Mining Pipe Industry Analysis in South Asia & Oceania

Study on Mining Pipes in South Asia & Oceania by Steel, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, and High-Density Polyethylene for Underground, Open Surface, Placer, and In-situ Mining from 2023 to 2033

Analysis of Mining Pipe Industry Covering Countries Includes Analysis of India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, and Rest of South Asia

Mining Pipe Sales Outlook for South Asia & Oceania (2023 to 2033)

Mining pipe sales in South Asia & Oceania are calculated at US$ 1.87 billion for 2023 and are projected to rise at a robust 6.4% CAGR over the next ten years. This regional market is thus expected to reach a value of US$ 3.48 billion by the end of 2033.

Rapid urbanization and industrialization in the South Asia & Oceania region are boosting demand for different types of materials that are obtained through mining thereby creating demand for mining and mining equipment in the region. Innovations and advancements in mining technologies are also projected to play a crucial role in augmenting the demand for mining pipes through 2033. Growing focus on sustainability and rising awareness regarding the hazardous effects of mining on the environment are projected to create challenges for mining pipe suppliers in the long run.

  • South Asia & Oceania is set to account for 27.7% of global mining pipe sales by the end of 2033.
Report Attributes Details
Mining Pipe Sales in South Asia & Oceania (2023) US$ 1.87 Billion
Projected Sales (2033F) US$ 3.48 Billion
Demand Growth (2023 to 2033) 6.4% CAGR
Sales in Indonesia (2033F) US$ 508.4 Million
Demand Growth in Rest of South Asia (2023 to 2033) 7.2% CAGR
Process Slurry Application Share (2033F) 20.7%
Sales of 500 to 1,000 mm Mining Pipes (2033F) US$ 2.32 Billion
Key Companies Profiled
  • Jindal Saw Limited
  • Vinidex
  • Advanced Piping Systems
  • Matrix Piping
  • Tata Pipes
  • Welspun Pipes

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High Demand for Which Metal is Acting as a Godsend for Mining Pipe Suppliers?

“Surging Demand for Lithium Creating New Market Opportunities”

Lithium is a key element used in the making of batteries and the surging demand for batteries in South Asia & Oceania is forecasted to favor shipments of mining pipes over the next ten years. Australia is the leading country when it comes to mining lithium and efforts of other countries in South Asia & Oceania to mine lithium are also picking up pace thereby creating lucrative growth scope for mining pipe companies in the future.

  • In October 2023, the government of India approved royalty rates for the mining of materials such as Niobium and lithium. This opened the door for private sector participation in the mining of aforementioned materials in India.

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Country-wise Insights

Australia and India are projected to be the most rewarding markets in South Asia & Oceania for mining pipe suppliers over the next ten years. Mining pipe companies looking to diversify their business in this region should also focus on Indonesia in the future.

Why are More Mining Pipe Manufacturers Looking at India?

“Increasing Investments in Mineral Exploration”

Attribute India
Market Value (2023E) US$ 398.9 Million
Growth Rate (2023 to 2033) 6% CAGR
Projected Value (2033F) US$ 712.5 Million

India is home to prominent reserves of materials such as bauxite, iron ore, manganese ore, etc. Efforts of the Indian government to increase the production of raw materials to support growing industrial activity are projected to create new growth opportunities for mining pipe suppliers over the coming years. Mining companies in the country are investing in the exploration of new reserves to maximize their business, which in turn, is slated to benefit sales of mining pipes through 2033.

Will Australia Maintain its Leading Stance in This Space?

“Efforts to Reduce Dependence on Other Countries for Raw Materials”

Attribute Australia
Market Value (2023E) US$ 550.2 Million
Growth Rate (2023 to 2033) 6.8% CAGR
Projected Value (2033F) US$ 1.05 Billion

Mining has been a prominent industry in Australia for quite a while now and the country is known for exports of materials such as bauxite, alumina, coal, etc. The presence of key mining companies in the country is also forecasted to bolster demand for mining pipes across the study period. The Australian government is trying to reduce its reliance on other countries for certain materials and this is also slated to boost mining activity in the country and subsequently favor mining pipe shipments as well.

  • Australia is the leading miner of lithium in the world but exports nearly all of it to China for processing. Companies in Australia are now looking to process lithium in the country itself and end the monopoly that China has established which could amplify the demand for mining pipe in the future.

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Category-wise Insights

Mining pipe manufacturers in South Asia & Oceania are focusing on supplying high-density polyethylene mining pipes to open surface mining sites to boost their sales potential.

Mining Pipes Made from Which Material are More Popular?

“High-Density Polyethylene Mining Pipes Widely Deployed”

Attribute High-Density Polyethylene
Segment Value (2023E) US$ 1.26 Billion
Growth Rate (2023 to 2033) 7.9% CAGR
Projected Value (2033F) US$ 2.7 Billion

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) mining pipes are flexible, suitable for deployment in rugged terrains, and can withstand extreme weather conditions. The aforementioned factors allow HDPE mining pipes to be used in a plethora of mining applications thereby contributing to a high amount of mining pipe sales revenue in South Asia & Oceania. Long life and no risk of corrosion are also added benefits that are projected to uplift demand for HPDE mining pipes in this region over the coming years.

Where are Mining Pipe Sales Projected to Soar High?

“Open Surface Mining to Spearhead Mining Pipe Usage”

Attribute Open Surface Mining
Segment Value (2023E) US$ 1.70 Billion
Growth Rate (2023 to 2033) 6.6% CAGR
Projected Value (2033F) US$ 3.23 Billion

Open surface mining is preferred by companies owing to its low safety risks, selective mining capabilities, and low shutdown costs. The majority of mining activity in South Asia & Oceania comes from open surface mining and this is why demand for mining pipes is also slated to be high in this type of mining setting going forward.

Analysts’ Opinion

Countries in the South Asia & Oceania region are continually trying to boost their economic growth through industrialization, which has resulted in high demand for different elements and materials that are extracted through mining. Increasing investments in mining operations in this region are also forecasted to favor sales of mining pipes in South Asia & Oceania across the study period and beyond. Mining pipe suppliers should focus on supplying mining pipes to lithium mining companies are demand for lithium is projected to skyrocket over the coming years.

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Segmentation of Mining Pipe Study in South Asia & Oceania

  • By Material :

    • Steel
      • Stainless Steel
      • Carbon Steel
      • Alloy Steel
    • Fiberglass-reinforced Plastic
      • Carbon Fiber-reinforced Plastic
      • Aramid-reinforced Plastic
    • High-Density Polyethylene
  • By Pressure :

    • Below 100 Psi
    • 100 to 200 Psi
    • Above 200 Psi
  • By Pipe Size :

    • Below 100 mm
    • 100 to 500 mm
    • 501 to 1,000 mm
    • Above 1,000 mm
  • By Mining Type :

    • Underground Mining
    • Open Surface Mining
    • Placer Mining
    • In-situ Mining
  • By Application :

    • Dust Suppression
    • Heap Leaching
    • Pit Dewatering
    • Water Transportation
    • Process Slurry
    • Solution Mining
    • Process Water
    • Mine Dewatering
    • Tailings Transportation
    • Others
  • By Country :

    • India
    • Thailand
    • Malaysia
    • Indonesia
    • Australia
    • Rest of South Asia

- FAQs -

How much is mining pipe demand in South Asia & Oceania?

Mining pipe sales in South Asia & Oceania are valued at US$ 1.87 billion in 2023.

What is the mining pipe sales outlook for 2033?

Sales of mining pipes are projected to reach US$ 3.48 billion by the end of 2033.

What is the forecast for mining pipe demand in SAO?

The market in South Asia & Oceania is forecasted to increase at 6.4% CAGR from 2023 to 2033.

How fast will mining pipe demand rise in Australia?

Mining pipe sales in Australia are set to increase at 6.8% CAGR over the next ten years.

Who are the leading manufacturers of mining pipes?

Jindal Saw Limited, Vinidex, Advanced Piping Systems, Matrix Piping, Tata Pipes, and Welspun Pipes are key companies in South Asia & Oceania.

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Mining Pipe Industry Analysis in South Asia & Oceania

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