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Advanced Ceramics Market

Advanced Ceramics Market

Advanced Ceramics Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Market Insights 2018 to 2027

Advanced Ceramics Market

Market Remains Fragmented with SMEs on the Forefront

Advanced ceramics market place is fragmented with the stronghold of mid- and small-sized as well as emerging market players. While leading players are engaged in the expansion of advanced ceramics production capacities, they account for a smaller bulk of the advanced ceramics market revenue.

A significant demand for advanced ceramics used in niche applications of electronics, automotive, industrial and metallurgy is met through the supply from small-sized local players. Mid-sized players also cater to the demand generation from critical industries such as medical, aerospace & defense and transportation. Collectively, small-and mid-sized players hold nearly 80-85% of the global market share.

Some notable developments in advanced ceramics market have been listed below.

  • In May 2018, GE Aviation opened a new factory at Alabama with the investments reaching US$ 200 million. The facility is the U.S.’s only unique location that produce ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) component manufacturing to be used in the hottest portions of jet propulsion.
  • GE Aviation also achieved manufacturing of 30 thousand 3D printed fuel nozzle tips in October same year.
  • In October 2018, Roll Royce announced the successful integration of 3D printed components made from CMCs in the Advance3 demonstrator engine to be marketed in 2025.
  • In November 2018, Safran opened a CMC research center in Bordeaux to accelerate the development of the material through world-class and state-of-the-art equipment.

The report provides a comprehensive profiling of other market players. Key players operating in the advanced ceramics market include Kyocera Corporation, Ceramtec GmbH, Coorstek Inc., Morgan Advanced Materials PLC, Mcdanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies LLC, Rauschert Steinbach GmbH, 3M Company, DowDuPont Inc., Elan Technology, General Electric Company, CUMI, Nishimura Advanced Ceramics, and Toto Ltd.

advanced ceramics market competition structure

Electromobility Emerges as a Key Application Area

Leading players in the advanced ceramics market are introducing advanced high-performance ceramic components, specifically for electromobility applications.

E-mobility components such as fuel cell, system for storing, transmitting, generating and distributing energy, temperature control and power electronics components. In the field of electromobility, traditional materials such as metals and plastics have reached their limits, in terms of demand for distinguished characteristics.

Advanced ceramics deliver mechanical strength, unique tribological properties, excellent thermal conductivity and electrical insulation.

Additionally, advanced ceramics are being developed for cooling management solutions, an imperative requirement in power electronics wherein advanced ceramics deliver low thermal resistance and electrical insulation during the function of cooling. Versatility combined with unique characteristics of advanced ceramics provide excellent properties suitable for the electric vehicles.

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High-Performance Engineering Applications Create Demand for Ceramic Matrix Composites

Reinforced with fibers such as silicon carbide, ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) offer end users important properties, such as low density, excellent thermal and chemical resistance, and higher strength.

That, combined with CMCs’ intrinsic property to be tailored as composites, make the material suitable for high-performance engineering applications, especially in aerospace and defense industries.

Advanced ceramics such as ceramic matrix composites have huge potential in 3D printing whether the material is oxide-oxide, C/C or SiC/SiC as it has combination of properties required in the industry space.

The advanced ceramics landscape is witnessing new developments of highly efficient next generation of CMCs that are highly adopted in critical applications such as military, industrial turbines and commercial jet engines.

Opportunities Abound for Advanced Ceramics Manufacturers as Sensors become Integral to ‘IOT Revolution’

As clamor for highly-advanced and sophisticated technologies is on the rise, multiple appliances are being outfitted with different types of sensors for efficient communication and detection.

End-users show continued preferences for efficient sensors that don’t interfere with core purpose of the respective device, while reinvigorating the connectivity and reliability aspects.

In response to the aforementioned, technical ceramics or advanced ceramics is rapidly stepping in and putting metal and polymer variants in the shade. Durability, acute thermal management and electrical insulation drives the large-scale penetration of advanced ceramics in sensor components, offering repeatable and reliable performance amid demanding ecosystems.

advanced ceramics market pricing analysis

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Intensifying Competition between Players to Augur Well for Sales

The competition in advanced ceramics market have been observed to intensify in the recent years. The manufacturers of advanced ceramics are investing in improving their product offering, as well as expanding their production capacities, to cater to the rising demand.

For instance, General Electric acquired the business of Advanced Ceramics Corporation. The 3M Company, acquired the advanced ceramics business of Ceradyne Inc. in 2012. With this acquisition the company further strengthened its position and product offerings in North America.

As the shift towards low carbon economy gains widespread momentum, the market players are eyeing to take a significant slice of piezoelectric ceramics space.

Government and private equity investments in energy-harvesting technologies continue to promote the development of piezoelectric sensors and transducers, alluding to a bright future application scope for advanced ceramics. Additionally, advanced ceramics sales will be driven by their vitality in sensors that seek extensive adoption in smart factories, wherein automation, robotics, IoT, and AI technologies are gaining fast momentum.

Notable Advances in Advanced Ceramics R&D Complementing Adoption

Persistent advances in research and development framework are expanding the application possibilities for advanced ceramics, thereby working in favor of the manufacturers. One such significant advances includes improvements in the fracture toughness, primarily for structural ceramics.

Unlike the conventional ceramics with low strength, the new-age advanced ceramics are making headway with unparalleled strength and robustness.

Several new technologies have been introduced to the fore over the recent years that are aimed at ameliorating efficiency of advanced ceramics, such as fiber reinforcement and incorporation of extra duct binders, influencing year-on-year growth of the global market.

Several research studies point that advanced ceramics have demonstrated exceptional consistency amid severe conditions, including transport, energy and environment, wear-related applications, and electronic applications. However, several other studies also quote that advanced ceramics are yet to gain broader market penetration, which can be enabled by persistent efforts in research and development.

An Adaptive Approach to Modern-day Research Needs

Advanced Ceramics Market – Definition

Advanced ceramics differ from ceramics wherein the materials and processes used in the manufacturing of ceramics have special properties.

These special properties provide advanced ceramics with an advanced strength in the form of resistance to heat, corrosion and wear. Advanced ceramics are designed to overcome limitations of traditional ceramics while retaining the original properties of ceramic material.

Advanced Ceramics Market – About the Report

Fact.MR has recently published a market research analysis on the advanced ceramics market. The advanced ceramics market report tracks the market performance for the historical period of 2013-2017 and forecast period 2018-2027.

The report provides an extensive analysis of advanced ceramics market drivers, challenges, trends and opportunities. Inclusion of associated industry analysis, market attractiveness and regional analysis aids in delivering the most credible forecast of the advanced ceramics market.

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Additional Questions Answered

The report also offers answers to other important queries associated with the advanced ceramics market, such as

  • What will be the advanced ceramics market size in 2019?
  • Which region is most lucrative for advanced ceramics market?
  • What is the application scope of advanced ceramics in aerospace & defense?
  • What is the volume share of alumina ceramics and silicon nitride in advanced ceramics market?

Advanced Ceramics Market – Research Methodology

In the section of research methodology, a robust methodology of research followed during the course of advanced ceramics market study is mentioned in detail. The research methodology used during advanced ceramics market analysis includes primary and secondary research approaches.

The research methodology section also talks about resources used to carry out primary and secondary research approaches. Information of resources enables users to thoroughly fathom the credibility of the market research data provided in advanced ceramics market report.

Advanced Ceramics Market – Segmentation

The advanced ceramics market is thoroughly studied for the demand trends and other forecast factors impacting the market growth. The advanced ceramics market segmented based on application, by ceramic class and ceramic types. Study of individual segments carries exhaustive analysis of all the sub-segments. The advanced ceramics market analysis also includes regional analysis of North America, Latin America, Europe, Japan, APEJ and MEA.

advanced ceramics market taxonomy

Report Description

Fact.MR has recently carried out a study on the advanced ceramics market and published a report titled, “Advanced Ceramics Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2018 – 2027.” The advanced ceramics market report covers all the vital facets of the market research analysis to track the performance of the advanced ceramics market for the historical period 2013-2017 and forecast period 2018-2027. A thorough analysis of the market drivers, restraints and trends are provided to fathom all-inclusive scenario of the advanced ceramics market.

The market analysis includes an exhaustive study of all the market segments. The global advanced ceramics market forecast involves comprehensive regional analysis in key regions. Also, the advanced ceramics market report includes study of associated industry analysis and market attractiveness. Thorough analysis as such provides the most credible forecast of the advanced ceramics market.

To deliver a seamless understanding of the advanced ceramics market, the report is divided into a total of 12 sophisticated chapters that enable readers to easily navigate throughout the advanced ceramics market report.

advanced ceramics market research methodology

Chapter 1 - Global Advanced Ceramics Market - Executive Summary

The advanced ceramics market report begins with the chapter of the executive summary that provides brief yet affluent insights of the advanced ceramics market. The chapter includes executive summary and market statistics. These two sections highlight key data and important information of the advanced ceramics market.

Chapter 2 - Global Advanced Ceramic Market – Global Economic Outlook

This chapter includes information on the global economic outlook that hold a significant impact on the advanced ceramics market growth. The chapter includes information such as macro-economic indicators assessment and associated industry analysis and outlook of semiconductor, automotive and aerospace industries.

Chapter 3 - Global Advanced Ceramics Market Overview

This chapter of the advanced ceramics market report provides the market overview which includes advanced ceramics market introduction, market dynamics, manufacturing process & supply chain, pricing analysis, raw material strategy and market size forecast in terms of value and volume.

Chapter 4 - Global Advanced Ceramics Market Analysis and Forecast 2013-2027

This chapter discusses the advanced ceramics market segmentation. The chapter includes a thorough analysis of advanced ceramics market which is segmented based on type, application and class.

Based on application, advanced ceramics market is segmented into electronics & power, transportation, chemical, industrial & metallurgy, medical, aerospace & defense and others.

Based on type, the advanced ceramics market is segmented into alumina, titanate, zirconate, cordierite, silicon carbide, boron carbide, ferrite, silicon nitride and others. Based on class, the advanced ceramics market is segmented into monolithic ceramics, ceramic coatings and ceramic matrix composites.

Chapter 5 - North America Advanced Ceramics Market Size and Forecast, 2013-2027

This chapter talks about the advanced ceramics market performance in the North America region. The regional analysis covers advanced ceramics market analysis for all segments and country-wise analysis. The North America advanced ceramics market analysis is carried out for historical period as well as forecast period.

Chapter 6 - Latin America Advanced Ceramics Market Size and Forecast, 2013-2027

The chapter discusses the growth of the advanced ceramics market in the Latin America region. The regional analysis covers information such as market regional drivers and trends, country-wise analysis and study of all the market segments. Latin America advanced ceramics market performance is carried out for historical period 2013-2017 and forecast period 2018-2027.

Chapter 7 - Europe Advanced Ceramics Market Size and Forecast, 2013-2027

Europe advanced ceramics market performance is provided in this chapter wherein readers can get information related to in-depth country-wise analysis, segment-wise analysis and assessment of regional drivers and trends. Europe advanced ceramics market analysis is carried out for historical and forecast period.

Chapter 8 - Japan Advanced Ceramics Market Size and Forecast, 2013-2027

This chapter provides advanced ceramics market performance in Japan. The analysis in Japan covers information on trends, drivers, challenges and opportunities prevailing in the country. Advanced ceramics market size and forecast analysis are carried out for historical as well as the forecast period.

Chapter 9 - APEJ Advanced Ceramics Market Size and Forecast, 2013-2027

APEJ advanced ceramics market analysis can be found in this chapter. The Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) advanced ceramics market analysis includes a thorough study of the advanced ceramics market in key countries and market size of all segments. In addition, the advanced ceramics market study in the Asia Pacific excluding Japan region is carried out for not only forecast period but also historical period.

Chapter 10 - MEA Advanced Ceramics Market Size and Forecast, 2013-2027

This chapter provides information regarding the performance of the advanced ceramics market in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. The regional analysis of the advanced ceramics market covers information on country-wise market assessment and detailed study of all the advanced ceramics market segments.

Chapter 11 - Competitive Landscape

This chapter of the advanced ceramics market report provides information about the competitive landscape of the advanced ceramics market. In this chapter, advanced ceramics market structure and competitive positioning in the advanced ceramics market.

The competitive landscape also provides a list of all key players present in the global advanced ceramics marketplace.

Chapter 12 – Company Profiles

In the chapter of company profile included in the advanced ceramics market report, readers can find a comprehensive list of key players operating in the advanced ceramics market.

Vital information such as company revenue share analysis, relative positioning, product offerings and notable developments can also be found in this chapter.

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