Mezcal Market

Mezcal Market Analysis by Joven, Anejo, and Reposado Sold through Specialty Stores, Online Retailers, Hotels/Restaurants/Cafes (HoReCa), and Modern Trade from 2023 to 2033

Analysis of Mezcal Market Covering 30+ Countries Including Analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

Mezcal Market Outlook (2023 to 2033)

As revealed by Fact.MR in its new study, the global mezcal market has reached a size of US$ 386.5 million in 2023. Worldwide demand for mezcal is expected to rise at a CAGR of 14.1% and reach a market valuation of US$ 1.45 billion by 2033.

Demand for mezcal is projected to increase significantly because of its unique flavors. Players are adopting several strategies to better serve global consumers. They are increasing their manufacturing capacities and are concentrating on producing products that can appeal to a larger consumer base.

Mezcal is a popular type of distilled alcoholic beverage manufactured from the agave plant. It is becoming popular globally because of its distinctive taste. The rising traction for smoky spirit is leading to growing sales of mezcal.

  • The United States holds 45.1% share of the North American market in 2023, which is one of the leading mescal production regions besides Europe.
  • Hotels/restaurants/cafes (HoReCa) account for 61.1% of global sales of mezcal.

Companies are expanding their reach across geographies with the introduction of various innovative flavors, mescal cocktails, and attractive packaging. They are investing at a significant rate in numerous marketing campaigns and initiatives to expand their reach among potential consumers.

For instance :

  • In April 2022, Drink Monday, Inc. launched Monday Mezcal, which is a popular non-alcoholic beverage. The company is a pioneer in various non-alcoholic beverages. This newly launched product is predicted to broaden the product portfolio of the company and attract a larger consumer base.
  • Cuentacuentos came up with its regulation crowdfunding in July 2022. It is a bit innovative approach adopted by any company for expansion. The company is aiming to broaden its conventional and handcrafted mezcal portfolio. Cuentacuentos wants to manufacture mezcal by providing a platform to multiple manufacturers under one roof.

According to Fact.MR’s study on mescal market trends, robust demand for premium and organic beverages is predicted to positively affect the sales of mezcal across the world, also benefitting mescal exports. This beverage is produced from agave plants, which have a low glycemic index. Therefore, more consumers are giving preference to mezcal due to its comparatively less sugary effects.

Report Attributes Details

Mezcal Market Size (2023)

US$ 386.50 Million

Projected Market Value (2033)

US$ 1.45 Billion

Global Market Growth Rate (2023 to 2033)

14.1% CAGR

Revenue Share of Tequila (2023)


United States Market Share (2023)


Revenue Share of Hotels/Restaurants/Cafes (HoReCa) (2023)


Key Companies Profiled

  • Bacardi Limited
  • Craft Distiller
  • Familia Camarena Tequila
  • Destileria Tlacolula
  • Don Julio
  • Diageo Plc.
  • Fidencio Mezcal
  • EL Silencio Holdings INC.

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What’s Contributing to Significant Demand Growth for Mezcal?

“Availability of Multiple Flavors of Mezcal Attracting More Consumers”

The distillation system is an important parameter defining the quality of beverages produced from agave. The easy availability of various flavors of mezcal leads to its rising preference among various consumers compared to crafted spirits. Several consumers prefer ethically sourced products and beverages, including cold-pressed juice, smoothies with organic ingredients, and craft beer, which is predicted to drive lucrative opportunities for market players over the coming decade.

The authenticity and quality of mezcal are pivotal due to the unique alcoholic flavor of the beverage, which is a result of non-volatile and volatile compounds. Some of the compounds include β-sitosterol, free fatty acids, fructans, and groups of tri-, di-, and monoacylglycerols. Fructans can form Maillard compounds, including ketones, pyrans, and furans because of lower pH and higher temperatures in the cooking process of agave.

“Use of Technological Innovations in Production of Spirits”

The agave plant that is used in the production of spirit is projected to enrich mezcal’s volatile price. The conventional extraction procedure generally leads to lower yields, poorer extraction quality, longer extraction times, and higher solvent consumption. There is a requirement for the distillation of fermented maguey to produce different types of distilled alcoholic beverages, including mezcal, tequila, etc. Therefore, technological advancements are benefiting production and extraction processes of sustainable spirit.

Manufacturers are involved in technological innovations and product launches to minimize manufacturing and extraction costs. Players are taking initiatives to improve product traceability with the use of innovative technologies to enhance the efficiency of the supply chain, especially in industries such as food & beverages.

What Can Somewhat Restrict the Sales of Mezcal?

“Heavy Taxation and Duties Hurting Market Expansion”

Increasing demand for different types of alcoholic beverage products is leading to rising import activities. But, heavy customs duties and taxation are projected to limit market expansion with reduced product demand.

Heavy excise and taxation duties automatically lead to an increase in the cost of products and therefore make mezcal comparatively costlier, which is predicted to negatively impact market production and sales to some extent.

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What are Start-ups Focusing on to Establish Themselves in the Market?

“Rising Traction for Mezcal Liquor among Millennials Fueling Opportunities for Start-ups”

Rising demand for different types of premium alcoholic beverages is one of the prominent factors fueling opportunities for new entrants. Growing demand for multiple types of nutrient-rich foods, as well as beverages with flavor and quality due to rising health consciousness among various consumers, is driving market opportunities for new mescal production companies.

Start-ups are coming up with unique goods with a limited number of processed ingredients. New entrants are concentrating on developing multiple natural ingredient combinations to fuel demand for sustainable and healthy food & beverages. Thirst among millennials for unique spirits is also driving sales of different high-quality beverages, including mezcal. Artisanal mezcal can also be something that new companies can look at to broaden their consumer base.

Mezcal Market Size, Share, Trends, Growth, Demand and Sales Forecast Report by Fact.MR

Country-wise Insights

Why is the United States an Important Market for Mezcal in North America?

“Opening of Numerous Advanced Manufacturing Facilities by Tequila Producers”

Demand for mezcal in the United States is projected to expand at a significant rate over the decade. The market in the United States holds a share of 45.1% of regional revenue in 2023.

More consumers in the United States prefer premium brands compared to other options. The market is well-known among key players therefore companies are investing at a significant rate in the establishment of numerous manufacturing facilities. The rising demand for tequila, especially among millennials and Gen Z is contributing to market expansion.

The United States has proximity to Mexico, which is globally popular for mezcal. Multiple distillers in the United States market are projected to capitalize on trends of premiumization.

What’s Driving the Consumption of Mezcal in India and China?

“Growing Millennial Population Contributing to Rising Sales of Mezcal”

Over the coming 10 years, growth of mescal brands is predicted to expand rapidly owing to a significant increase in the millennial population across some pivotal countries, including India, China, and others. A significant increase in the disposable income of numerous consumers from these countries is leading to their growing spending capacities. They are investing in various lifestyle products, including beverages.

Mezcal is a popular craft beverage available in a wide variety of flavors. In addition, underdeveloped countries from the region are also estimated to generate significant opportunities for manufacturers of agave spirits.

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Category-wise Insights

Which is the Most Widely Consumed Mezcal Concentrate Globally?

“Booming Sales of 100% Tequila-based Mezcal Gin Containing Natural Ingredients”

The 100% tequila segment holds a 56.1% share of the mezcal landscape in 2023, according to Fact.MR, a market research and competitive intelligence provider. Manufacturers of mescal varieties are concentrating on natural ingredients instead of traditional ingredients for supportive growth.

Mezcal is gaining popularity among millennials with the soaring popularity of premium drinks that are manufactured with technologically advanced solutions. Numerous mescal culture businesses are strengthening their supply chains for stable growth in the market.

Which Sales Channel is Most Widely Used to Purchase Mezcal?

“Sales of Mezcal Whiskey Surging in Hotels/Restaurants/Cafes”

The hotels/restaurants/cafes (HoReCa) segment is a popular channel for mescal consumption, which is estimated to dominate the global market with rising sales of mezcal over the forecasted period. The segment holds a share of 61.1% of industry revenue in 2023.

Growing adoption of responsible and innovative approaches for product packaging is not only environment-friendly but also consumer-friendly, which is propelling the demand for mezcal. Premiumization is also contributing to the rising sales of mezcal. HoReCa highlights exclusivity and superior quality of mezcal of different categories.

Key Market Players

Market players are concentrating on investments in strengthening their systems adopted for supply chain management, maintaining product standards, ensuring quality control, and others.

Prominent companies are concentrating on mergers & acquisitions, new product developments, etc., to expand their portfolio while strengthening their position across regions.

For instance :

  • Sydney Block is a trader from Wall Street. In July 2022, Sydney launched Catedral Mezcal Artesanal with her father, Jeff. With a major in environmental economics, Sydney prepares mezcal products with sustainable practices by hand instead of machines.
  • Codigo 1530 is a popular independent brand of tequila. In June 2022, the company introduced two mezcal products. It entered into a collaboration with a prominent mezcal master to manufacture mezcal.

Bacardi Limited, Craft Distiller, Familia Camarena Tequila, Destileria Tlacolula, Don Julio, Diageo Plc.,, Fidencio Mezcal, and EL Silencio Holdings INC. are leading manufacturers of mezcal.

Segmentation of Mezcal Industry Research

  • By Product Type :

    • Joven
    • Anejo
    • Reposado
  • By Sales Channel :

    • Specialty Stores
    • Online Retailers
    • Hotels/Restaurants/Cafes (HoReCa)
    • Modern Trade
  • By Concentrate :

    • 100% Tequila
    • Mixed Tequila
  • By Region :

    • North America
    • Europe
    • Asia Pacific
    • Latin America
    • Middle East & Africa

- FAQs -

What is the current valuation of the mezcal market?

The global mezcal market stands at US$ 386.5 million in 2023.

What is the forecasted growth rate for the global mescal market?

Worldwide demand for mezcal is predicted to increase rapidly at a CAGR of 14.1% through 2033.

What is the share of tequila in the global mezcal market?

Tequila holds 56.1% share of global mezcal market revenue in 2023.

Which sales channel is projected to contribute to a significant revenue share in 2023?

The HoReCa segment holds 61.1% share of worldwide revenue in 2023.

What is the revenue share of the United States in the North American market?

The United States market accounts for 45.1% share of the North American market in 2023.

What is the estimated value of the global mezcal market for 2033?

The market for mezcal is anticipated to reach US$ 1.45 billion by 2033.

Which are the prominent producers of mezcal?

Bacardi Limited, Craft Distiller, Familia Camarena Tequila, Destileria Tlacolula, Don Julio, Diageo Plc.,, Fidencio Mezcal, and EL Silencio Holdings INC. are leading industry players.