Nipah Virus Testing Market

Nipah Virus Testing Market Size, Share, Report Analysis, By Product Type (ELISA Kits, RT PCR based kits), By End Users (Hospitals, Diagnostic centers, Research Labs, Others), By Region- Global Market Insights 2022 to 2032

Analysis of Nipah Virus Testing market covering 30 + countries including analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

Nipah Virus Testing Market Outlook (2022-2032)

The global Nipah Virus Testing market at present is valued at USD 1975.80 Million in the year 2022. The Nipah Virus Testing market is anticipated to grow with a CAGR of 5.5% in the forecast period. The market is further expected to surpass a valuation of USD 3374.95 Million by end of 2032.

The rising incidences of the spread of the Nipah virus and increasing awareness are propelling demand for the Nipah virus testing market. The Nipah virus testing market has showcased a splurge owing to the increasing incidences of the disease, where new Nipah virus testing kits are produced by manufacturers. The growing need for tackling this global dilemma has projected growth in the commercialization of Nipah virus testing kits.

Report Attributes


Market size (2022 A)

USD 1975.80 Million

Base Year for Estimation


Forecast duration for this research


Forecasted Market value (2032 F)

USD 3374.95 Million

Global Market Growth rate (2022-2032 E)

CAGR of 5.5%

Key Companies Profiled

  • MyBioSource
  • Liferiver
  • Krishgen Biosystems

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What are key developments in the Nipah Virus Testing Market?

Nipah Virus Testing kits are manufactured keeping in mind, the sudden outbreaks of the disease, along with the need to make them available promptly in regions where the disease was seen spreading for early diagnosis of Nipah virus. Nipah virus testing kits are extremely significant when it comes to the outbreak of the disease.

With more research and development put into the diagnosis of the Nipah virus, the world could control the widespread of the disease with advanced and improved Nipah virus testing kits. These enhancements could introduce major changes in the Nipah Virus Testing Market worldwide.

The Nipah virus belongs to the Paramyxoviridae. It was initially isolated in 1999 in Malaysia and Singapore, during an outbreak of encephalitis and respiratory illness in pigs and people closely associated with them. Flying foxes are the reservoir for these viruses and it spreads through direct contact with infected bats, pigs, and people.

When pigs are infected with the Nipah virus they represent relatively mild symptoms when compared to humans. The incubation time in humans is 5-14 days followed by fever and headache for 3-14 days, further followed by drowsiness, disorientation, and mental confusion.

In 1999 when the Nipah virus outbreak was recorded in Malaysia, it was initially thought that the mosquitoes were the carriers, further studies later proved the source to be pigs. The government then ordered the biggest animal culling in history that nearly killed the pig meat industry.

The drastic step finally brought the infection under control and resulted in the need for a detection method for both animals and humans. The south Indian state Kerala was recently declared on high alert when at least 17 cases were noted to have died due to Nipah virus infection.

Nipah virus can be tested in the lab through various techniques that include virus isolation, serological detection of antibodies, and RT PCR. The virus isolation method is a very slow and non-sensitive method while the serological detection of antibodies can’t detect the presence in early stages.

The Nipah virus testing product offered by MyBioSource is an RT PCR kit that is available only for research purposes. Life river also offers a CE-marked RT PCR kit for the detection of the Nipah Virus.

Segment wise analysis

ELISA kits dominated the share in 2022 owing to a large demand for tests of antigens. These kits allow the quantitative measurements for soluble antigens found in the serum of human or body fluids. The distinct categories are ELISA involves Hormone Assays in saliva and infectious disease kits. The professional labs also supply ELISA kits from vendors.

The RT PCR-based Nipah Virus Testing kit is set to gain the fastest CAGR in the forecast period owing to its effectiveness. The kit contains a ready-to-use the system for identification of the Nipah virus. Fluorescence is measured at real-time optical during the PCR.

On the basis of end users, this market is dominated by hospitals and Diagnosis centers. The hospitals see a large demand for Nipah virus testing owing to the availability of government funds that give financial relief to patients undergoing surgery. Alongside these hospitals are anticipated to experience a rise in patients due to increasing injuries in the forecast duration. There are wide single and multiple Nipah virus testing.

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Regional Insights

The global Nipah virus testing market is segmented by product type, end users, and geography. Based on the product type, the global Nipah virus testing market is segmented into ELISA Kits and RT PCR Kits. The RT PCR-based kits are expected to dominate the Nipah virus testing market since the results are more reliable.

On the basis of regional presence, the global Nipah virus testing market is segmented into five key regions viz. North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. Australia, India, and Malaysia are some of the regions that have reported the outbreak of Nipah virus infections while Asia-Pacific and some regions in Africa are the most at risk of an outbreak, making these regions lucrative markets for the Nipah virus testing in the future.

Recent Development

The Nipah virus testing product offered by Krishgen Biosystems is an ELISA-based kit that is the first available commercial kit for Nipah virus testing in humans. ELISA is a well-established, sensitive testing method that yields result faster that the RT PCR method. The company ensures the requirements in the Middle East and India (Kerala) are met. Krishgen and its Nipah testing product were positioned uniquely to cater its product to researchers and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

The sudden outbreaks of Nipah virus infection have led to the development of the Nipah virus testing market. Government funding, WHO support, and growing research and development in the field of Nipah virus testing and treatment are driving the growth of the market. However, lack of awareness is one of the largest restraining factors.

The global market for Nipah Virus Testing is segmented on basis of product type, end users, and geography:

  • By Product Type :

    • ELISA Kits
    • RT PCR-based kits
  • By End Users :

    • Hospitals
    • Diagnostic centers
    • Research Labs
    • Others
  • By Region:

    • North America
    • Latin America
    • Europe
    • East Asia
    • South Asia & Oceania
    • MEA

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The market is further expected to surpass a valuation of USD 3374.95 Million by end of 2032.

The Nipah Virus Testing market is anticipated to grow with a CAGR of 5.5% in the forecast period.

The global Nipah Virus Testing market at present is valued at USD 1975.80 Million in the year 2022.

The key market players operating in Nipah Virus Testing – • MyBioSource, • Liferiver • Krishgen Biosystems

Hospital and diagnosis centers are reigning in the Nipah virus testing market.

Nipah Virus Testing Market

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