliance of environmentalists, scientists, geographers, and agricultural specialists – by end of 2050, new road construction of more than 25 million kilometers is anticipated. This is likely to drive the demand for pneumatic rollers in the forthcoming years.

Rental Business –Trend Complementing Sales of Pneumatic Rollers

Small and medium-sized contractors are more inclined toward using rented construction equipment such as pneumatic rollers owing to their high initial cost. Using rented pneumatic rollers on a project basis can facilitate significant cost reductions of construction projects, in turn enhancing profitability.

Dealers of pneumatic rollers can lease out pneumatic rollers as well as provide customization options based on project requirements along with technical assistance.

Moreover, dealers in compaction equipment rental space can provide contractors with advanced pneumatic rollers at reasonable pricing. This can support contractors as they can spend extra capital on other tasks such as additional skilled labor, thus complementing business expansion.

This has resulted in a significant increase in dealers of pneumatic rollers purchasing the equipment from OEMs and carrying out leasing activities.

Operator Safety Remains a Highly Emphasized Area

Safety of personnel operating pneumatic rollers has gained significant importance on the back of increasing accidents and fatalities associate with compaction equipment.

According to NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) it is imperative for manufacturers of pneumatic rollers to ensure operator safety by providing sufficient training, integrating pneumatic rollers with ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structures) and seat belts in pneumatic rollers.

Against this backdrop, companies are introducing pneumatic rollers with advanced safety for operators, which is likely to influence the growth of the pneumatic rollers market in the coming years.

For instance, Caterpillar Inc., a new pneumatic roller with an operator that seat that can rotate 360 degrees can ensure higher operator safety. This facilitates enhanced operator visibility eliminating the pneumatic rollers to reverse on the field.

Energy Efficient Pneumatic Rollers – An Upcoming Trend

Construction equipment companies worldwide are largely focusing on the sustainable development of projects by acquiring certifications with respect to energy efficiency.

With growing concerns of environmental pollution, manufacturers of pneumatic rollers are required to develop designs that feature reduced emissions and carbon footprint during the entire project cycle.

Moreover, manufacturers of pneumatic rollers are optimizing pneumatic rollers’ pump settings that can facilitate a significant reduction in fuel consumption, in turn decreasing carbon emissions.

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Competitive Landscape

The report on pneumatic rollers has profiled key companies such as

  • Volvo Construction Equipment
  • Caterpillar Inc.,
  • Dynapac AB
  • Hamm AG and Bomag GmbH.

Key facets of these players including product developments and innovation along with market shares are covered in this chapter.

Manufacturers of pneumatic rollers are focusing on design developments in a bid to enhance productivity, efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, and improving overall performance. For instance, Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd., has introduced ZC220P-6 pneumatic roller that meet standards of “Off-Road Act” and facilitate eco-friendly performance, ease in maintenance using DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) and safety.

Hamm AG has introduced GRW 280i pneumatic roller with an easy drive that facilitates simplified operation and flexibility. This intelligent drive also enables automatically to sift raps to obtain even and gentle braking in turn preventing uneven compaction.

Manufacturers of pneumatic rollers are also focusing on introducing pneumatic rollers with new combination rollers. Volvo has introduced CR30B and CR 35B combination pneumatic rollers for small-scale compaction projects that enable high-quality and dense mat owing to the unique combination of two methods of compaction.

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Know More Details About the Report


Pneumatic rollers are comprised of set of tires at the front and the rear end. Pneumatic rollers are able to exert high contact pressures ranging from 500 Kpa to 700 Kpa and are used widely in the construction of roadways, and highways.

Pneumatic rollers are also used for non-cohesive and fine grained soils. They are a much preferred compaction solution for road pacing projects.

Additional Questions Answered

Apart from factors mentioned above, the report on pneumatic rollers market also answers additional questions. To name a few:

  • What trends are impacting the demand and sales of pneumatic rollers across key regions?
  • Which region reflects high market attractiveness with respect to use of pneumatic rollers during the assessment period?
  • Which type of pneumatic rollers in terms of drum width are likely to witness increasing sales and demand over the years?
  • Can pneumatic rollers with more than 18,000 Kg operating capacity outclass pneumatic rollers with operating power of 12,000 to 18,000 Kg?
  • Will tug-of-war between Europe and North America in the pneumatic rollers market persist throughout the forecast period?

Research Methodology

Data and statistics on the pneumatic rollers market provided in the report are gleaned using a unique research methodology. Primary and secondary research methods are used to garner data along with information from external sources.

All data points gathered are triangulated to obtain high statistics and insights with high precision and accuracy, increasing the credibility of the pneumatic rollers market report.


The market for pneumatic rollers has been segmented in detail for providing a holistic understanding to the reader.

The pneumatic rollers market is segmented on the basis of engine capacity, operating capacity, drum width and region.

Pneumatic rollers in the engine capacity are further classified into up to 100 HP, 100-130 HP and more than 130 HP variants.

The operating capacity segment includes pneumatic rollers with up to 8000 Kg, 8,000-12,000 Kg, 12,000 to 18,000 Kg and more than 18,000 Kg.

Pneumatic rollers in the drum width segment are categorized into up to 1,800 mm, 1,800-2,000 mm, 2,000-2,200 mm and more than 2,200 mm.

Key regions such as North America, Latin America, Europe, CIS & Russia, Japan, Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) and Middle East and Africa (MEA) are covered in the report.

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 Pneumatic Rollers Market Scope Of The Report

“Pneumatic Rollers Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking: Global Market Insights 2018 to 2028” is an analytical study that offers actionable intelligence on several segments of the pneumatic rollers market.

The report also reveals the sales and demand scenario of pneumatic rollers across key regions globally. Comprehensive report on pneumatic rollers market covers analysis on various dynamics impacting growth.

It also provides historical data, current market scenario and future insights on pneumatic rollers market. The pneumatic rollers market report is skilfully drafted with a chapter wise analysis for convenience of the reader.

Chapter 1 – Executive Summary

This chapter provides an in-depth overview of the pneumatic rollers market. It also includes opportunity assessment along with wheel of fortune that reveals segmental assessment of pneumatic rollers market.

The chapter highlights various mega trends that influence the growth of pneumatic rollers market along with key insights provided by Fact.MR analysts.

Chapter 2 – Introduction

The pneumatic rollers market report covers a brief introduction on the market. It provides opinions of key participants, overview of construction industry, outlook on construction equipment across key regions (BRIC & TRIAD), financial services, potential of aftermarket services and challenges in the pneumatic rollers market.

Chapter 3 – Scope

This chapter covers market segmentation along with definition of pneumatic rollers. It defines the entire scope of the report and various facets it is describing.

Chapter 4 – Associated Industry Assessment

This chapter covers road infrastructure scenario, major construction projects worldwide, need of compaction machines and compaction machine value and volume sales and forecasts.

Chapter 5 – Market Dynamics & Key Indicators

This chapter includes key dynamics focusing on drivers, restraints, opportunities and trends in the pneumatic rollers market.

It also highlights value chain analysis, product life cycle and technology roadmap.

Chapter 6 – Pricing Analysis

This chapter provides price point analysis by region, by loading capacity and other forecasts. This delivers intelligence on various pricing aspects influencing sales of pneumatic rollers.

Chapter 7 – Pneumatic Rollers Market Analysis and Forecast

This chapter of the pneumatic rollers market report includes a year-on-year growth assessment, absolute dollar opportunity analysis, pneumatic rollers market volume forecasts, and impact analysis.

This chapter further covers intelligence on sales and demand of pneumatic rollers across key regions, and segmental information on pneumatic rollers by engine capacity, by operating capacity, and by drum width. It also reveals market attractiveness index of each segment and region.

Chapter 8 – North America Pneumatic Rollers Market Analysis

This chapter includes assessment on pneumatic rollers sales across major countries of United States and Canada along with detailed segmental outlook across these countries for the forecasted period.

Chapter 9 – Latin America Pneumatic Rollers Market Analysis

Major countries of Brazil, Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Mexico are assessed apropos to the adoption of pneumatic rollers.

Potential of these countries complementing to the growth of the Latin America pneumatic rollers market with y-o-y growth assessments are revealed here.

Chapter 10 – Europe Pneumatic Rollers Market Analysis

This chapter of the pneumatic rollers market report includes insights on demand and sales of pneumatic rollers across Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, BENELUX, Nordic and Italy.

Revenue generation through sales of pneumatic rollers and their demand in these countries is provided in this chapter.

Chapter 11 – CIS & Russia Pneumatic Rollers Market Analysis

The demand for pneumatic rollers in CIS & Russia is analyzed and the future potential of the pneumatic rollers market in this region is revealed in the chapter. A segmental snapshot of the pneumatic rollers market is chalked in this section.

Chapter 12 – Japan Pneumatic Rollers Market Analysis

The sales of pneumatic rollers in Japan are assessed and future projections of the Japanese pneumatic rollers market is revealed in this chapter. Segmental analysis of pneumatic rollers market in this country is included in this section.

Chapter 13 – Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ) Pneumatic Rollers Market Analysis

Countries of Greater China, ASEAN, India, and Australia & New Zealand are assessed, and sales assessment of pneumatic rollers in these countries is covered.

A market attractiveness index and incremental opportunity along with the year-on-year growth rate of the APEJ pneumatic rollers market are provided here.

Chapter 14 – Middle East and Africa (MEA) Pneumatic Rollers Market Analysis

This chapter focuses on the pneumatic rollers market scenario across GCC countries, Israel, South Africa, and Turkey. Application-wise analysis of the pneumatic rollers market in these countries is covered in this chapter.

Chapter 15 – Pneumatic rollers Market Competitive Assessment

This extensive section provides competitive intelligence to the reader by covering major companies participating in manufacturing and dealership of pneumatic rollers.

This chapter provides market structure analysis, company share assessment including Tier 1 and Tier 2 players, and region-wise positioning assessment.

Chapter 16 – Company Profiles

This chapter includes profiling of key market players involved in the manufacturing of pneumatic rollers and their distribution. In-depth company shares analysis along with company overview, key design innovations and developments, SWOT analysis, and key financial aspects are covered.

Chapter 17 – Research Methodology

This section gives a brief overview of the entire research process carried out to garner key information and statistics on the pneumatic rollers market.

It also covers detailed intelligence on various sources used. A brief overview of secondary sources used to glean the market information and details on primary interviews initiated with opinion leaders, market observers, and other stakeholders in the pneumatic rollers market is covered here.

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