Patient Positioning Accessories Market

Patient Positioning Accessories Market Study by Couch Tops & Overlays, Otoacoustic Emission, Thermoplastic Masks & Sheets, Markers, Immobilization System, Head Rests, and Others from 2024 to 2034

Analysis of High Power Industrial Burner Market Covering 30+ Countries Including Analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

Patient Positioning Accessories Market Outlook (2024 to 2034)

The patient positioning accessories market is estimated to be valued at US$ 3,356.6 million in 2024. Projections indicate an expansion with a sluggish CAGR of 3.30% through 2034. Anticipated growth is set to propel the market to an impressive size of US$ 4,623.3 million by 2034. Growing emphasis on patient comfort and safety during medical procedures drives the growth of the patient positioning accessories market.

The patient positioning accessories market generated an estimated revenue of US$ 2939.7 million in 2019. In the span of five years, the market grew by 14.18% and added a revenue of US$ 416.9 million.

Report Attributes Details
Estimated Market Value (2024E) US$ 3,356.6 million
Forecasted Market Value (2034F) US$ 4,623.3 million
Global Market Growth Rate (2024 to 2034) 3.30% CAGR
Chairs Segment Growth Rate (2024 to 2034) 2.30%
Hospital Segment Growth Rate (2024 to 2034) 4.90%
North America Market Share (2024) 33.40%
East Asia Market Share (2024) 18.80%
Key Companies Profiled
  • CIVCO Radiotherapy
  • Klarity Medical Products
  • CDR Systems
  • Elekta AB
  • Qfix
  • Bionix
  • Best Medical International Inc.
  • Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG
  • IZI Medical Products
  • CDRMed
  • CIVCO Medical Solutions
  • Medtronic plc
  • MacroMedics
  • Varian Medical Systems
  • Sun Nuclear Corporation
  • Civco RTLS
  • Renishaw plc
  • Heidelberg Engineering
  • Nanobiotix S.A.

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Which Factors Have Driven the Global Surge in Patient Positioning Accessories Demand?

“Advancements in Medical Technology and Rise in Minimally Invasive Procedures Driving the Demand for Patient Positioning Accessories”

The medical technology industry has seen tremendous transitions in the last few years. This has led to the introduction of more precise and sophisticated medical procedures, necessitating specialized patient positioning accessories. The demand for patient positioning accessories is also touching the skies as advancements, such as imaging modalities and robotic-assisted surgeries, require specialized patient positioning accessories to ensure that the targeted area is precisely aligned for optimal outcomes.

Minimally invasive procedures, such as laparoscopic and robotic surgeries, are also gaining a lot of impetus in the medical industry. These procedures need meticulous precision due to the limited physical access to the surgical site. Healthcare professionals increasingly rely on effective patient positioning accessories as they offer faster recovery, reduced post-operative pain, and shorter hospital stays. This has been one of the major reasons for the increased demand for such accessories in the international marketplace.

“Growing Incidence of Chronic Diseases and Global Aging Population Also to Boost Market Growth”

The rising prevalence of chronic diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular conditions, has led to a surge in the demand for intricate treatment plans that involve multiple sessions of radiotherapy, surgery, or a combination of both. This has substantially driven the demand for patient positioning accessories as they play a crucial role in targeting the affected area while minimizing the impact on healthy tissues.

The growing aging population in some of the most densely populated areas is also driving the market growth for patient positioning accessories. Their demand in the medicare industry is attributed to the critical role they play in a broad spectrum of surgeries and treatments to accommodate potential physical limitations, ensure patient comfort, and maintain the accuracy of diagnostic and treatment procedures.

Which Factors Present Challenges to the Expansion of the Patient Positioning Accessories Market?

“Cost Constraints, Limited Awareness and Training, and Limited Accessibility in Developing Regions to Slow down Market Growth”

The market for patient positioning accessories is experiencing a slowdown primarily due to the cost constraints associated with the initial upfront cost of setting up advanced positioning accessories. This deters a substantial amount of small clinics and healthcare facilities in the underdeveloped regions lack the financial resources to make significant investments. Besides this, the shortage of skilled workforce poses an additional challenge to the adoption of advanced patient positioning accessories. Small healthcare facilities find it difficult to invest intense training hours and financial resources into equipping their staff with the necessary skills to operate and maintain advanced patient positioning accessories. Inadequate healthcare infrastructure in developing regions also limits the accessibility of advanced patient positioning accessories. All these factors have hampered the market growth in the past few years.

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Country-wise Insights

The North American patient positioning accessories market is poised for exceptional growth, projecting a modest CAGR of 3.30% through 2034. The surge is primarily attributed to increasing demand for patient positioning accessories in key countries, notably the United States and Mexico. In 2024, the United States dominates the patient positioning accessories industry with an estimated 88.70% market share. Meanwhile, the East Asian patient positioning accessories market is anticipated to exhibit substantial progress, aiming for a 3.80% CAGR in 2024. In this region, China emerges as the key player in the industry, commanding a significant share of 40.50% in 2024.

Why is the United States Leading the Patient Positioning Accessories Market in the North American Region?

“High Healthcare Spending and High Incidence of Chronic Diseases in the Country to Augment Growth”

The North American market stood at US$ 1,121 million in 2024, acquiring a revenue share of 23.50%, and is further projected to expand at a CAGR of 3.30% through 2034. The United States patient positioning accessories industry is estimated to be worth US$ 995 million in 2024. The demand for patient positioning accessories in the United States is projected to rise at a CAGR of 3.60% through 2034.

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention data shows that approximately six in ten Americans live with at least one chronic disease, like heart disease and stroke, cancer, or diabetes. The country's rising prevalence of chronic diseases has driven the demand for various medical procedures, including surgeries and radiotherapy, where precise patient positioning is crucial. Besides this, the U.S. allocates a significant portion of its GDP to healthcare spending. This substantial financial investment allows healthcare facilities to procure into their medical practices.

Why is China Commanding the East Asian Patient Positioning Accessories Market?

“Large Population and Healthcare Demand, and Global Manufacturing Hub to Help Market Expansion”

The Chinese patient positioning accessories industry is estimated to be worth US$ 255 million in 2024, garnering a share of 40.5% in the East Asian region. The sales of patient positioning accessories are likely to record a CAGR of 3.90% through 2034.

China is home to one of the largest populations in the world. This sheer population generates substantial demand for healthcare services in China, aiding investments in modern medical technologies, such as patient positioning accessories. The country is also a global manufacturing hub for medical devices. Healthcare companies in the country utilize this manufacturing capability to meet domestic and international demand for patient positioning accessories.

Category-wise Insights

Based on the product type, the markers system segment is estimated to hold a 7.80% market share in 2024. Simultaneously, the immobilization system segment is anticipated to secure a 7.6% share, contributing significantly to the market's resource diversity and stability. Based on end users, the hospital segment marks its dominance in the patient positioning accessories industry, with a share of 32.8% in 2024.

Why are Hospitals Relying on Patient Positioning Accessories for Surgical Procedures?

“Precision and Accuracy, Minimization of Complications, and Reduction of Surgeon Fatigue”

Patient positioning accessories, such as surgical tables, cushions, headrests, arm and wrist supports, boot pads, etc., find applications in hospitals. These accessories facilitate optimal positioning of patients during medical procedures, contributing to improved outcomes and enhanced patient care in hospitals. Medical professionals also prefer these accessories as they are ergonomically designed, versatile, and tailored to meet the specific needs of different medical procedures.

The demand for patient positioning accessories is also rising in the healthcare sector due to the increasing number of surgical procedures and advancements in medical treatments. Patients, especially the geriatric ones, prefer minimally invasive procedures. These treatments require specialized patient positioning accessories to facilitate the unique challenges.

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Competitive Landscape

The global market for patient positioning accessories is filled with numerous companies that cater to hospitals, specialty clinics, and healthcare professionals. Key players in the patient positioning accessories market include CIVCO Radiotherapy, Klarity Medical Products, CDR Systems, Elekta AB, Qfix, Bionix, ORFIT INDUSTRIES NV, etc. These companies are continuously investing in research and development to create innovative patient positioning accessories. They are also providing comprehensive education and training programs for healthcare professionals on the proper use of patient positioning accessories.

  • On February 11, 2023, Baxter and Intuitive jointly developed the TS7000dV Surgical Table, an integrated table motion (ITM) for the Da Vinci Xi Surgical System. It was available for surgeons' trials at the Device Technologies Asia Training Center in Singapore, marking the first of its kind.
  • Introduced on July 13, 2023, by Technimount, the system featured flexible configurations, efficiently organizing, securely positioning, and conveniently accessing advanced medical devices crucial for neonatal care.

Key Segments Covered in Patient Positioning Accessories Industry Research

  • By Product:

    • Couch Tops & Overlays
      • Couch Top with Moving Rails
      • Couch Tops without Moving Rails
      • Inserts
      • CT Overlays
      • MR Overlays
    • Thermoplastic Masks & Sheets
      • Head Masks
      • Head and Shoulder Masks
      • Breast and Pelvic Sheets
    • Markers
      • Fiducial Markers
      • Vaginal Marker
      • Rectal Marker
    • Immobilization System
    • Head Rest
    • Cushions
    • Spacers & Wedges
    • Arm & Wrist Supports
    • Locating & Indexing Bar
    • Safety drapes
    • Boot pads
    • Surgical Tables
    • Chairs
    • Bite Positioner
  • By Application:

    • Surgeries
    • Diagnostic & Imaging
    • Cancer Therapy
  • By End User:

    • Hospitals
    • Radiation/Proton Therapy Center
    • Cancer Research Institutes
    • Ambulatory Surgical Centers
    • Speciality Clinics
  • By Region:

    • North America
    • Latin America
    • Europe
    • Asia Pacific
    • Middle East & Africa

- FAQs -

What was the value of the patient positioning accessories market in 2019?

The global patient positioning accessories market was worth US$ 2939.7 million in 2019.

What is the sales outlook for patient positioning accessories in 2024?

The sales outlook for patient positioning accessories is likely to be valued at US$ 3,356.6 million in 2024.

What is the demand forecast for patient positioning accessories for the decade?

Demand for patient positioning accessories is estimated to reach a market value of US$ 4,623.3 million by the end of 2034.

What is the adoption growth projection for patient positioning accessories solutions?

The adoption of patient positioning accessories is projected to rise at a CAGR of 3.3% through 2034.

At what rate is the market in North America predicted to grow?

The North American market for patient positioning accessories is forecasted to expand at a CAGR of 3.30% through 2034.

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Patient Positioning Accessories Market

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