Veterinary Arthroscopy Device Market

Veterinary Arthroscopy Device Market Study by Hand Instruments, Starter Kits, Arthroscopes, Disposable Needles, Suture Anchor Implants, Cleaning & Sterilization Trays, and Others from 2024 to 2034

Analysis of Veterinary Arthroscopy Device Market Covering 30+ Countries Including Analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

Veterinary Arthroscopy Device Market Outlook (2024 to 2034)

Worldwide sales of veterinary arthroscopy devices are estimated at US$ 401 million in 2024. The global veterinary arthroscopy device market has been forecasted to expand at 6.1% CAGR and reach a value of US$ 721.9 million by the end of 2034.

Arthroscopy, a minimally invasive surgical procedure, is gaining popularity in veterinary medicine due to its effectiveness in diagnosing and treating joint disorders. Pets, especially older ones, are prone to conditions such as osteoarthritis and ligament tears, increasing the demand for arthroscopic procedures and equipment.

Veterinary arthroscopy offers a minimally invasive option for both diagnosis and treatment, fostering confidence among veterinarians and pet owners as regulatory approvals ensure safety and efficacy. Facilitating market expansion, adherence to established standards simplifies the introduction of new devices.

Key Market Growth Drivers

  • One of the main drivers for dog and cat arthroscopy device market growth is the rising number of pet owners looking to get cutting-edge medical care for their animals. There is a growing need for advanced diagnostic and therapeutic procedures such as arthroscopy as pet health awareness grows.
  • Advancements in surgical techniques, smaller and more precise instruments, and improved imaging capabilities are contributing to the expansion of the veterinary arthroscopy device market size.
  • Specialized veterinary clinics with advanced surgical capabilities are investing in arthroscopy equipment to provide comprehensive orthopedic care, thereby driving market growth.
  • Collaborations among veterinary device manufacturers, research institutions, and clinics are fostering innovation in arthroscopic techniques and devices tailored for veterinary patients.
  • Arthroscopy offers benefits over open surgery such as faster recovery times, reduced post-operative pain, and lower complication rates, appealing to veterinarians and pet owners seeking cost-effective and compassionate treatment options.
Report Attribute Detail
Veterinary Arthroscopy Device Market Size (2024E) US$ 401 Million
Forecasted Market Value (2034F) US$ 721.9 Million
Global Market Growth Rate (2024 to 2034) 6.1% CAGR
North America Market Share (2024E) 41.7%
East Asia Market Value (2024E) US$ 74 Million
Arthroscopic Hand Instruments Segment Value (2034F) US$ 87.7 Million
Veterinary Hospitals Segment Value (2034F) US$ 147.4 Million
Key Companies Profiled GerVetUSA; Dr. Fritz Endoscopes; Depuy Synthes; Integra LifeSciences Corporation; IMEX Veterinary, Inc.; ConMed Linvatec; Novetech Surgery; Arthrex, Inc.; Karl Storz SE & Co. KG; Biovision Veterinary Endoscopy, LLC.; Eickemeyer; vetOvation; KYON Veterinary Surgical Products; Trice Medical.

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Why is Need for Veterinary Arthroscopy Devices Growing as More Pets Are Adopted Worldwide?

“Rising Incidence of Degenerative Joint Diseases in Dogs and Cats”

The rising incidence of degenerative joint diseases in dogs and cats, marked by symptoms like lameness, joint swelling, muscle wasting, pericapsular fibrosis, and joint crepitation, is fueling global demand for veterinary arthroscopy devices. The adoption of arthroscopy in companion animals is increasing as more pet owners and veterinarians familiarize themselves with these procedures.

Arthroscopy offers several advantages over arthrotomy, particularly suited to smaller joints in companion animals, making it the preferred treatment for joint diseases. Market expansion is further propelled by consolidation activities such as mergers and acquisitions among leading manufacturers of arthroscopic devices.

“Arthroscopy Offering Precise Diagnosis and Treatment with Minimal Trauma”

Growing demand for minimally invasive and cost-effective surgeries using arthroscopic devices presents substantial growth prospects for manufacturers in the veterinary arthroscopic device industry. In recent years, arthroscopic techniques have gained broad acceptance as the primary method for diagnosing and treating joint disorders in dogs. This shift has created extensive avenues for key players and is a key veterinary arthroscopy device market trend bolstering its growth.

What is Impeding Sales of Veterinary Arthroscopy Devices?

“High Cost Associated with Veterinary Services”

The pet population in the United States is rising along with many other parts of the world. Yet, access to veterinary care remains challenging. High costs associated with veterinary health and safety pose significant barriers for both pet owners and veterinary professionals.

Many countries face considerable pressure to validate, transfer, decentralize, and privatize animal health services, driven by opposition from influential stakeholders regarding inadequate economic and public resources. Furthermore, manufacturers are striving to innovate unique implant designs to leverage advancements in orthopedic device manufacturing and imaging capabilities, thereby increasing their operational costs. These factors adversely affect the expansion of the veterinary arthroscopy device market size.

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Country-wise Insights

North America is poised to account for 41.7% of the global veterinary arthroscopy device market share in 2024. Demand for veterinary specialists is increasing at a steady pace due to the rise in veterinary hospitals and clinics. An increasing number of livestock animals, cutting-edge surgical instruments, and a growing need for skilled workers are analyzed to drive the growth of the European market. Additionally, a rise in the prevalence of zoonotic diseases is projected to spur market expansion.

Will Rising Adoption of Pets Influence Market Growth in the United States?

“High Emphasis on Domestic Animal Health in the Country”

Attribute United States
Market Value (2024E) US$ 144 Million
Growth Rate (2024 to 2034) 6.5% CAGR
Projected Value (2034F) US$ 270 Million

The United States leads the North American market with a share of 85.9% in 2024. The heightened emphasis on domesticated animal health and improved affordability of healthcare options for pet owners will significantly drive market expansion. Moreover, increasing incidences of trauma surgeries and soft tissue injuries will further bolster demand for these products. Growth trajectory of the market is projected to be influenced by the presence of major manufacturers of veterinary arthroscopy devices in the United States and the rising adoption of pets.

What is Drawing Veterinary Arthroscopy Device Manufacturers to China?

“Demand for Equipment and Medical Supplies Rising Due to Growth of Professional Pet Care Industry”

Attribute China
Market Value (2024E) US$ 34 Million
Growth Rate (2024 to 2034) 6.9% CAGR
Projected Value (2034F) US$ 65 Million

China is poised to account for 45.7% share of the East Asian market in 2024. The expansion of the professional pet care industry in the country is fueling increased demand for machinery and medical supplies, creating numerous opportunities for manufacturers of veterinary arthroscopy systems.

Category-wise Insights

Arthroscopic hand instruments, arthroscopy starter kits, and arthroscopes are set to account for more than half of the market share in the product category. As per animal type, small animals are expected to hold a market share of 71.1% in 2024. Veterinary hospitals are poised to hold a significant share of 36.8% in terms of end users in 2024, followed by specialty veterinary centers, which are expected to hold a market share of 32.3%.

Which Veterinary Arthroscopy Device is Most Popular among Physicians?

“Gadgets Designed to Work with Arthroscopic Cameras and Light Sources to Give High-Definition Internal View of Joint”

Attribute Arthroscopic Hand Instruments
Segment Value (2024E) US$ 87.7 Million
Growth Rate (2024 to 2034) 5.7% CAGR
Projected Value (2034F) US$ 151.2 Million

Arthroscopic hand instruments allow surgeons to perform procedures through small incisions (portals) instead of large open wounds. This approach minimizes tissue damage, leading to reduced postoperative pain, faster recovery times, and lower risks of complications such as infections. These instruments are designed to integrate seamlessly with arthroscopic cameras and high-definition light sources, offering enhanced visualization of the joint interior. As a result, surgeons can achieve more precise diagnoses and treatments for various joint conditions, including cartilage damage, ligament tears, and other pathologies.

Why Do Hospitals Account for Significant Sales of Veterinary Arthroscopy Devices?

“Hospitals Providing Modern Equipment Such as Cameras and Specialized Instruments”

Attribute Veterinary Hospitals
Segment Value (2024E) US$ 147.4 Million
Growth Rate (2024 to 2034) 5.9% CAGR
Projected Value (2034F) US$ 260.4 Million

Advanced surgical procedures, such as arthroscopy, can be performed with the use of specialized facilities and equipment found in veterinary hospitals. These modern systems include cameras, light sources, and specialized instruments, enabling minimally invasive joint surgeries. Experienced orthopedic surgeons and veterinarians trained in arthroscopic procedures are attracted to these hospitals. Their expertise ensures optimal patient care and outcomes, leveraging the latest advancements in veterinary arthroscopy techniques and technologies.

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Competitive Landscape

Key players in the veterinary arthroscopy device industry are focused on developing new, cutting-edge veterinary arthroscopy products in response to the growing demand for more effective and economical diagnostic arthroscopy.

  • Stryker Corporation completed the acquisition of OrthoSensor, Inc. in May 2021.
  • Tenex Health was acquired by Trice Medical in April of 2021. Through this acquisition, the business was able to provide general and specialty veterinarians working in small animal and equine practices with a cutting-edge, reasonably priced, portable diagnostic tool with exceptional image quality.
  • The American medical device manufacturer DePuy Synthes (Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc.) purchased OrthoSpin, an Israeli startup that creates and produces automated strut systems, in December 2021.

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Segmentation of Veterinary Arthroscopy Device Market Research

  • By Product :

    • Arthroscopic Hand Instruments
    • Arthroscopy Starter Kits
    • Arthroscopes
    • Arthroscopy Sheaths
    • Disposable Arthroscopy Needles
    • Arthroscopy Suture Anchor Implants
    • Cleaning & Sterilization Trays
    • Arthroscopy Shaver Systems
    • Arthroscopy Radiofrequency Devices & Wands
    • Arthroscopy Fluid Management Systems
    • Arthroscopy Visualization Systems
  • By Animal Type :

    • Large Animals
    • Small Animals
  • By Procedure :

    • Diagnostic Procedures
    • Therapeutic Procedures
  • By End User :

    • Veterinary Hospitals
    • Specialty Veterinary Centers
    • Veterinary Mobile Facilities
    • Veterinary Clinics
  • By Region :

    • North America
    • Western Europe
    • Eastern Europe
    • Latin America
    • East Asia
    • South Asia & Pacific
    • Middle East & Africa

- FAQs -

What is the market size of veterinary arthroscopy devices in 2024?

The global market for veterinary arthroscopy devices is estimated at US$ 401 million in 2024.

What are the projected sales of veterinary arthroscopy devices for 2034?

Worldwide sales of veterinary arthroscopy devices are forecasted to reach US$ 729.1 million by 2034.

What is the projected growth rate of the global market?

The market has been projected to increase at a CAGR of 6.1% between 2024 to 2034.

Which country accounts for high sales of veterinary arthroscopy devices?

The market in the United States is projected to reach a value of US$ 144 million in 2024.

What is the projected market value for veterinary arthroscopy devices in Japan?

The market in Japan is forecasted to reach US$ 38 million by the end of 2034.

Which product holds a significant share of veterinary arthroscopy device sales?

Sales of arthroscopic hand instruments are set to reach US$ 87.7 million in 2024.

Who are the top producers of veterinary arthroscopy devices?

Leading manufacturers in the market are GerVetUSA, Dr. Fritz Endoscopes, and Depuy Synthes.

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Veterinary Arthroscopy Device Market

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