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Pole Vault Equipment Market

Pole Vault Equipment Market

Pole Vault Equipment Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Market insights 2018 to 2028

Pole Vault Equipment Market
  • Jun-2018
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Inclusion of pole vaulting in various tournaments, Olympics and Commonwealth Games has demanded use of quality pole vault equipment, which continues to drive the sale of pole vault equipment, in turn pushing the growth of the pole vault equipment market.

In addition, with stringent regulations laid by pole vault associations apropos of appropriate specifications of various pole vault equipment such as vaulting pole material hardness and strength, vault box, and other landing equipment including platform length, landing accessories and vault pit, with a view to increase the safety quotient has presented potential opportunities for manufacturers of pole vault equipment to provide effective products.

This factor is expected to further support the growth of the pole vault equipment market in the forthcoming years.

Fact.MR has recently drafted a new research report on pole vault equipment market that covers statistics reflecting growth projections with respect to demand of pole vault equipment across key regional markets.

According to this study, the pole vault equipment market is projected to expand at a steady rate throughout the period of forecast, 2018-2028.

The volume sales of pole vault equipment continues to remain concentrated in the developed regions of North America and Europe.

Albeit gaining high popularity in developed regions, pole vaulting a game has witnessed low acceptance in other regions in the world, which has indirectly impacted the demand for pole vault equipment and its market.

pole vault equipment market

Pole Vault Equipment Market: Stringent Regulations to Signify Safety

International associations such as the International Association of Athletes Federations (IAAF), USATF (USA Track and Field), National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) have laid stringent regulations regarding field and track specifications for pole vaulting along with specifications associated with size, height, material and stiffness quotient that manufacturers are meant to comply with, with a view to provide equipment safety guarantee to athletes while practice.

In addition, IAAF (International Association of Athletes Federations) has recommended that the vault box construction should be carried out using metal, wood or any other rigid material.

Furthermore, National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has recommended padding of any unyielding surfaces or hard surfaces around the landing pit or between landing system and planting box.

These mandates by national authorities, signifying safety, are also expected to enhance the experience of athletes, in turn supporting the growth of the pole vault equipment demand and sales, consequently pushing the expansion of pole vault equipment market during the period of forecast.

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Pole Vault Equipment Market: Inflatable Pole Vault Pit – A Novelty

Private clubs, colleges and schools are key end users of pole vault equipment, including pole vault pits.

Manufacturers of pole vault equipment are striving to cater to growing demands of these end users by enhancing their production capacities and developing enhanced pole vault equipment.

Besides developments in material of pole vault equipment, manufacturers have come up with inflatable pole vault pits that facilitate uniqueness in landing system. The inflatable pole vault pits resolve the issue of using traditional foam.

Moreover, they also provide vaulters with flexible landing system as well as enhance their results. In addition, inflatable pole vault pit can be stored in any metal container in any weather.

This feature of performance enhancement coupled with safety is likely to raise the demand for inflatable pole vault pits, in turn pushing the growth of the pole vault equipment market in the years to follow.

Pole Vault Equipment Market: Catastrophic Injuries to Confine Growth

Pole vault equipment market is largely impacted with the injuries associated with the sport, with the decreasing participation in pole vaulting.

It is considered as the third most difficult sport across the globe with the risk of injuries increasing with increase in height.

With height with 20 feet or over, vaulters are exposed to increased risk of physical damage such as ligament tear and bone damage.

Specifically occurring during training sessions, such damages have induced a sense of reluctance among athletes to pursue the sport, in turn negatively impacting the demand for pole vault equipment.

Moreover, in some cases injuries occur due to cracking of poles leading to severe physical damages.

The physically demanding and highly challenging nature of pole vault sport is expected to impede the growth of the pole vault equipment market during the assessment period.

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Pole Vault Equipment Market: Fewer Developments Limiting Scope of the Sport

Since the past few years, there have been fewer advancements in pole vault equipment including pole material. The pole material shifted from bamboo material to aluminum and ultimately to fiberglass material.

Albeit manufacturers of pole vault equipment introducing novel introductions such as inflatable pits, further innovations in material design have not yet been researched upon, limiting the development scope.

That said, the pole vault equipment market is expected to grow at a meek pace during the period of assessment.

Pole Vault Equipment Market: Detailed Segmentation

The research report on the market for pole vault equipment includes a vast market segmentation that covers every angle of the market that provides higher clarity to the reader.

The segments of the pole vault equipment market are analyzed across all major geographies across the globe that portrays a holistic view of the entire market.

Below table reflects market nomenclature for pole vault equipment with major segments and sub-segments.

By Product Type

  • Vaulting Pole
  • Vault Box
  • Landing Equipment
  • Cross Bars
  • Height Gauge
  • Pole Vault Uprights
  • Accessories

By Sales Channel

  • Sports Variety Stores
  • Direct to Customer Channel
  • Third Party Online Channel
  • Other Channels

By Buyer Type

  • Individual
  • Promotional
  • Institutional

By Region

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Rest of the World

Pole Vault Equipment Market Scope Of The Report

The pole vault equipment market is projected to record a steady growth pace during the period of assessment, 2018-2028, according to a recent report by Fact.MR.

A comprehensive analysis carried on the pole vault equipment market provides actionable intelligence with a 360 degree overview of the entire market.

The insights on the market for pole vault equipment revolve around the entire supply chain scenario of pole vault equipment.

It covers pricing scenario, supply and demand scenario and value chain assessment for pole vault equipment across important geographies in the world.

The report on pole vault equipment market can support the reader in making vital decisions apropos of initiating a global footprint by identifying key revenue pockets in the globe, which can significantly influence the sales of pole vault equipment in the coming years.

Pole Vault Equipment Market: High Level Assessment on Changing Market Dynamics

The research report on pole vault equipment market includes analysis on various market dynamics that keep changing from region to region based on the respective macroeconomics of the particular region.

Various trends shaping the growth of the pole vault equipment market, various drivers pushing it, key developments and innovations influencing demand of pole vault equipment as well as major challenges hindering the growth of the pole vault equipment market have been included in this report.

Pole Vault Equipment Market: Clear Picture of Overall Scenario of Pole Vault Equipment

The report on pole vault equipment market involves an in-depth sectional scrutiny that portrays forecast analysis on several regional markets for pole vault equipment.

Volume forecasts, price point analysis, and overall market valuation along with price indices impact assessment of several aspects influencing the growth of pole vault equipment market with a country level intelligence apropos of demand for pole vault equipment have been traced and presented in pole vault equipment market research report.

Also, a year on year value assessment of pole vault equipment market pertaining to product type, sales channel and buyer type has been covered in the report.

Market attractiveness index of each segment and sub segment of pole vault equipment across vital regions and respective countries has been encapsulated in this intelligence report.

Pole Vault Equipment Market: Competitive Assessment

Fact.MR’s report reflecting various aspects for the market of pole vault equipment features a vital chapter covering analysis of key companies operating in the pole vault equipment market.

The dashboard view of the global competitive landscape in pole vault equipment market covers vital intelligence on various tier one, tier two and tier three players involved in manufacturing and distribution of pole vault equipment across various regions and sub regions.

Revenue generation and market share analysis of key companies along with their detailed portfolio, developments and innovations, new strategies and other financials supports the reader in formulating growth strategies in order to have an edge over the competition in the coming years.

The chapter on competitive landscape offers a complete intelligence package to readers to make informed decisions and impactful plans and future moves.

Pole Vault Equipment Market: Research Methodology

A strong research methodology has been adopted by analysts at Fact.MR for compiling key industry insights including various trends, developments, and macro dynamics, which has resulted in an authentic and a precise market intelligence research report.

Intrinsic combination of secondary and primary research tools – the two main arms of this comprehensive and exquisite research process – have been deployed to gain huge deep dive into the pole vault equipment market, taking the accuracy of the data gathered to the maximum possible level.

All statistics including historical, present and future projections of pole vault equipment market have been estimated, analyzed and scrutinized using this one-of-the-kind research process.

The initial phase of this research process includes intensive secondary research and data mining using paid sources, which forms the base of the research.

Based on the secondary foundation, extensive primary research has been carried out to glean several insights pertaining to the high overview of the pole vault equipment market.

In each primary interview, the data point gleaned in the previous conversation is valuated to gain higher percentage of accuracy.

This continues till the conclusion of the research, consecutively improving the accuracy of each data point associated with demand and supply of pole vault equipment. Primary interviews are conducted with market observers, prominent players and industry experts.

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Yes, the report on the radiation proctitis treatment industry has been compiled by expert analysts of Fact.MR, through a combination of primary and secondary research. To know more about how the research was conducted, you can speak to a research analyst.

What research methodology is followed by Fact.MR?

Fact.MR follows a methodology that encompasses the demand-side assessment of the market, and triangulates the same through a supply-side analysis. This methodology is based on the use of standard market structure, methods, and definitions.

What are the sources of secondary research?

Fact.MR conducts extensive secondary research through proprietary databases, paid databases, and information available in the public domain. We refer to industry associations, company press releases, annual reports, investor presentations, and research papers. More information about desk research is available upon request.

Who are the respondents for primary research?

Fact.MR speaks to stakeholders across the spectrum, including C-level executives, distributors, product manufacturers, and industry experts. For a full list of primary respondents, please reach out to us.

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