Panty Liners Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Review 2018 to 2027

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Global Panty Liner Market: Overview

The global panty liner market is anticipated to witness a major growth in years to come because of rising awareness among women about their hygiene. Mount in literate and working women across the world is bolstering the growth of the market. The panty liners are made of cotton which makes them washable and can be used numerous times. Government’s initiative across different parts of the world, to encourage various organization to set up campaigns regarding hygiene to change the point of view of women and help them to attain self-esteem and self-confidence is bolstering the growth of the global panty liners market.

The global market of panty liners are classified into type, size, portability options, and distributional channels. There are two of panty liner present in the market are organic and non-organic. Rise in preference of organic type of panty liner is promoting the growth of the market. Different size of panty liners present in the market are 40, -40, 30, -30, 20, -20, 10, and -10. The panty liners can be distributed through offline and online. The panty liner market is highly fragmented due to presence of large number of companies.

Panty liner, also known as panty shield, is a thinner piece of absorbent material that is used for maintaining feminine hygiene. In short, panty liners are sanitary napkins which are thinner and narrow that absorb menstrual discharge and daily vaginal discharge. Panty liners can also be used for daily cleanliness, however they are not much suited for medium to heavy menstrual flow during which they have to be changed on a frequent basis. Panty liners are available in different shapes and sizes. For instance, panty liners are designed in such a way that they are fit with thong underwear and are available in sizes that are suitable for light and heavy vaginal discharge. Some of the panty liners have wings which can be wrapped around panties while other have a sticky adhesive on the back of the sanitary napkins that hold them properly in place. Wings however provide extra stability to panty liners.

Panty Liners- Drivers

Increasing spending power and rising affordability are one of the significant factors that are expected to fuel the growth of panty liners market at a global level. Women have become financially independent which is triggering the adoption of panty liners owing to growing per capita income. Earlier women had to use clothes to absorb menstrual or vaginal discharge, however increasing disposable income and thereby rising affordability drive the panty liners market. Easy availability of innovative products are also contributing to the growth of panty liners market. Manufacturers dealing with feminine hygiene products are launching new panty liners with new developments. Increasing population and rising awareness about maintaining hygiene is also expected to create robust growth in the sale of panty liners.

Panty Liners- Restraints

Daily usage of panty liners can cause yeast or bacterial infection. As panty liners absorb moisture it can also become a reason for unpleasant health issues. An increasing cost of feminine hygiene products is another factor which is hampering the growth of panty liners market. Due to increasing cost of panty liners, women in many regions, especially in the underdeveloped regions prefer to use cloth which is likely to create negative impact on the panty liners market. Regular usage of panty liners is also responsible of rashes on skin and other skin diseases.

Panty Liners- Regional Outlook

In terms of usage of panty liners, developed countries such as Europe and North America are the leading markets. These two regions are capturing remarkable revenue share in the panty liners market. The reason behind the growth of panty liners market in North America and Europe is rising awareness among women with respect to the use of panty liners and significant presence of super markets. Due to large number of super markets feminine hygiene products are easily available in developed regions. The Asia Pacific region is also showing a significant growth with respect to the usage of panty liners. The key reason for this growth is ever increasing population in countries like India and China.

Panty Liners- Key Manufacturers

Bella, Stayfree, Carefree, Natracare, The Honest Co, Organyc, Maxim, and NatraTouch are some of the top brands of panty liners across the globe.

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Panty Liners Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Review 2018 to 2027