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Functional Flour Market

Functional Flour Market

Functional Flour Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Review 2017- 2025

Functional Flour Market
  • Feb-2019
  • List of Tables : 11
  • List of Figures : 89
  • 170 Pages
  • Food & Beverage

Functional Flour Market- Notable Highlights

  • ADM bought specific assets of Caterina Foods (US), a key manufacturer of specialty high-protein and gluten-free pastas, in 2016. This acquisition was aimed at expanding the company’s facilities and foray into the arena of specialty pastas made of grains and legumes.
  • In June 2016, The Scoular Company bought the assets of Tri-Fields Farms. Post this agreement, growers will coordinate and work with staff of Scoular to commercialize soybeans, wheat, corn, rye, & special crops. While Tri-Fields Farms will gain tailwinds from the sophisticated commodity marketing network of Scoular, The Scoular Company would be able to boost as well as diversify its product lines to balance the supply-demand framework.

The report also profiles other key players operating in the functional flour market, including Cargill Inc., Associated British Foods Plc, SunOpta, Inc., The Hain Celestial Group, Inc., General Mills Inc., Parrish and Heimbecker, Limited, ConAgra Foods, Inc., ITC Limited, Bunge Limited, and others.

Functional Flour Market- Multiple Initiatives for Promoting Consumption Propels Growth

Initiatives by governments and associations across the globe in the directions of promoting consumption of functional flour is complementing the market growth. Rising instances of malnutrition or nutrition deficit across both developed as well as developing economies are fuelling such initiatives of promoting consumption of enriched flours, working in favor for growth of functional flour market.

For instance, various associations of millers in the Caribbean and Latin America had a crucial role in pushing flour fortification across the key countries.

Another program by the ‘Flour Fortification Initiative’ enabled wide-spread implementation fortification across multiple countries in the Middle Eastern, North African, and Eastern Mediterranean regions. Moreover, leading players, such as Cargill, Incorporated, are joining such initiatives to further extend their support in the same.

Awareness created by such initiatives is translating into broader acceptance of enriched flours, thereby fuelling growth of functional flour market. In addition, business developments, technological advances, flourishing trade, and effective marketing in the support of floor fortification are also boosting ROI benefits of manufacturers in the functional flour market.

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Functional Flour Market- Paradigm Shift to Healthy Foods Creates Significant Opportunities for Manufacturers

Rising gravitation toward health & wellness and augmented consumption of health-benefitting foods is creating sustained opportunities for the manufacturers of functional flour. Consumers across the globe are adhering to healthy diets inclusive of cereals, grains, and lentils to meet their nutritional requirements. This, in turn, is creating significant incremental opportunity for the participants of functional flour market.

Rising incidences of gluten intolerance are also inducing shift to non-wheat based and enriched flours, thereby influencing growth of functional flour market. Moreover, increasing consumer propensity for ready-to-eat bakery foods that are available in multigrain variants is also creating favorable grounds for the functional flour market.

Functional Flour Market- Evolving Perceptions of Clean Labels Continues to Push Adoption

As the feature of clean label is mainstreaming across multiple countries, consumer expectations continue to evolve. Amid this dynamic landscape, food manufacturers are vying to continuously innovate and keep up with the evolving trends to create distinguishable products. Evolution of ‘clean label’ is acting as a key differentiator for food manufactures to enhance perceptions of their offerings for bolstering consumer confidence.

In line with the clean label trend, food manufacturers are including flour variants in their products that align well with consumers’ consideration of healthy ingredients, providing fillip to the adoption of functional flour. Food manufacturers are incessantly switching to functional flour for boosting credibility of their product labels, which in turn helps them make their offerings distinguishable on the market shelves.

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Functional Flour Market- Additional Questions Answered

Apart from the key insights into the functional flour market, the research study on functional flour market also addresses few of the additional questions answered that include-

  • What are the prominent macro factors complementing growth of functional flour market?
  • Which would be the most lucrative application for the participants in the functional flour market?
  • Which region would stay at the forefront of demand for functional flour over the forecast period?

The research study on functional flour market includes detailed analysis and opportunity assessment of the market, both at the regional and global level, for the forecast period of 2017 to 2025.

The report also offers an all-inclusive overview of the historical analysis along with a comprehensive overview of opportunity analysis, focusing on all possible ways for manufacturers in the functional flour market to enhance their profit margins.

The study on functional flour market offers accurate revenue projections, in terms of US$ Mn for value and in Kilo tons for volume, for the forecast timeline of 2017-2025 period by considering the base year as 2016.

The report on functional flour market offers an extensive analysis of the market dynamics, including restraints, drivers, opportunities, and trends, which are solely responsible for triggering growth of functional flour market. Moreover, the functional flour market report also offers a detailed overview of the macro-economic trends having deep-rooted influences on growth of functional flour market for the assessment period.

The report on functional flour market offers accurate estimations and projections based on multiple parameters in the functional flour market backed with reasonable stats validating the same.

The research study on functional flour market enlightens users about key opportunities for the market players to enhance their bottom lines. Moreover, the functional flour market report also offers insights into the market size during the base year and a comparison of the same with the ones during the forecast period, to emphasize on growth occurred during the same.

Key segments of functional flour market have been covered in detail along with their revenue holdings to make the readers identify lucrative segments for attaining high profit benefits.

The report on functional flour market adopts an effective and exclusive approach for compiling insights pertaining to the market growth.

To begin with, the functional flour market report offers volume as well as value estimates for every geographical region along with regional trends impacting the same. Moreover, volume and value growth corresponding to every segment of functional flour market has also been included in the research study on functional flour market.

The report on functional flour market has been compiled post an extensive research methodology, that includes primary and secondary research phases. The phase of primary research includes analysts having in-person interviews and interactions with industry experts regarding the market behavior and useful insights.

The obtained viewpoint is included in a comprehensive way in the functional flour market report for readers to understand the functional flour market from a 360 degree perspective. The phase of secondary research involves analyzing paid databases, publications, government publications, and many more for garnering useful information.

The market estimates included in the study on functional flour market are solely based on credible insights garnered via extensive research methodologies.

Moreover, the report on functional flour market also includes regional trends having deep impact on regional demand for functional flour, a fact to be taken into key consideration by manufacturers of functional flour.

The research approach followed for functional flour market report is a top –to-bottom approach for every segment, which leaves no room for errors or inconvenience for the readers.

Global Functional Flour Market: Competitive Landscape

The report on functional flour market offers valuable insights into the outlook for global market over the forecast period.

The report on functional flour market identifies the leading players operating in the functional flour market along with key details that could help the aspiring players make it big in the global functional flour market space.


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