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Disposable Cutlery Market Insights

Disposable Cutlery Market Insights

Disposable Cutlery Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Review 2018 to 2028

Disposable Cutlery Market Insights
  • Mar-2022
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Market Overview

Disposable cutlery includes disposable or single-use products usually offered in fast-food restaurants, airlines, catering services, outdoor events, take-away restaurants, etc.

In recent times, biodegradable material-based disposable cutlery has become easily available in disposable cutlery market and is gaining much traction, owing to its myriad benefits.

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Manufacturers Innovate Novel Product Lines & Expand Facilities

Disposable cutlery market remains highly competitive with a number of players competing for market share. To capitalize on the growing demand for eco-friendly disposable cutlery and other products, manufacturers in disposable cutlery market are expanding their manufacturing facilities, while acquiring local counterparts to gain a competitive edge.

Further, many companies are inducing innovation in their environment-friendly disposable cutlery manufacturing processes to cater to the evolving end-user preferences.

The continuous tussle to offer economical eco-friendly disposable cutlery is enabling manufacturers in disposable cutlery market to leverage technology to attract consumers seeking greener products.

Also, disposable cutlery manufacturers are diversifying business capabilities to gain a better foothold in disposable cutlery market, while they focus on recycling products to manufacture disposable cutlery to increase profit margins.

The brimming potential opportunities in green products are prompting manufactures to add a pinch of uniqueness in their offerings to extend customer outreach. Some of the notable developments in disposable cutlery market include:

  • Biopac UK Ltd, a leading developer and supplier of eco-friendly, plastic free catering disposables, has introduced a novel line of disposable cutlery composed of renewable cornstarch, which can be seamlessly disposed of through industrial composting.
  • The world's largest manufacturer of foam cups and containers, Dart Container Corporation, has started a novel line of ‘Cheeky’ products, which deals in colored disposable cutlery, paper bowls and plates, and cup will lid
  • Another leading players in disposable cutlery market - Anchor Packaging Inc. - has introduced a new reusable and recyclable product line specifically dedicated to disposable cutlery, ‘Culinary Classics’, which offers a range of redesigned products available with hinged lid.

Some of the leading players mentioned in the Fact.MR report on global disposable cutlery market include – Dixie Consumer Products, Taizhou Fuling Plastics, Huhtamäki Oyj, Natural Tableware, Lollicup (USA), Pactiv LLC, Dart Container Corporation, Eco-Products, Biopac UK Ltd, Fast Plast A/S, Novolex Holdings, Inc., DOpla S.p.A., Genpak, LLC, Hosti International, Duni, D&W Fine Pack LLC, Gold Plast SpA, FLO sPa, Reynolds Consumer Products (Hefty), Georgia-Pacific LLC, Hotpack Group, Anchor Packaging Inc., Vegware Ltd, Snapcups, and DOpla.

End-User Preference for Lightweight Green Alternatives Growing

The evolving end-user preference for lightweight and eco-friendly disposable commodities is prompting disposable cutlery manufacturers in disposable cutlery market to innovate their operations and expand their existing facilities to lure in extensive on-the-move food consumers.

They are specifically focusing on Earth advocates, who are always in the pursuit of green products. Additionally, the functional attributes of disposable cutlery, including easy storage, light weight, user-convenience, low costs, food hygiene, and takeaway features, continue to create opportunities for disposable cutlery manufacturers, thereby bringing traction to the disposable cutlery market.

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Wood-Based Disposable Cutlery Takes Center Stage

In recent time, disposable cutlery market has witnessed a shift in demand for biodegradable disposable cutlery composed of wood, owing to stringent regulations and laws prohibiting use of plastic-based disposable cutlery.

In compliance with constant regulations, several fast-food operators and other snack chains have started serving food in eco-friendly, green disposable cutlery composed of wood, which in turn is creating opportunities for wood-based disposable cutlery manufacturers to tap.

For instance, snacking giants McDonald's, KFC, and several other fast food chains have shunned plastic straws and disposable cutlery from their facilities across several countries, such as France, India, and Singapore, etc. in 2018.

These snack chains have replaced plastic disposable straws and cutlery with paper straws and wood-based disposable cutlery, as a part of their initiative to promote go–green practices.

Adoption of Plant-Based Raw Materials Becomes Mainstream

The growing use of plastic every day is creating a lot of plastic waste, due to which regulatory authorities in various countries have imposed bans on plastic use.

To comply with the stringent plastic rules in tandem with the urge to curb this menace, several foodservice packaging manufacturers have transitioned to plant-based raw materials for manufacturing disposable packaging materials, such as disposable cutlery, trays, plates, and bowls, to name a few.

To capitalize on this emerging trend, key players in disposable cutlery market are expanding in bio-based foodservice manufacturing capabilities. Several manufacturers in disposable cutlery market have made gains in recent times by creating edible disposable cutlery composed of corn, wheat bran, sorghum, and rice, while reducing CO2 emissions considerably.

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Widespread Applications in Social Gatherings & Outdoor Events Steering Sales

The rapidly increasing outdoor social gatherings and occasions are creating massive demand for disposable cutlery, propelling manufacturers in disposable cutlery market to create cutlery specially designed for social settings.

Outdoor social events and occasions, including community gatherings, weddings, club meetings, etc. create substantial demand for food served in disposable cutlery.

Further, the burgeoning camping trend, which is specifically followed by millennial, is creating lucrative growth opportunities in disposable cutlery market, while allowing manufacturers in disposable cutlery market to expand their foothold.

Segmentation- Disposable Cutlery Market

The global disposable cutlery market has been classified into various segments based on the fabrication process, product type, end-use, geographically, and sales channel, to evaluate the global disposable cutlery market based on varied factors impacting disposable cutlery market.

The segments mentioned for the global disposable cutlery market have been considered by Basis Point Share to understand the relative offerings of every segment.

This exhaustive information is essential for identifying main trends in disposable cutlery market. The report has analyzed the significant segments in terms of absolute dollar opportunity.

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Restaurant Industry Drives Most Demand For Global Market
North America is expected to Drive Most Disposable Cutlery Market Demand

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