The blurring lines between Silicon Valley and the Motor City have pushed automotive OEMs to rethink their expansion strategies. OEM supplier brands are embracing and cultivating the digital transformation to gain a competitive edge by identifying potential customers, building awareness, and charting ways that trail the sales funnel.

Emerging mobility trends such as hyperloop and autonomous aerial vehicles – upheld majorly by new generation technologies, including Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AR), and the Internet of Things (IoT) – will further dictate the growth of automotive OEMs in the near future. As electrification and lightweight components continue to witness proliferation in the automotive industry, OEMs are leveraging their capabilities of manufacturing lightweight and durable body parts. Impact-resistant and heat-resistant plastics manufacturing is presumed to introduce cost-effective, yet resilient components into the industry.

The zooming focus of automotive OEMs on cost-sensitive manufacturing points to the surging popularity of next-generation technology-enabled vehicles such as Personal Rapid Transit (PRT). OEMs are forging amalgamations with niche players in the industry to further evolve their product differentiation strategies. Actionable insights by the automotive consulting team at Fact.MR facilitate decision making for automotive OEMs and suppliers, extending an expert hand for strategy development.

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