Polymers have witnessed significant developments in recent years, not only in their synthesis but also in novel polymerization methods, polymer bio conjugation, and in structural-functional relationship. Molecular imprinting has emerged as a powerful technology for creating artificial receptors in polymeric matrices. Molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) are witnessing successful application in areas where selective binding is one of the key requirements, such as catalysis, affinity separation, and immunoassays.

Demand prospects of elastomers are majorly driven by their cost-effectiveness and adaptability in top end-use markets, with thermoplastic elastomers gaining increased momentum in the light of growing R&D efforts and a wider application range. The HVAC industry and automotive industry are leading demand determinants of elastomers, wherein, higher functionality of these materials is sought. The growing requirement for high-performance and lightweight plastics in the auto component industry further entails the demand for elastomers on account of their design flexibility and increased efficiency.

Fact.MR imparts intelligence on various facets of the polymers and elastomers industry, particularly focusing on the identification of key industry influencers. These insights enable clients to maintain their competitiveness in the global marketplace. The advent of biomaterials for sophisticated applications, ranging from sensors to controlled degradation, will continue to undergird developments in polymers and elastomers in the forthcoming years.

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