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Body Mist Market

Body Mist Market

Body Mist Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Market Insights 2018 - 2028

Body Mist Market
  • May-2019
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  • Consumer Goods

In Brief:

  • Body mist market recorded a value CAGR of 3.7% during the period between 2013 and 2017. Growing consumer inclination towards personal grooming, along with rising use of body deodorizers to reduce or mask effects of sweating, has underpinned the growth of body mist industry.
  • North America continues to retain its leading position in body mist market. Body mist sales in the region remain driven by high awareness and introduction of innovative products that ensure long-lasting fragrance.
  • Asia Pacific is likely to remain a high-growth market for body mists, with increasing consumer spending on luxury grooming products.

body mist market snapshot

What are the Key Growth Drivers of Body Mist Market?

  • Rising popularity and adoption of fragrance products, especially among millennial demographic who are inclined towards purchasing various products through online stores and experimenting with new brands and concepts, have been influencing the sales of body mists. Prospects of body mist market will remain promising, as millennials show a growing interest in creating fragrance wardrobes and layering different nodes to create their own bespoke scents.
  • Growing use of fragrances on a daily basis among both men and women, coupled with rising working population in emerging economies has led to a surge in the demand for body mists. As compared to perfumes, body mists are lighter, cost effective, less concentrated, and contain high levels of alcohol, making them ideal for daily use.
  • Developing countries are also witnessing a notable rise in the demand for personal grooming products, amid improving economy and high purchasing power, which in turn will contribute to the revenue generation of body mist market.
  • Opportunities are imminent in the body mist market, as manufacturers continue to shift their focus towards developing natural and organic body mists as well as mood-enhancing fragrances. In addition, several brands are adopting innovative marketing techniques such as using personalized algorithm and harnessing social media such as Facebook and Instagram to help consumers find their perfect scent and improve brand loyalty.
  • While personal grooming products continue to gain popularity among women, rising awareness regarding skincare and healthcare have been influencing men to invest in beauty care products. This has resulted into an upsurge in launch of grooming products for men, creating new avenues of growth of body mist market.

body mist market demographics opportunity assessment

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What are the Key Challenges Faced by Body Mist Market Players?

  • As body mists contain low concentration of essential oil and high levels of alcohol, they evaporate quickly and the scent doesn’t last long, which in turn have abated their adoption.
  • Environment Working Group (EWG) reported that apart from natural essences, many body scents and fragrances typically contain hazardous synthetic chemicals, often petrochemicals, raising awareness among consumers, which in turn is likely to impede the growth of body mist market.

Body Mist Market – Competitive Landscape

  • In April 2019, Victoria’s Secret, a leading player in body mist market, launched a limited-edition, summer-themed scent, ‘Bombshell Paradise Eau de Parfum’, a new addition to the brand’s signature, award-winning Bombshell fragrance collection. It also includes a Fragrance Mist, Rollerball, and Velvet Body Cream.
  • In March 2019, in honor of Nation Fragrance Day, Bath & Body Works announced the launch of its newest fragrance – Gingham – created by Firmenich master perfumer Honorine Blanc. Gingham is the latest addition to the company’s extensive portfolio of some of the world’s most iconic and exclusive fragrances, ranging from Cucumber Melon and Japanese Cherry Blossom to Rose and In The Stars.
  • In January 2019, Giorgio Armani, launched a new feminine fragrance, Sì Fiori, a flanker to 2013’s Armani Sì. Developed by perfumer Julie Massé, the Sì frangrance will join the brands’ 19 exclusive line-up of scents including its Armani Code and Emporio Armani Diamonds perfume.
  • In August 2018, Christian Dior launched a new women’s fragrance Joy de Dior, nearly 20 years after the launch of its first perfume for women, J’Adore. The new fragrance is created by Dior’s exclusive fragrance designer François Demachy and embodied by the US actress Jennifer Lawrence.

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The Body Shop

Founded in 1976, The Body Shop is headquartered in Croydon, UK, and offers a wide range of products for skincare, body care, and fragrances. In April 2019, the brand created the ‘Scents of Life’ collection in partnership with Middle Eastern influencers.

Estée Lauder Companies Inc.

Established in 1946, Estée Lauder Companies Inc. is based in New York, USA, and owns many subsidiary brands such as Clinique, MAC Cosmetics, Origins, Jo Malone London, Aveda, Smashbox, Too Faced Cosmetics, and others. With an overall revenue of nearly US$ 13.7 billion in 2018, the company have products ranging from skincare, makeup, and fragrances.

Kenneth Cole Productions

Founded in 1982, Kenneth Cole Productions is an American fashion house based in New York, USA. The company operates six separate lines for clothing and accessories and 1 shoes-only line.

Marks and Spencer Group plc.

Established in 1884, Mark and Spencer Group plc is headquartered in London, UK, with an overall revenue of approximately US$ 14 billion in 2018. In addition to over 300 self-owned retail stores and various franchise stores worldwide, the company launched M&S banking services in the U.K.


Founded in 1983, Moshino is a luxury brand based in Italy, which offers a broad range of apparels and accessories. In April 2018, Moshino was selected by Swedish retail brand H&M to create its haute couture collaboration.

Additional Insights

Body Mist Market Players Eye Lucrative Opportunities with Sales through Online Stores

Although modern trade accounts for relatively large share of body mist market, it is highly likely that ecommerce sites will generate greater sales in the foreseeable future, with an estimated value Y-o-Y growth of 5.0% in 2019 over 2018.

With growing popularity of social media and emergence of numerous online stores, young consumers are inclined towards purchasing various products through these stores. In addition, manufacturers are focusing on e-commerce sites for brand promotions, price promotions, and marketing campaign, which in turn is likely to fuel the growth of body mist market.

An Adaptive Approach to Modern-day Research Needs

Scope of the Report

body mist market taxonomy

The Fact.MR study on body mist market offers industry-based intelligence and comprehensive insights into the global market. To carry out a thorough analysis on the growth of body mist market for the period, 2018-2028, a unique methodology and holistic approach have been adapted.

An elaborate and extensive secondary research is followed by an in-depth primary research, to obtain valuable information regarding historical and current growth parameters of the body mist market.

Report Description

A recently released Fact.MR report on body mist market offers an elaborate and exhaustive market forecast for the period, 2018-2028. Several dynamics influencing the body mist market are identified and their degree of impact has been analyzed and detailed in the report. Further, the report offers both qualitative and quantitative analysis of the macroeconomic and industry-specific factors impacting body mist market growth. The Fact.MR report also provides detailed insights into the competitive landscape of body mist market to direct its readers towards implementing and devising well-informed decisions.

Chapter 1 - Executive Summary

The report begins with an executive summary that offers multiple nodes and antinodes in the body mist market including key findings, statistics, key market characteristics, market dynamics, view-points of analysts, and opportunity assessment.

Chapter 2 - Body Mist Market Overview

Current scenario of the body mist market has been analyzed and briefly introduced in this chapter followed by a concrete definition of the targeted product – body mist. Different segments identified in the global market of body mist have been represented in the form of a taxonomy table.

Chapter 3 - Associated Industry and Key Indicator Assessment

The chapter focuses on various key trends in beauty and personal care industry that complement the body mist market outlook. It also covers several secondary sections including supply chain analysis, PESTE analysis, Porter’s five forces analysis, per capita beauty product spend by region, and key macroeconomic indicators.

Chapter 4 - Social Media Sentiment Analysis

In order to understand the interest trends and search volume intensity for body mists across digital platform, the chapter includes the analysis of body mist keyword on Google Trends and social mention.

Chapter 5 - Survey Analysis

Under the chapter, the report provides consumer survey on the buying behavior and manufacture survey regarding body mist business.

Chapter 6 - Market Dynamics

In this chapter, the report covers various dynamics of the body mist market including drivers, restraints, and latest trends that help identify key opportunities present in the market.

Chapter 7 - Price Point Analysis

The chapter offers a global pricing analysis of the body mist market including average price of each scent type across different key regions along with factors influencing pricing.

Chapter 8 - Global Body Mist Market Analysis and Forecast

The chapter details an elaborate analysis and forecast of the body mist market for the historical period (2013-2017) and the forecast period (2018-2028). The report has categorized the body mist market into five key segments which include scent family, gender type, skin type, sales channel, and region.

Chapter 9 - North America Body mist Market Analysis and Forecast

The chapter offers the key opportunities and challenges in the body mist market in North America. It also includes insights into the market scenario in each country of North America.

Chapter 10 - Latin America Body mist Market Analysis and Forecast

The chapter provides an accurate forecast of the body mist market in Latin America, and offers detailed information of regional market. Key countries analyzed in the Latin America body mist market include Argentina, Brazil, and rest of Latin America.

Chapter 11 - Europe Body mist Market Analysis and Forecast

The chapter covers an elaborate insights into the factors influencing the growth of body mist market in Europe. It also includes market share analysis on the basis of country, scent family, gender type, skin type, and sales channel.

Chapter 12 - CIS & Russia Body Mist Market Analysis and Forecast

In this chapter, the report focuses on the novel developments and opportunities in the CIS & Russia body mist market. Comprehensive insights into market performance across the region are also provided in the chapter.

Chapter 13 - Japan Body Mist Market Analysis and Forecast

The chapter covers important factors influencing the growth of the body mist market in Japan. Market value proportion analysis, pricing analysis, and detailed insights into performance of all market segments in the country have been included in this chapter.

Chapter 14 - APEJ Body Mist Market Analysis and Forecast

The chapter provides drivers, latest trends, and challenges of the body mist market in Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ). Country-wise analysis of all the key countries in the region along with current and future scenario of the body mist market in these countries have been detailed.

Chapter 15 - MEA Body Mist Market Analysis and Forecast

The chapter includes detailed insights into the body mist market in the Middle East & Africa (MEA) including important drivers, latest trends, opportunities, and challenges in the region. It also offers current scenario of the body mist market in various countries across MEA.

Chapter 16 - Competitive Landscape

Under the chapter, the report offers a dashboard view of the market share analysis of leading players in body mist market, along with structural analysis.

Chapter 17 - Company Profiles

The chapter covers an extensive analysis on the competitive scenario of the body mist market. It offers company description, product offerings, key financials, strategies, and regional presence of each key player in the body mist market.

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Yes, the report has been compiled by expert analysts of Fact.MR, through a combination of primary and secondary research. To know more about how the research was conducted, you can speak to a research analyst.

What research methodology is followed by Fact.MR?

Fact.MR follows a methodology that encompasses the demand-side assessment of the market, and triangulates the same through a supply-side analysis. This methodology is based on the use of standard market structure, methods, and definitions.

What are the sources of secondary research?

Fact.MR conducts extensive secondary research through proprietary databases, paid databases, and information available in the public domain. We refer to industry associations, company press releases, annual reports, investor presentations, and research papers. More information about desk research is available upon request.

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