Processed food, once a traditionally small-scale industry, has transformed into a modern large-scale one, in light of changing consumer lifestyles, higher out-of-home consumption, and rising number of working women, worldwide. The advent of better processing technologies, in combination with improved packaging techniques, have further favored well for the demand growth and sales of packaged and processed foods. Business expansion and collaborations with emerging players in a bid to leverage their innovative technological expertise are among the key growth strategies adopted by leading packaged and processed food companies.

The evolution of nanotechnology and science has revolutionized the food processing industry, with different nanomaterials being utilized to improve or create numerous packaging attributes beneficial for packaged food products. The demand for processed and packaged food is further gaining traction in light of rising commodity prices, which has resulted in consumer preference for cooking at home as a consequence of the economic slowdown. Fact.MR’s analysts elucidate imperative dynamics, and offer intricate intelligence on the key trends impacting the development, demand, and sales of packaged and processed foods.

The development of innovative processing techniques and production technologies also plays a pivotal role in the growth of the packaged and processed foods industry. Quick service restaurants that utilize pre-packaged products are also deemed as a key demand determinant for packaged and processed food products. The use of improved food contact materials is an imperative focus area among packaged and processed food companies to enhance the shelf life of food products, and offer a hygienic and easy-to-clean surface to prevent biofilm formation while reducing the use of preservatives.

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