The apparel industry hangs by a slackened thread, where consumer expenditure on stocking their closets is tracing a declining graph, as they express themselves through social media instead of favoring weekend getaways with new clothes. Retailers are ramping up to keep pace with their e-Commerce competitors, partly by shaking up their approach towards apparel design and development. Providing entry to new private brands is becoming the standard among retailers, who focus on more upscale offerings, with shoes and apparel being top priority products.

Footwear has evolved from being a basic necessity to a fashion and functional product, where consumers are willing to spend more on products with better design and quality. The design of footwear and selection of fabrication materials is a complex task for manufacturers, who are banking on cushioning pads and multi-layered composites. The strategic placement of these materials in various parts of footwear is a key strategy adopted by manufacturers for addressing the requirements of different pathological zones meant for intended end uses.

Fact.MR’s analysts provide information on recent apparel and footwear developments, and offer insights and intelligence on innovation strategies being leveraged by leading industry players. While technology has been an imperative aspect for apparel and footwear companies to recapture the disposable incomes of consumers, return and exchange policies are also becoming a critical focus area, as consumer buying preferences incline more towards online channels.

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