Plasma Surgery Market

Plasma Surgery Market Study by Neutral Plasma Surgery Systems, Plasma Ablation Systems, and Cold Plasma Surgical Systems for Ablation, Resection, and Dissection from 2024 to 2034

Analysis of Plasma Surgery Market Covering 30+ Countries Including Analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

Plasma Surgery Market Outlook (2024 to 2034)

A new research study by Fact.MR places the global plasma surgery market at a value of US$ 73.3 million in 2024 and projects it to ascend to US$ 121.4 million by the end of 2034. The market has been forecasted to expand at 5.2% CAGR from 2024 to 2034.

Use of plasma infusion helps create exact and targeted tissue incisions during surgical procedures. The market for plasma surgeries is growing at a steady pace because this approach offers benefits over conventional procedures, such as shorter recovery times and less scarring.

The market is steadily moving in the upward direction because companies involved are taking initiatives to spread awareness and benefits of treatments regarding blood disorders that are becoming prevalent. Plasma surgery is a medical procedure that uses ionized gas, or plasma to make precise incisions and remove tissue without damaging the surrounding area and help in various blood disorders. It has been widely used in various medical areas such as dermatology and ophthalmology.

People suffering from blood disorders are shifting toward plasma surgery from traditional surgical methods as it is minimally invasive and less painful and entails reduced bleeding and shorter recovery time. These factors are working favorably to attract more patients with blood disorders to opt for plasma surgery. The market is projected to continue its steady expansion owing to the introduction of platelet-rich plasma. This technique significantly enhances wound healing and tissue regeneration.

Key Market Growth Drivers

  • Plasma surgeries help treat conditions such as cancer without damaging healthy tissues, making them a favored choice for treating scars.
  • Many individuals encounter skin conditions such as acne, warts, and abnormal skin growths known as skin lesions. Plasma surgery is often their preferred choice for treating skin conditions.
  • Among the techniques of plasma surgery, extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy stands out, utilizing high-energy shockwaves to fragment kidney stones into smaller pieces. Patients afflicted with kidney stones have found effective relief through plasma surgeries, thus contributing to its widespread preference.
  • Plasma surgery also serves as a treatment option for cervical cancer, involving the targeted removal of cancerous cells using a precise beam of ionized gas. This approach eliminates affected tissues, aiding in the management of the condition.
  • Plasma surgery is not limited to a particular age or gender, rendering it suitable for a diverse range of individuals grappling with disorders. This has contributed to the expansion of the plasma surgery market size.
Report Attribute Detail
Plasma Surgery Market Size (2024E) US$ 73.3 Million
Forecasted Market Value (2034F) US$ 121.4 Million
Global Market Growth Rate (2024 to 2034) 5.2% CAGR
North America Market Share (2024E) 43.8%
East Asia Market Value (2024E) US$ 9 Million
Plasma Ablation Systems Segment Value (2034F) US$ 77.3 Million
Dissection Segment Value (2034F) US$ 60.8 Million
Hospitals Segment Value (2034F) US$ 69.1 Million
Key Companies Profiled Johnson & Johnson; Exactech, Inc.; Terumo Medical Corporation; CSL Ltd; DePuy Synthes, Inc.; Biotest Aktiengesellschaft; Zimmer Biomet Holdings, Inc.; Arthex, Inc.; Stryker Corporation; Nuo Therapeutics; AdiStem Ltd.

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Which Plasma Surgery Market Trends are Benefitting Healthcare Product manufacturers?

“Shift toward Minimally Invasive Surgical Technologies and Demand for Shorter Recovery Times”

Growing propensity toward minimally invasive surgical technologies is driving market growth. However, plasma surgeries provide some benefits over normal surgeries such as small incisions with less trauma to surrounding tissues, minimal scarring, and shorter recovery times than traditional surgery. These surgeries also necessitate shorter hospital stays, allowing patients to resume activity faster. As a result, healthcare providers are adopting plasma surgery systems to respond to the increasing need for minimally invasive procedures, resulting in better patient outcomes and a high level of surgical care.

“Adoption of Advanced Technology to Improve Precision and Patient Outcomes”

Ongoing technological advancements are transforming surgical procedures through innovation that improves precision, efficiency, and above all patient safety in surgical outcomes. Low-temperature systems, also referred to as cold plasma systems, are designed in such a way that the susceptible tissue remains unharmed while the plasma plays its role of sterilization and hastening the wound healing process. Control mechanisms are designed in a way that they are used to regulate the amount of energy to be used on selective tissues for effective treatment with minimum to no damage to non-target tissues.

What is Restricting Widespread Adoption of Plasma Surgery?

“High Initial Cost of Equipment and Maintenance Expenditure”

High equipment cost is a factor that is hampering the adoption of plasma surgery systems in healthcare facilities. Since these systems are primarily based on advanced technology and come with unique devices, the initial purchase and subsequent upkeep expenditures are substantial.

Healthcare facilities that have limited funding or are prone to resource shortages face financial problems in buying and maintaining plasma surgical equipment. Because of this, some medical professionals favor less expensive options. High prices of plasma surgery equipment lead to an increase in the cost of surgery, which may not be affordable for all patients.

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Country-wise Insights

North America is estimated to lead with 43.8% of the global plasma surgery market share in 2024. The East Asia market is projected to expand at 5.1% CAGR from 2024 to 2034, and this region is becoming a lucrative market for surgery providers due to the increasing prevalence of orthopedic and neurological diseases, and the rising application of platelet-rich plasma products.

How Lucrative is the Market for Plasma Surgery in the United States?

“Market Benefitting from Robust Healthcare Sector and Use of Advanced Surgical Equipment”

Attribute United States
Market Value (2024E) US$ 28 Million
Growth Rate (2024 to 2034) 5.8% CAGR
Projected Value (2034F) US$ 50 Million

Well-developed healthcare sector in terms of the use of advanced equipment and excellent healthcare service availability in the United States are key reasons for the increasing adoption of plasma surgery. Also, increasing funding from the government and investors for improving surgery systems for more effectiveness is contributing to increasing sales. The United States attracts patients from all over the world due to high-end facilities and the trust of people.

  • In July 2022, the United States Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") approved the use of Apyx Medical Corporation's proprietary helium plasma and radiofrequency technology, Renuvion, for subcutaneous dermatological and aesthetic procedures aimed at improving the appearance of lax skin in the neck and submental region.
  • In August 2020, approved for use in a clinical study for the first time, cold atmospheric plasma technology is now the only method available to eradicate tiny cancer tumors left over after surgery. This approval comes from the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Will Desire for Youthful Appearance Drive Plasma Surgery Market Growth in China?

“Rising Demand for Skin Treatments to Address Skin Rejuvenation and Wrinkle Reduction”

Attribute China
Market Value (2024E) US$ 4 Million
Growth Rate (2024 to 2034) 5.4% CAGR
Projected Value (2034F) US$ 8 Million

Demand for skin treatments is on the rise in China. The efficacy of plasma surgery in treating a range of skin diseases is boosting its adoption in the country. Many individuals seek plasma surgery for skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, scar removal, and skin tightening. The demand for these cosmetic procedures is driven by the desire for a more youthful look and enhanced skin texture in China.

Category-wise Insights

Based on application, the market is segmented into ablation, resection, and dissection. The dissection segment is poised to account for 49.7% of the global market share in 2024 and is forecasted to capture more than half of the market by the end of 2034.

How are Plasma Ablation Systems Advantageous over Conventional Procedures?

“Minimal Invasiveness of Plasma Ablation Ensuring Pain Reduction and Shorter Recovery Time”

Attribute Plasma Ablation Systems
Segment Value (2024E) US$ 46.2 Million
Growth Rate (2024 to 2034) 5.3% CAGR
Projected Value (2034F) US$ 77.3 Million

Plasma ablation systems are in increased demand because they provide several advantages over conventional surgical methods. Plasma ablation is a minimally invasive technique that removes tissue accurately while sparing nearby healthy tissues. This results in less pain, less scarring, and a faster recovery time for patients. In addition, several diseases such as cancer, skin blemishes, and gynecological issues are effectively treated with plasma ablation. Because of this, despite the high equipment costs, healthcare facilities are still adopting plasma surgery due to its wide coverage.

Why are Hospitals Preferred Facilities for Undergoing Plasma Surgery?

“Greater Capacity of Hospitals to Invest in Expensive Equipment”

Attribute Hospitals
Segment Value (2024E) US$ 40.5 Million
Growth Rate (2024 to 2034) 5.5% CAGR
Projected Value (2034F) US$ 69.1 Million

Based on end user, the hospitals segment is set to account for 63% revenue share in 2024. Plasma surgery systems are not budget-friendly for all. Compared to ambulatory surgical centers and specialty clinics, hospitals generally have a higher capacity to invest in advanced equipment. Another reason is patients prefer hospitals for treatment and surgeries. However, specialty clinics are also estimated to create excellent opportunities in the coming years due to the increasing number of cosmetic procedures for treating skin-related problems.

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Competitive Landscape

Key players in the plasma surgery market are focusing on applying several strategies to boost sales and increase awareness of this surgery such as introducing competitive pricing systems with developments in safety features, investing in advanced equipment, collaborating and partnering with other companies, and adopting digital media.

  • In February 2021, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Microneedling Facelifts are now available to patients, according to Atlas Health Medical Group. Additionally, in February 2020, EmCyte successfully acquired Cellmedix Holdings LLC, together with all of the U.S. company's assets, including the exclusive product system known as Centerpid Platelet Concentrator.

Fact.MR provides detailed information about the price points of prominent players in the plasma surgery market positioned across the world, sales growth, production capacity, and speculative technological expansion, in this new market report.

Segmentation of Plasma Surgery Market Research

  • By Product :

    • Neutral Plasma Surgery Systems
    • Plasma Ablation Systems
    • Cold Plasma Surgical Systems
  • By Application :

    • Ablation
    • Resection
    • Dissection
  • By End User :

    • Specialty Clinics
    • Ambulatory Surgical Centers
    • Hospitals
  • By Region :

    • North America
    • Western Europe
    • Eastern Europe
    • Latin America
    • East Asia
    • South Asia & Pacific
    • Middle East & Africa

- FAQs -

How big is the plasma surgery market?

The global market for plasma surgery is estimated at US$ 73.3 million in 2024.

What is the demand projection for plasma surgery for 2034?

Worldwide revenue from plasma surgery is projected to reach US$ 121.4 million by 2034.

At what rate is the global market forecasted to grow?

The plasma surgery market is forecasted to increase at 5.2% CAGR between 2024 and 2034.

How fast is the market projected to expand in Japan?

The market in Japan is projected to expand at 5% CAGR through 2034.

Who are the leading companies involved in plasma surgery?

Leading market players are Johnson & Johnson, Exactech, Inc., Terumo Medical Corporation, CSL Ltd., and DePuy Synthes, Inc.

Which application holds a leading share of the market?

Based on application, the dissection segment is projected to account for 50.1% market share by 2034.

What is the demand projection for plasma ablation systems?

Revenue from plasma ablation systems is projected to reach US$ 77.3 million by 2034.

Which region is forecasted to hold a high percentage of the global market share?

The North American region is forecasted to account for 45.8% of the global market share by 2034.

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