Fumigation Product Market

Fumigation Product Market Study by Solid, Liquid, and Gas for Residential, Agricultural, and Warehouses/Storage from 2024 to 2034

Analysis of Fumigation Product Market Covering 30+ Countries Including Analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

Fumigation Product Market Outlook (2024 to 2034)

With projections to expand at a CAGR of 4%, the global fumigation product market size is forecasted to increase from a valuation of US$ 871.9 million in 2024 to US$ 1.29 billion by the end of 2034.

Increasing popularity of agricultural fumigants is attributed to pest and bug infestations in warehouses and other crop storage rooms caused by both biotic and abiotic factors, as well as a growing awareness of crop protection agents and urbanization in developing nations. Agricultural fumigation service providers target markets such as China and India due to the annual incidence of post-harvest losses, resulting in significant losses for farmers and other stakeholders.

Fumigation treatments come in three forms: solid, liquid, and gas. They effectively eliminate pests at any stage of their lifecycle, from eggs to fully developed adults, typically using devices such as ultra-low volume ULV foggers, aerosol disinfectors, small fogging machines, and medical fogger machines.

Fumigation chemicals find widespread use in agriculture, the food and beverage industry, and grain storage applications. Additionally, they are used in newly constructed residential buildings and warehouses. The forecast for the manufacturing landscape of fumigation products predicts steady growth in the projected period, alongside the pest control devices and services sector.

Report Attribute Detail
Fumigation Product Market Size (2024E) US$ 871.9 Million
Projected Market Value (2034F) US$ 1.29 Billion
Global Market Growth Rate (2024 to 2034) 4% CAGR
China Market Value (2034F) US$ 210.8 Million
Canada Market Growth Rate (2024 to 2034) 4.4% CAGR
North America Market Share (2024E) 27.4%
East Asia Market Value (2034F) US$ 367.8 Million
Key Companies Profiled

Rentokil Initial Plc; Solvay S.A.; Detia Degesch GmbH; Industrial Fumigant; Company LLC; Royal Agro Organic Pvt. Ltd.; National Fumigants; Corteva Agriscience; JAFFER Group of Companies; AMVAC Chemical Corporation.

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What are the Key Fumigation Product Market Trends to Watch Put For?

“Growing Demand for Technology-Enabled Fumigation Solutions”

Over the past decade, the usage of technology across various industry sectors has risen due to the advent of Internet of Things (IoT) platforms. These platforms have been instrumental in transforming the way pest management professionals operate in the pest control industry. As service and product performance expectations rise, there is an increasing demand from customers for services enabled by technology. In response to this growing demand, manufacturers of fumigants and providers of fumigation services are altering their approach to product and service introduction.

Digital pest control systems, comprising a wireless network of advanced trap sensors, provide round-the-clock real-time capture alerts, monitoring, and immediate verification of rodent activity. This system delivers pest infestation data to consumers and enables them to take preventive measures.

technology-enabled pest control systems are beneficial in providing valuable data, allowing consumers to receive immediate information about the emergence of new pests and insects in their facility through real-time automated alerts sent to their smartphones or tablets. It also facilitates rapid root-cause analysis.

  • For example, several manufacturers and providers of agricultural products have launched the new Bayer Digital Pest Management services platform. This platform merges the company’s traditional pest management expertise with the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Bayer’s Rodent Monitoring System (RMS) is a wireless network of advanced sensors added to traps strategically placed around food-processing plants and other sensitive environments. The growing adoption of technology-enabled services is projected to contribute to the expansion of the fumigation product market size over the forecasted period.

What are the Challenges Faced by Fumigation Product Manufacturers?

“Stringent Regulations Governing Fumigant Use and High R&D Costs”

Stringent regulatory environment surrounding the use of fumigants is primarily due to their potential environmental and health impacts. This often results in restrictions on the use of certain chemicals, which directly affects the product portfolio of manufacturers. Another challenge faced by the industry is the high cost associated with research and development for new and effective fumigants, which can act as a barrier to entry for smaller companies.

There is a growing demand for organic and non-chemical pest control methods, leading to a shift in consumer preference away from traditional fumigants. This necessitates manufacturers to innovate and develop eco-friendly alternatives, a process that can be both complex and costly. The emergence of digital pest control systems and the Internet of Things (IoT) in pest management is further changing the landscape of the industry, requiring manufacturers to adapt and integrate technology into their offerings.

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Country-Wise Insights

According to a recent analysis by Fact.MR, a market research and competitive intelligence provider, North America is forecasted to account for 27.6% fumigation product market share by 2034. The fumigation product market has extended its presence to various regions, including Southeast Asia, Central and South America, and Australia. This expansion enables the diversification of supply chains and reduces dependence on a single supplier.

What’s Influencing Market Growth in the United States?

“Rising Use of Eco-friendly Fumigants in Response to Environmental Concerns”

Attribute United States
Market Value (2024E) US$ 171.3 Million
Growth Rate (2024 to 2034) 4.3% CAGR
Projeced Value (2034F) US$ 261.8 Million

Increasing prevalence of pests in the agricultural and residential sectors stands out as one of the key drivers for fumigation product market growth. With these sectors actively seeking effective pest control solutions, the demand for fumigation products is on the rise. Technological advancements have paved the way for the development of more efficient and user-friendly fumigation products. Moreover, the introduction of eco-friendly and organic fumigants, driven by growing environmental concerns and regulatory requirements, has emerged as a significant factor.

Expansion of the agricultural sector, coupled with the need to reduce post-harvest losses caused by pests, is fueling market growth. In addition, increased consumer awareness regarding the harmful effects of pests on health and property is contributing to the demand for fumigation products.

What is Driving Fumigation Product Sales in China?

“Surging Demand for Pleasant-Smelling Pest-Control and Disinfecting Techniques”

Attribute China
Market Value (2024E) US$ 139.4 Million
Growth Rate (2024 to 2034) 4.2% CAGR
Projected Value (2034F) US$ 210.8 Million

China is projected to occupy 57.3% market share in the East Asian region by 2034. The growing importance of cleanliness and hygienic practices has spurred an increased demand for these products. In addition, the market is driven by growing environmental concerns and the adoption of environmentally friendly pest control techniques.

Demand for pleasant-smelling pest-control and disinfecting techniques is also increasing. Furthermore, technological advancements and increasing research activities are driving changes in chemical formulations and compositions. The growth of the agriculture sector in China is also contributing to rising fumigation product sales.

Category-wise Insights

The market is segmented into solid, liquid, and gas based on form. Out of these three segments, gas fumigation products are estimated to account for a leading market share of 48.8% in 2024.

Why are Sales of Gas Fumigation Products Increasing Worldwide?

“Growing Awareness among Farmers and Growers about Benefits of Gas Fumigation”

Attribute Gas Fumigation Product
Segment Value (2024E) US$ 425.5 Million
Growth Rate (2024 to 2034) 4% CAGR
Projected Value (2034F) US$ 631.1 Million

Rise in gas fumigation product sales worldwide is primarily driven by the increasing demand for food, spurred by population growth and rising concerns over food safety. In addition, there is a growing awareness among farmers and growers about the benefits of gas fumigation. Technological advancements in gas fumigation equipment and methods are also playing a significant role in driving market growth.

The popularity of organic farming practices and stringent regulations governing food safety and quality are contributing to market growth. The emergence of biofumigants further creates opportunities for expansion in the fumigation products market. Together, these factors are fueling gas fumigation product sales worldwide.

How is the Effectiveness of Magnesium Phosphide Influencing its Widespread Adoption?

“Extensive Preference for Magnesium Phosphide for Rapid Pest Control”

Attribute Magnesium Phosphide
Segment Value (2024E) US$ 188.3 Million
Growth Rate (2024 to 2034) 4% CAGR
Projected Value (2034F) US$ 280.1 Million

Magnesium phosphide holds a leading share among treatment methods, primarily due to its effectiveness in pest control and its widespread use across various sectors. Highly potent, magnesium phosphide is utilized to control pests in diverse settings, including residential areas, agricultural fields, and storage facilities.

Popularity of magnesium phosphide stems from its ability to act quickly and efficiently, often eliminating pests within 48 to 72 hours. Therefore, magnesium phosphide's dominant position in the market highlights its status as the preferred choice for effective and rapid pest control.

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Competitive Landscape

Key players in the fumigation product market are Rentokil Initial Plc, Solvay S.A., Detia Degesch GmbH, Industrial Fumigant Company LLC, Royal Agro Organic Pvt. Ltd, National Fumigants, Corteva Agriscience, JAFFER Group of Companies, and AMVAC Chemical Corporation. Market players are forming alliances with globally renowned players to claim a strong footprint in this business landscape to achieve a leading market share.

  • In 2021, the Indian firm UPL entered into a strategic alliance with TeleSense to launch surveillance solutions for the transport and storage of post-harvest commodities. This initiative facilitates the reduction of food waste by tracking and addressing potential problems such as hotspots, excessive moisture, gas levels, and pest infestations. This enhances the company’s comprehensive suite of safety and detection devices, as well as fumigants.

Key Segments of Fumigation Product Market Research

  • By Form :

    • Solid
    • Liquid
    • Gas
  • Treatment Method :

    • Magnesium Phosphide
    • Aluminum Phosphide
    • Sulfuryl Fluoride
    • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • By End Use :

    • Residential Fumigation
    • Agricultural Fumigation
    • Warehouses/Storage
  • By Region :

    • North America
    • Latin America
    • Western Europe
    • Eastern Europe
    • East Asia
    • South Asia & Pacific
    • Middle East & Africa

- FAQs -

What is the value of the fumigation product market in 2024?

The global fumigation product market is valued at US$ 871.9 million in 2024.

What are the projections for the global market for the decade?

The market for fumigation products is forecasted to expand at 4% CAGR and reach US$ 1.29 billion by 2034.

What is the CAGR forecasted for the North Americas market?

The North American market is forecasted to expand at 4% CAGR through 2034.

How is the East Asian market for fumigation products projected to fare?

East Asia is forecasted to account for 28.1% of the global fumigation product market share in 2024.

What are the projections for the market in South Korea?

The South Korean market is forecasted to increase at 5.9% CAGR over the decade.

Which type of fumigation products are widely popular?

Gas fumigation products account for close to 50% market share.

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Fumigation Product Market

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