The launch of initiatives in response to the requirements of a growing global middle class has led to an increased adoption of agricultural produce. With the ever-increasing expectations of consumers for fresh produce, better experience has become an imperative criteria, apart from quality and diversity. Fresh produce plays a different role with the retail industry in emerging economies than in more developed nations. Fresh produce for retailers in emerging nations acts as a 'traffic generator', focused on shifting consumer expectations from traditional sales channels to modern retail and 'one-stop shops'.

Fact.MR’s analysts offer elaborated and scrutinized analysis on the development and demand for agri produce through key weighted research studies. Retailers in emerging nations are focusing on the development of omni-channel and multi-format strategies to secure a leading position and gain a competitive edge over others. Millennials are currently the largest consumer cohort worldwide, and their lifestyles meld well with the consumption of organic produce.

As more millennials become parents, the demand for organic produce will keep getting stronger, given the penetration of digital technology that has become an ingrained part of millennials’ daily life. Despite being at its infancy, a brighter future awaits online grocery shopping in light of positive consumer attitudes toward organic produce purchased online.

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