Hydrogen sensors are found in the hydrogen detecting and monitoring systems. They perform the basic function of detecting any hydrogen leaks. Leakage of hydrogen can be a risky affair as hydrogen is a highly volatile and poisonous gas. Because of its risky properties, hydrogen gas needs constant monitoring and hydrogen sensors solve the purpose effectively. Hydrogen sensors are gaining wide importance across a varied number of industries. 

The list of industries where hydrogen sensors are commonly used are transport industry, oil and gas industry, chemical industry, food and beverage industry, electronics industry, power and energy generation industry, automobile industry etc. The increasing use and demand of hydrogen sensors have resulted in the emergence of many companies that manufacture it. These companies have innovatively made use of the opportunity and are prominently known amongst their consumers. 

Some of the leading players in the market are-

MSA Safety INC.

MSA Safety INC., founded in 1914, is one of the global leaders of manufacturing consumer’s safety products. MSA products are a combination of various electronics, mechanical systems and materials that protect the consumers of the products from any harm or life threatening situations. The company’s products are used by industries across the globe as the company’s mission, “That men and women may work in safety and that they, their families, and their communities may live in health throughout the world”, says everything about it. MSA’s products are categorised as Supplied Air Respirators, head protection, fire helmets, portable gas detection, fixed gas and flame detection and so on. 

Speaking of Hydrogen sensors, the company manufactures a wide range. 610A Four Channel Combustible Gas Monitor is a system that keeps a continuous check on the combustible gases. The product has 4 independent channels with their own circuit to detect the combustible gases. Other excellent gas sensing detectors manufactured by the company are Ultima® X Series Gas Monitors, Series 47K, ULTIMA® X5000 Gas Monitor, General Monitors S5000 Gas Monitor and many more. 

City Technology

City technology is known worldwide for manufacturing innovative and very reliable gas sensors used in personal life and mechanical systems too. The company promises to deliver the best quality products with optimum standards. City Tech is working towards attaining new levels and offering the safest and most accurate gas sensors. The company has a huge clientage around the world. 

The categories of products by City Technology are- 

1 Series- These sensors are compact and low profile sensors which have a life of 5 years. It can work in high temperatures.

3 Series- This is the company’s original range of sensors. 

4 Series- The 4 Series range of gas detectors have set the industry standards by easily detecting oxygen and toxic gases.

The other categories are 7 series, Medical sensors and the Ecosure Range. 

Honeywell International

Honeywell offers a comprehensive range of products that are proving to be the benchmark for the entire industry. The company deals in a wide range of gas detecting sensors. The range includes portable gas detectors, industrial gas systems, flame detection systems, commercial building solutions, wireless gas detection and so on. The portable gas detectors have been created innovatively. The company manufacturers Single Gas Detectors are for any single-gas hazard where immense protection is needed. Multi gas detectors are helpful in monitoring a lot of hazardous gases.  

Makel Engineering

Makel Engineering has been working on creating strong industry products. The company researches and develops their products with the help of new technologies. Makel’s Hydrogen Detection Systems operate on the basis of 3S’s- Sensitivity, Selectivity and Stability. The sensors are made with the latest technology suitable for aerospace, industrial and commercial use. Hydrogen Sensor Die are smart hydrogen sensors which offer excellent performance and reliability. 


Membrapor is a family run company that manufactures gas sensing products and emphasises on the quality of products. The company manufactures compact gas sensors, miniature gas sensors, alim gas sensors, standard gas sensors, oxygen sensors and so on. The company customizes the sensors as per the customer’s needs. This makes Membrapor absolutely unique and better than others.