High commodity prices and increased industrial activity continue to undergird the demand for industrial equipment, with strong growth in downstream markets leading to the higher adoption of heavy-duty machinery. While machine tool demand has regained sustained strength, a wide outlook implies uncertainty in the consistency of demand for industrial equipment. Macroeconomic factors such as political instability, and fluctuating energy and commodity costs are further impacting the demand for industrial equipment.

Material handling equipment is witnessing a sustained rise in adoption; however, it will face competition in the long term from counterparts such as automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) and automated guided vehicles. Operations reliant on customers of heavy industrial sectors will falter, while the electrical, automotive, and light industrial sectors will continue to grow. Fact.MR’s analysts propound intricate analysis and actionable insights on the trends impacting various industrial equipment, enabling companies to make fact-based investment decisions.

Increased infrastructure and mining investments are likely to rub off on the demand for construction equipment, with incredibly versatile machinery such as excavators and loaders gaining widespread traction. More operators are opting for new equipment amidst improving economic circumstances, and aftermarket parts and attachments sales. The demand for industrial equipment will further increase in several countries, as these post biggest production gains with local suppliers are increasing the output on the basis of advances in domestic consumption.

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