The demand for nutraceuticals rides the coattails of rising consciousness and awareness of consumers regarding healthier lifestyles, and the perception that properly following a nutrition-rich diet can offset the onset of several chronic diseases. The nutraceuticals industry prevails as both, a product and brain child of the requirement for preventative personalized medicine. The demand for alternatives to synthetic additives in the food industry continues to surge significantly in light of the growing concerns regarding the associated side effects of chemicals.

Manufacturers of nutraceuticals are focusing on understanding the importance of culture while marketing their products, particularly in regions where homemade remedies and traditional medicine hold an immense sway on the population. Difficulties prevail in the formulation of nutraceuticals into conventional food and beverage products, in addition to consumers’ search for the benefits and variety of delivery methods that extend beyond traditional capsule and tablet technologies. These challenges have resulted in the development of innovative products for ensuring ingredient stability and viability.

Fact.MR elucidates intelligence on the aforementioned insights and more related to the nutraceuticals industry, to help clients in making fact-based business decisions. Leading manufacturers are capitalizing on popular snacks and fortifying these foods, thereby creating ways to provide a new lease of life in both, convenience foods and the nutraceuticals industry.

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