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Coffee Pods Market

Coffee Pods Market

Coffee Pods Market Trends like Cannabis-infused Coffee Pods and Gourmet Coffee Pods to Spur the Global Market

Coffee Pods Market
  • Sep-2019
  • List of Tables : 144
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  • Food & Beverage

Sustainable Coffee Pods to Augment Market Growth

Over the past two years, coffee consumption has dramatically increased. The same growth has also been observed in the demand for gourmet coffee. The availability of choices from multiple brands and high quality beans has been driving the growth of the coffee market.

Unlike the growth of the overall coffee market, the coffee pods market has not seen a major change. Consumer preference for coffee pods has been tarnished due to the high environmental footprint of used coffee pods.

Concerns involving coffee pods has also been expressed by regulatory bodies and manufacturers. To alleviate the factors leading to a loss in the market, manufacturers have embraced the usage of compostable coffee pods.

Key players in the market are the forerunners for the movement. The adoption of sustainable coffee pods by manufacturers is likely to boost the future prospects of the coffee pods landscape, and help alter consumer perception regarding coffee pods.

Cannabis-infused Coffee Pods to Help in Sustained Growth

With the legalization of cannabis usage in some countries, the global food and beverage industry has seen multiple new innovations. One of the recent innovations in the coffee industry is the introduction of cannabis-infused coffee pods.

These cannabis-infused pods are reported to have the same effects when brewed at home, just like café-brewed cannabis coffee. Brew at home cannabis coffee pods has become popular due to the stigma involved with the public consumption of cannabis coffee.

The legalization of cannabis in the global market can help the growth of the cannabis-infused coffee pods, and, in turn, help sustain the growth of the coffee pods market.

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Fluctuations in Coffee Production to Favor Cannabis Coffee Pods Sales

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), coffee production across the globe, which was estimated at ~169 million, 60 kilograms bags in the year 2018-19, is likely to decrease slightly in 2019-2020, primarily due to Brazil’s Arabica trees entering the off-year of the biennial production cycle. The market for coffee beans is likely to sustain moderate growth in the global market for the year 2019.

But as per the trend previously seen in the coffee market, the coffee market is expected to show a bullish rebound trend after the drop in 2019. The deficit in the demand and supply of traditional coffee is likely to complement the growth of new cannabis-infused coffee and beverages, which will, in turn, benefit the growing trend of cannabis-infused coffee pods.

Gourmet Coffee Pods to Attract the Attention of Coffee Connoisseurs

With specialty coffee becoming an affordable luxury, particularly for avid coffee aficionados, leading players in the coffee pods market are introducing products with exclusive flavors and unique origins. International coffee chains are willing to deliver innovative flavors to attract coffee lovers, and enhance their coffee sales, which is instigating a new trend in the coffee pods market.

Efforts in the value chain for coffee pods production to enhance the potential of gourmet coffee is likely to work in favor of the market.

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Global Coffee Alliance to Change Status Quo of the Market

The coffee pods market has been a partially fragmented market for the past few years. But the possibility of growing consolidation of the coffee pods market has increased in the past year. On Aug 28, 2018, the Global Coffee Alliance was formed between Nestlé S.A. and Starbucks brands in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Foodservice.

Nestlé S.A. gained the rights to market, sell, and distribute Starbucks packaged coffee and tea in all at home and away from home channels. The alliance has amplified the growth of Nestlé S.A. and Starbucks alike.

Nestlé S.A. noted a record increase in the stock price of 2.9%. The popularity of Starbucks BY NESPRESSO for coffee at home has been boosted since this partnership. The partnership of the companies has changed their standing in the overall coffee pods market.

One of the reasons to complement this situation is the decline of the Kraft Heinz Company. Kraft Heinz has reported a decline in its sales, as it is struggling to keep up with consumer trends. The position of the company in the coffee pods market has also declined.

Dunkin’ Donuts K-Cup coffee pods have been attracting attention from the public. K-Cup coffee pods is a collaboration between J. M. Smucker Company and Dunkin’ Donuts. As announced by J. M. Smucker Company in November 2018, K-Cup coffee pods was recognized as one of the 25 products to receive the Nielsen Breakthrough Award.

This Nielsen Breakthrough Award is awarded to products based on endurance, sales, and product distinction. Working on the lines of sustainability, illycaffè launched the new line of illy-brand aluminium capsules for coffee pods in February 2019.

Similar work for sustainability was carried out by Nespresso, an operating unit of the Nestlé Group. Nespresso has partnered with a Swedish company, Velosophy, to produce a bike made from used aluminium capsules, in an effort to motivate customers to recycle coffee pods.


Segmentation based on the most attractive sites of the coffee pods market has been provided in the form of a segmentation table in the report.

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • The Middle East and Africa
Product Type
  • Soft Pods
  • Hard Pods
Caffeine Content
  • Regular
  • Decaffeinated
Roast Type
  • Dark
  • Medium
  • Light
  • Regular
  • Flavoured
Distribution Channel
  • Business to Business
  • Hypermarkets/Supermarkets
  • Speciality Stores
  • Food & Drink Specialty
  • Independent Retail
  • e-Commerce

Coffee Pods Market to Register ~2% Growth During Forecast Period

The coffee pods market is envisioned to observe a growth of ~2% during the forecast period of 2019 to 2029, according to a Fact.MR study. The study propounds the key trends that are currently shaping the growth of the coffee pods market.

This newly published and insightful report throws light on the key dynamics that are expected to transform the future of the coffee pods market, in turn, creating flourishing avenues for prominent companies as well as emerging players associated with the manufacturing of coffee pods.

The coffee pods market study is a sinuous market intelligence on key revenue growth drivers, challenges, industry trends, and opportunities, which will eventually influence the growth trajectory of the coffee pods market.

The report initially imparts an overview of the coffee pods market, considering current and future prospects, to unveil attractive facets appertaining to the adoption of coffee pods across key regional markets.

An in-depth assessment on a few of the coffee pod manufacturers offered in the report enables readers to gain detailed insights that are derived from coffee pod manufacturers across regional markets incorporated in the report.

A list of key companies operating in the coffee pods market provided in the report adds to the credibility of this exhaustive research study.

Coffee Pods Market: Report Summary and Scope

The study offers detailed intelligence on different factors influencing demand, sales, and revenue generation in the coffee pods markets around the world. The opportunity analysis included in the report is beneficial for readers to better understand opportunities in the food and beverage industry, which will in turn trigger the adoption of coffee pods.

An elaborated cost structure analysis provides the report with an innate completeness, and analysis offered on the cost structure involves all the regional markets incorporated.

A detailed forecast on the coffee pods market has also been offered by the analysts, who have categorized the market forecasts in terms of a likely scenario, conservative scenario, and an optimistic scenario, regarding the production and sales of coffee pods during the period of forecast.

The study also exerts details on the aspects impacting the pricing strategies of the manufacturers of coffee pods.

Coffee Pods Market: Analysis on Market Size Evaluation

Current and future prospects of the coffee pods market, containing current as well as future projected values and volumes forecast and analysis on region-wise demand trends have been incorporated in the report.

Assessment offered on the aforementioned factors is comprehensive, and dedicated weighted chapters have been delivered on the same.

Market value and volume at global and regional scales for coffee pods is offered in terms of (US$ Mn) and (Th Units). A Y-o-Y growth comparison on key coffee pods market segments, along with market attractiveness assessment, quantifies the insights delivered in the report.

The aforementioned metrics are also tracked based on coffee pod product, caffeine content, roast, flavour, distribution channel, and region, where coffee pods witnesses consistent demand.

Coffee Pods Market: Scrutinized Assessment on Regional Segments

Weighted chapters have been included in the report on the coffee pods market, which impart forecasts on regional markets. These chapters illuminate the regional macros (business, economic, and political environment outlook), which are most likely expected to have a significant impact on the growth of the coffee pods market in the near future.

Country-specific assessment on the demand for coffee pods has been provided for each regional market, along with market size valuation and forecast, and impact analysis of key regional and country-wise dynamics. Y-o-Y growth projections have also been offered on all regional markets incorporated in the report.

Coffee Pods Market: In-depth Analysis on Competitive Landscape

The report concludes with a weighted chapter on the competition landscape of the coffee pods market, which profiles key companies contributing to market expansion. Up-to-date and important data as well as knowledge related to market players who predominantly engage in the production and distribution of coffee pods has been delivered with the help of a dashboard view.

Market share comparison and analysis on these market players offered in the report enables report readers to devise strategic steps forward for their businesses.

Company profiles are also incorporated in the report, which exert details such as manufacturing of coffee pods, along with a comprehensive product offering by each player identified.

The intensity mapping of the market players operating in the coffee pods market provides readers with actionable intelligence, which helps in understanding current market status and prospects determining competition levels in the coffee pods market.

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