Vacuum loaders help conveying pellets and regrind material without constraints. They are not the most important component of the entire conveying system but are used to transfer the material from one source to one destination. The source is usually a Gaylord and the destination is usually a blender or machine throat. 

The best part about a vacuum loader is that it comes with an automatic loading and dumping time control. It helps in saving a lot of manual work as a person need not climb up a ladder with a bucket full of pellets and regrind material to fill the blender. Vacuum loaders offer safety, efficiency, effectiveness and also save the cost of labor. 

Notable Innovation

Vacuum loaders innovations have evolved with time. Different kinds of loaders have been introduced with different properties and are known to effectively handle different types of materials. Some of the key innovations are mentioned below- 

Dust-free Loaders

The expected design of a vacuum loader usually requires low maintenance and easy cleaning. The most significant innovation in Vacuum Loaders is the introduction of “Dust Free” vacuum loaders. Pneumatic Conveying Solutions came up with dust free vacuum loaders.

Pneu-Con's Self-Contained Powder Whisper Loaders are specially designed to ensure dust-free handling of pellets and regrind material. They are super effective in handling the difficult powders and come with upto 3500 lbs per hour-flexible filtration configurations. 

Pneu-con ensures automated configuration, easy maintenance and also guarantees a faster rate of return which is the main point of attraction for any buyer. 

Modern Vacuum Loaders

This is one of the major innovations made in the history of vacuum loaders. Initially, the vacuum loaders were simply self-contained loaders which were used to load and transfer the material from one source to one destination. The conventional vacuum loaders come with the latest design and support features like movable lids for better access, transparent glass sections so that the entire operation can be viewed by the labor and flat bottoms. Apart from this, these loaders have rotatable modular sections for easy vacuum creation to load the material.

The top suppliers of conventional vacuum loaders are Motan Colortronic Limited, Piab Ab, Coperion GmbH, Jenco, KOCH-TECHNIK, Conair Group etc. 

Compressed Vacuum Loaders

Compressed Vacuum Loaders govern themselves independently. They need no timers and vacuum sealings in order to operate. 

When we say that these loaders work independently, they actually do so. From controlling the material flow by balancing the compressed air to effectively drawing the material from the source and pushing it to the container via an aluminum compressed air venturi, a compressed vacuum loader does all of it independently. 

Piab's piFLOW® conveyors were developed mainly to solve the conveyance issues faced by the industries. Premium – piFLOW®p SMART is a vacuum conveying system which works smartly and is self optimized.  

Power Loaders

Powder loaders function just the way a standard vacuum loader functions. The only difference between the two is that the powder loaders are designed especially for conveying the dusty powders and regrind materials from the source to its destination. It is very difficult to handle the powdery materials and so these loaders come into play. They come with filters and a high-powered blowback system that prevents it from clogging. Material degradation is prevented as the entire system design includes cyclonic material separation. 

Furthermore, these loaders include a deflector that ensures an efficient blowback, a gasket which maintains a high vacuum level, an alarm that alerts the operators of an empty material source and much more. 

Motan Colortronic offers Metro G/F/R material loaders highly suitable to handle flexible powdery material. Motan is one of the leading suppliers of material feeding systems. Metro P is another conveying system supplied by motan. It ensures a highly effective powder conveyance. 

Pellet and Regrind Loaders

The standard vacuum loaders which transfer pellets and regrind materials from the gaylord to a blender or machine throat are known as Pellet and Regrind loaders. These loaders have been innovated with time as now they come with a different dump throat, stainless steel body, easy cleanout access, internal filters to collect and clear the dust particles and so on. 

Dynavac’s VCON series of vacuum loaders is a highly flexible system to transfer pellets and regrind using the powerful  Single-phase / Three-phase Vacuum motors. These loaders come with a cartridge filtering system, reverse pulse jet system, intelligent counter balancing mechanism and much more.