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Thresher Market

Thresher Market

Rapid Advancements in the Agricultural Industry to Spur the Global Thresher Market Growth during 2017-2026

Thresher Market
  • Mar-2018
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The trend of mechanization continues to penetrate farming activities, wherein a range of agricultural equipment and machines provide the essential input to increase the crop yield.

Threshers are among the key heavy fieldwork machineries in agriculture industry that can directly enhance the farm produce by effectively separating the grains and seeds from the chaff.

As agricultural mechanization continues to gain grounds across the globe, new technologies and equipment are being integrated in the development of advanced threshers that separate the seeds from the straw and chaff, and also remove their stalks and husks to protect the quality of grains.

In the near future, threshers will continue to increase the profitability of such farming activities, eliminating the drudgery of labor-intensive agricultural systems.

However, purchase and maintenance of threshers entails high capital investment, lowering its scope for adoption among local farmers and small agricultural communities.

global threshers market

According to Fact.MR, the adoption of threshers in the global agriculture industry will evolve at a sluggish pace in the foreseeable years.

During the period, 2017-2026, the global market for threshers will incur a value growth at 3.3% CAGR.

High prices and uneconomical maintenance costs will demote the sales of threshers among farmers, who will also find hardships in coping with high interest rates levied on loans for purchasing heavy fieldwork machines such as threshers.

By the end of 2026, a little over 1 million units of threshers are expected to be sold worldwide.

Spike-tooth threshers and axial flow threshers will collectively represent the largest share on global market value through 2026

The performance advantages of spike-tooth threshers will drive their adoption in developing countries. Less laborious operability of these threshers will drive their use across traditional agricultural landscape.

Axial flow threshers are also expected to witness significant sales growth as farmers from around the world will be eyeing at their use in increasing the profitability of threshing and harvesting.

By the end of 2026, axial flow threshers and spike-tooth threshers will collectively account for more than 45% of the overall global market value.

Mechanical advantages of threshers equipped with hydraulics shall bolster their sales in the approaching years

Major players in the market are manufacturing threshers on hydraulics systems, offering machines that reflect high efficiency in terms of power transmission, torque consistency and economical maintenance.

By 2026-end, more than half a million units of threshers sold in the global market will be developed on hydraulics mechanism.

However, the demand for hybrid threshers will gain significant traction in the years to come. Over the forecast period, sales of threshers developed on hybrid mechanism will register a volume CAGR of 3.5%.

Flexible operability, improved safety and sensor-integrated designs of hybrid threshers will drive their sales globally through 2026.

Manufacturers to consider wheat threshing as the most profitable and suitable operation for their offerings

It has been estimated that wheat threshing will account for more than one-fourth share on global thresher market value throughout the forecast period.

Majority of thresher manufacturers in the world will be improving the designs of their threshers to befit the needs of farmers with respect to threshing and harvesting of cash crops.

High profitability of threshing a cash crop such as wheat will be lucrative for adoption of threshers.

And, Derre And Company

  • Derre And Company
  • Mahindra and Mahindra
  • Deluxe Agro Industries
  • Rizhao Peakrising International Co. Ltd
  • Wuhan acme agro-tech co. ltd
  • AGCO
  • Zhaoqing Fengxiang Food Machinery Co. Ltd.
  • Golden machinery equipment co. ltd.
  • Shandong Guangzhong Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Hunan Sunfield Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Zhengzhou aix machinery equipment co. ltd.
  • Amisy Farming Machine
  • Vishwakarmaagro
  • Cicoria
  • Amar Agriculture Machinery Group
  • Iseki and Co.

 will be the leading thresher manufacturers that will be spearheading the production in the global threshers market through 2026.

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Holistic Overview on Thresher Market from a Global Perspective

Increasing burden of soaring food consumption levels on the agricultural sector has driven the mechanization of farming tools to increase the farming outputs.

Heavy fieldwork machines such as threshers are observed to play a key role in enhancing the crop yield and improving the quality of the harvest.

While the use of threshers will become more imperative in future farming activities, their high prices will continue to pose a considerable challenge for market player.

In the foreseeable future, high prices of threshers will deter their widespread adoption while farmers will struggle to cope with increased maintenance costs and high interest rates of agricultural equipment loans.

Report Features

This report traces the evolution of threshers and offers a roadmap on their future prospects in the global agricultural sector.

The report is comprehensively offering an in-depth analysis and forecast on the global thresher market for the period, 2017-2026.

Key concerns of thresher manufacturers and agriculture industry participants have been addressed in the study to deliver accurate presumptive scenarios on the expansion of the global threshers market through 2026.

From usage rates to application potentials, several aspects encompassing the utility of threshers as agricultural machineries have been analyzed in the development of this study.

Constant dialogue with manufacturers has enabled the analysts to procure valuable information on latest market trends.

Information on unmet needs of farmers and agriculturists have been revealed to improve the understanding of market players regarding the threshing needs for future generations.

Opportunity-based statistical market size forecasting has been employed to disclose the pattern of how demand for threshers will evolve in the coming years.

Primary and secondary research sources, which include authentic databases, opinion makers and industry experts, have been approached to procure information from a multidisciplinary perspective.

The extracted information has been infused with market size estimations to support the forecasted evaluations of the global threshers market. Regional expansion of the global threshers market has been forecasted as well.

This study also identifies different variables that have showcased considerable impact on the growth of the global threshers market over the recent past.

Market Taxonomy

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Japan
  • APEJ
  • MEA
Product Types
  • Drummy type
  • Hammer mill type
  • Spike-tooth type
  • Raspbar type
  • Wire-loop type
  • Axial flow type
  • Syndicator type
Mechanism Type
  • Manual
  • Hydraulic
  • Hybrid
Crop Type
  • Wheat Thresher
  • Rice Thresher
  • Corn Sheller
  • Maize Dehusker/Sheller
  • Groundnut Thresher
  • Sunflower Thresher
  • Other Crops

Detailed Competition Assessment

While segmental analysis is the key advantage of availing this forecast study, assessment of key companies is also detailed in this report.

From industry leaders that are establishing market trends to emerging players that are seeking opportunities for market penetration, the report addresses the concerns of all companies operating in the global threshers market.

Technological advancements have been kept in track and sustainability strategies of thresher manufacturers have been revealed.

In addition, regulatory standpoint on thresher manufacturing has been analyzed to understand its diversity from region to region.

The scope of the report is providing unbiased competitor analysis for empowering companies in taking informed steps towards future market direction.

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What research methodology is followed by Fact.MR?

Fact.MR follows a methodology that encompasses the demand-side assessment of the market, and triangulates the same through a supply-side analysis. This methodology is based on the use of standard market structure, methods, and definitions.

What are the sources of secondary research?

Fact.MR conducts extensive secondary research through proprietary databases, paid databases, and information available in the public domain. We refer to industry associations, company press releases, annual reports, investor presentations, and research papers. More information about desk research is available upon request.

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