Bold colors, sustainability, and green initiatives are key trends influencing home improvement products across countries, worldwide. Apartment sizes are shrinking across metros, and multipurpose or space-saving furniture is being viewed as a potential growth opportunity by retailers, including online home interior companies. Sofas that are able to double up as beds, beds that are able to stand up against walls, and study units that are capable of being folded away are some of the key household furniture items that are in high demand, particularly fueled by a growing affordable housing sector.

The uptake of space-saving furniture falls in line with shrinking home sizes, as creating more space in compact, affordable homes is a key concern among consumers. Removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and improving indoor air quality has become one of the top priorities of home owners, which, in turn, has bolstered the sales of products such as drywall boards that feature formaldehyde-absorbing technology.

The incorporation of smart spaces such as drawers with built-in USB chargers is a key trend observed in the home improvement market, which is gaining widespread traction in parallel to the increasing momentum of personal technology. Fact.MR offers intricate analysis and insights on home improvement technologies and products, and imparts deep market intelligence through comprehensive research reports covered under this category.

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