Women's Bicycle Market

Women’s Bicycle Market Analysis by Road Bicycles, Sports Bicycles, Mountain Bicycles, and Hybrid Bicycles from 2023 to 2033

Analysis of Women's Bicycle Market Covering 30+ Countries Including Analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

Women’s Bicycle Market Outlook (2023 to 2033)

The global women’s bicycle market is valued at US$ 7.5 billion in 2023 and is estimated to exhibit expansion at a steady CAGR of 5.4% over the next ten years. As such, worldwide sales of women’s bicycles are forecasted to reach US$ 12.7 billion by the end of 2033.

The basic design of a bicycle is functionally the same for men, as well as women but, some distinctive changes are observed when it comes to women’s bicycles. The women’s bicycle frame is specifically designed while focusing on the comfort of the rider even while donning a skirt and some bicycles even have a distinct handlebar design to improve riding ability.

Demand for women’s bicycles is anticipated to be driven by the increasing popularity of cycling among women around the world and the rising focus on sustainability. Increasing fuel prices, surging awareness regarding the health benefits of riding a bicycle, growing traffic congestion, and the lack of parking spaces for passenger vehicles such as cars and buses, are other prospects that could promote sales of women’s bicycles in the future.

The launch of several new supportive initiatives to promote cycling activities among women is also expected to bolster sales of ladies’ hybrid bikes, women’s bicycles with baskets, and ladies’ road bicycles.

  • In March 2023, the Bicycle Association (BA) announced the launch of the Diversity in Cycling initiative on the occasion of International Women’s Day. The initiative aims to tackle the problem of diversity in the cycling industry and reach out to new people from different sects of society.

Increasing participation of women in cycling events and bicycle sports is also projected to bolster shipments of women’s mountain bikes and ladies’ bicycles over the next ten years. Surprisingly, social stigma around women riding bicycles is a factor that is expected to hamper women’s bicycle sales in the future.

The absence of proper cycling infrastructure in many countries and concerns regarding the safety of a woman riding a bicycle are also major aspects that could constrain women’s bicycle shipments over the coming years. Furthermore, growing availability of alternative means of transportation for women is also anticipated to hurt market development in the long run.

Report Attributes


Women’s Bicycle Market Size (2023)

US$ 7.5 Billion

Forecasted Market Value (2033F)

US$ 12.7 Billion

Global Market Growth Rate (2023 to 2033)

5.4% CAGR

Demand for Hybrid Bicycles (2023 to 2033)

4.5% CAGR

Key Companies Profiled

  • Tandem Group plc
  • Samchuly Bicycle Co. Ltd.
  • Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
  • Tube Investments of India Limited
  • Trek Bicycle Corporation
  • Merida Industry Co. Ltd.
  • Accell Group N.V.
  • Atlas Cycles (Haryana) Limited
  • Dorel Industries Inc.

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Which Key Trend Should Start-ups Emphasize On?

“Enhancement of Women’s Cycling Experience”

The number of female cyclists has been falling drastically in the past couple of decades owing to the rising car ownership among women and the lack of a safe cycling environment for women. However, through different initiatives and increasing awareness regarding cycling, the number of women riding bicycles has witnessed a steady rise over the past few years.

New women’s bicycle companies are focusing on improving the cycling experience for women by developing and launching innovative new products.

  • Jelenew, a new company focused on transforming cycling for females, is providing the world’s first professional cycling pants designed especially for women with a detachable external pad structure. These new pants are aesthetic, practical, and functional for female cyclists.
  • FINDRA, a Scottish brand providing high-performance outdoor clothing for women, is also selling practical yet stylish performance outwear for women in cycling and other adventure sports. The company is focused on encouraging women to partake in more outdoor adventures.
  • Pedal Chic, a bike store in the United States is the first woman-owned store that exclusively caters to women riders. The store provides functional and fashionable bikes to promote cycling amongst women and girls.

More new developments by start-ups and how they augment product standards and affect pricing trends have been explained in this newly released women’s bicycle market research analysis by Fact.MR, a market research and competitive intelligence provider.

Womens Bicycle Market Forecast by Fact.MR

Country-wise Insights

Why is Japan an Opportune Market for Women’s Bicycle Suppliers?

“High Popularity of Mama-chari Creating Lucrative Growth Scope”

Mama-chari (mom’s bicycle) is highly popular in Japan and is used extensively by Japanese people throughout the country. This everyday utility bike is extensively used by women in Japan for shopping as they have a basket and are also used by mothers to pick up and drop off their children from school.

The presence of various bicycle rental shops in Japan also promotes the use of bicycles among tourists and uplifts the demand for women’s bicycles and men’s bicycles. High use of bicycles by women of all ages and social statuses is expected to provide remunerative business scope for women’s bicycle companies in Japan over the coming years as they focus on the launch of electric bicycles and hybrid bicycles.

Why are European Countries Considered Safe Havens for Female Cyclists?

“Presence of Bike-friendly Infrastructure”

Europe is home to some of the most bike-friendly countries and cities in the world and this is anticipated to be a prime factor that is projected to bolster shipments of women’s bicycles in this region across the forecast period. Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Demark, and Portugal are known to be some of the most bicycle-friendly countries in the world and are estimated to lead women’s bicycle sales in the future.

Growing focus on sustainability, supportive initiatives to promote cycling in women, and increasing focus on physical health and exercise among Europeans are other factors that are anticipated to favor demand for women’s bicycles going forward.

Initiatives to promote cycling and reduce environmental pollution levels are also being launched in Europe, which could further promulgate sales of hybrid bicycles for women, women’s road bikes, and sports cycles for women through 2033.

  • In May 2021, the Pan-European Master Plan for Cycling Promotion was adopted at the Fifth High-level Meeting on Transport, Health, and Environment. This master plan aimed to increase cycling in all European Union member states and necessitates the development and implementation of a national cycling policy for all member countries by the end of 2030.

Will the United States Offer Moneymaking Opportunities for Women’s Bicycle Companies?

“Increasing Popularity of Cycling Among Women in Post-pandemic Era”

The number of women opting for cycling increased notably after the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world in early 2020. Experts have linked this rise in cycling activity with quieter roads and a low volume of traffic due to the pandemic restrictions in the United States.

  • In January 2022, the National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA), revealed data that illustrated that around 55% of female cyclists returned to roads during the pandemic in the United States.

A notable increase in female cyclists in the country is projected to create a highly lucrative business scope for established as well as upcoming women’s bicycle manufacturers throughout the forecast period. Moreover, surging awareness regarding the health benefits associated with cycling, increasing focus on environmental pollution reduction, and supportive initiatives to promote cycling are also expected to favor market growth over the coming years.

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Category-wise Insights

Bicycles of Which Technology are More Popular Amongst Women?

“Conventional Bicycle Sales Spearheading Revenue Generation”

Based on technology, the market for women’s bicycles is segmented into conventional and electric.

Conventional bicycles account for a major share of the global marketplace at present and are estimated to maintain a similar stance over the next few years. Increasing use of conventional bicycles for exercise in the fitness industry is a key prospect that is anticipated to bolster growth in this segment going forward. The affordable nature of conventional bicycles as compared to their electric counterparts also contributes to the high market share of the conventional segment.

Electric women’s bicycles are anticipated to gain popularity in the latter half of the forecast period as sales of electric vehicles rise around the world. Until then, hybrid bicycles for women are anticipated to witness a bright demand outlook in the global landscape.

An exhaustive assessment of all trends influencing supply chain management, local supply, global demand, etc., along with a detailed segmental analysis has been mentioned exclusively in this latest Fact.MR research report.

Competitive Landscape

Leading women’s bicycle manufacturers are making efforts to create new products and solutions that cater specifically to female cyclists. Bicycle companies are also focusing on mergers, collaborations, and partnerships to expand their business scope and improve their revenue generation capacity.

  • In November 2021, PIERER Mobility AG, a leading manufacturer of powered two-wheelers, announced that it had acquired FELT Bicycles. Through this acquisition, PIERER intended to expand its bicycle operations in the North American region.
  • Giant Bicycles, a renowned name in the bicycle industry, created a sub-brand called Liv/Giant that specifically focuses on the female cycling market and has been launching bicycles and bicycle accessories for women under the same brand since 2008.

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Key Segments of Women’s Bicycle Industry Research

  • By Product Type :

    • Road Bicycles
    • Sports Bicycles
    • Mountain Bicycles
    • Hybrid Bicycles
  • By Technology :

    • Conventional
    • Electric
  • By Pricing :

    • Low Range
    • Mid-Range
    • Premium Range
  • By Distribution Channel :

    • Independent Outlets
    • Direct-to-Customer Institutional Channels
    • Direct-to-Customer Brand Outlets
    • Modern Trade Channels
    • Franchised Outlets
    • Direct-to-Customer Online Channels
    • Third-Party Online Channels
  • By Region :

    • North America
    • Latin America
    • Europe
    • APAC
    • MEA

- FAQs -

What is the current value of the global women’s bicycle market?

The global women’s bicycle market is valued at US$ 7.5 billion in 2023.

How big will the market be in the future?

Sales of women’s bicycles are set to reach a market valuation of US$ 12.7 billion by 2033-end.

What is the women’s bicycle market growth?

Worldwide women’s bicycle demand is expected to rise at 5.4% CAGR from 2023 to 2033.

Which region is expected to lead the global women’s bicycle market?

Europe is anticipated to account for a majority of women’s bicycle sales over the coming years.

Who are the prime suppliers of women’s bicycles?

Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Tandem Group plc, Dorel Industries Inc., and Trek Bicycle Corporation are leading manufacturers of women’s bicycles.

Women's Bicycle Market

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