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Surfactant Cleansers and Adjuvants Market

Surfactant Cleansers and Adjuvants Market

Surfactants Cleansers and Adjuvants Market Analysis By Product Type (Anionic Surfactants, Non-ionic Surfactants, Cationic Surfactants), By Form (Dry, Liquid), By Application, By Region - Global Insights 2022-2032

Surfactant Cleansers and Adjuvants Market
  • Dec-2021
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Global Surfactants Cleansers and Adjuvants Market Outlook

The global surfactants cleansers and adjuvants market is estimated at USD 23,305 million in 2022 and is forecast to reach USD 33,358 million by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 3.5% from 2022 to 2032.

Base Year Value (2021A)

USD 22,582 million

Estimated Year Value (2022E)

USD 23,305 million

Projected Year Value (2032F)

USD 33,358 million

Value CAGR (2022-2032)


Collective Value Share (US, UK, Germany) 2022: Top 3 Countries

41.03 %

Key Companies Profiled

  • Akzo Nobel N.V.
  • Kao Corporation
  • Stepan Company
  • Solvay
  • Clariant
  • Evonik Industries
  • Croda International Plc

The market for surfactants cleansers and adjuvants is expected to show rapid growth during the forecast years due to excessive utilization of surfactants as solubilizing and cleaning agents whereas adjuvants boosts herbicide activity. Aforementioned fact explains why these are used in multiple industries like healthcare, cosmetics etc. Selecting a proper adjuvant out of options available such as antifoam agents, nonionic surfactants, drift control agents and many more varieties becomes highly essential factor.

Tons of surfactants and adjuvants are sold annually due to their utilization as detergents, dispersants, wetting agents, as emulsifiers, and in personal cleaning products. The market for surfactants is exhibiting 1.2X demand, due to positive growth signals in multiple industries and regions, particularly in phase of economic recovery. Aforementioned chemicals are anticipated to face escalation in their demand due to their efficient cleaning performance in applications such as carpet cleaners, laundry detergents, floor cleaners, dishwashing detergents and many more.

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2017-2021 Global Surfactants Cleansers and Adjuvants Market Outlook in Comparison to 2022-2032 Growth Forecast

Surfactants cleansers and adjuvants find their increased application as essential chemical in numerous industries such as cosmetics, agriculture etc. Augmented demand for beauty and personal care products globally is expected to fuel the demand by 1.2X during the forecast period (2022-2032).

Customers’ inclination towards usage of home care detergents and cleaning agents for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is likely to propel market growth during assessment years. Skin care and fabric care products is poised to account for 1/4th of segmental revenue. Because, surfactants allows for complete removal of dirt and other impurities by reducing surface tension between two mediums, thus, propelling market growth under this segment.

Surfactants cleansers and adjuvants products are available in several product types like anionic, non-ionic, cationic, and amphoteric surfactants. Anionic surfactants is an attractive segment which is poised to dominate the market share by contributing one-fourth of segmental revenue and reaching USD 14,073 million by the end of 2032.

East Asia and South Asia is expected to witness significant demand because of multiple factors. The foremost factor is transformation of infrastructure due to rapid industrialization. Infrastructural facilities such as buildings, offices, hospitals, and schools are well-maintained through the use of detergents and other cleaning agents. This is, in turn placing 2X demand at table from these regions. 

Moreover, these regions has well-established petrochemical processing sector which has the capacity to provide cost-effective raw materials for surfactant processing, fueling market growth. 

There has been commendable progress in surfactants cleansers and adjuvants market, along with the sophistication of product composition over the past decade. The product has undergone significant changes in configuration which is poised to grow at above average industry growth rate.

Manufacturers are offering natural and sustainable surfactants in order to double their customer base and gain more market share as compared to their competitors. As a result, the demand for surfactants cleansers and adjuvants is expected to propel in near future.

Fact.MR projects the market to witness growth, exhibiting growth at 3.5% CAGR between 2022 and 2032 in comparison to the CAGR of 3.1% posted between 2017 and 2021.

Surfactants Cleansers and Adjuvants Gaining Traction in the Industry

Consumers are always in need of advanced and innovative products from time to time. Nowadays, consumers have become conscious of organic and natural surfactants to reduce damaging impact of synthetic surfactants on environment. Several surveys conclude that more than 50% of the participants are inclined towards ethical and sustainable products towards environment.

Surfactants cleansers manufacturers are investing in research and developmental activities to offer sustainable surfactants cleansers and adjuvants products to clienteles to be sustainably accountable. They are producing and marketing bio-surfactants, which are likely to attract 2.5X more market demand than synthetic surfactants.

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Restraining Factors of Surfactants Cleansers and Adjuvants Market

Although multiple application of surfactants cleansers and adjuvants is driving market demand but there exists market restraining factors as well.

For instance, price fluctuations of raw materials, oil and gas which is required for surfactant processing is influenced by demand-supply gap, global and regional economic conditions, GDP growth etc. is acting as a restraint factor. 

Additionally, extensive use of detergents and surfactants for cleaning purposes has put an extensive burden on water, leading to water pollution, and damaging impact to aquatic life and environment. This is restricting market growth for synthetic surfactants and is the chief reason of clienteles turning towards natural surfactants to stay eco-friendly.

What is the Impact of COVID-19 on the Market?

COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected the global surfactants cleansers and adjuvants market like several other industries which were hit due to closure of manufacturing and assembling companies. Lack of availability of products in the market further affected the sales of surfactants cleansers and adjuvants. In-store sales came to a standstill as shops were forced to close down owing to fear of spread of the virus. Additionally, the outbreak hugely impacted consumer preferences as they continued to spend primarily on essential items.

But, as the economy is unlocking, the market is slowly gaining impetus. Infrastructural facilities are opening up, spurring the use of cleaning agents in maintenance. Additionally, demand is created from beauty and skin care segments, which is fueling the usage of surfactants and cleaning agents.

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Country-wise Insights

Which is the dominant region for surfactants cleansers and adjuvants market?

North American surfactant cleansers market dominantly acquires a market share of ~27.6% of the global market. And in North America, the U.S. exhibits more than one-third contribution to the overall market revenue. This is attributed to enhanced per capita consumption expenditure, technological advancement and presence of numerous manufacturers in the country.

What is the outlook of Asia-Pacific surfactants cleansers and adjuvants market?

East Asia and South Asia accounts for approximately 17.1% and 13.4% of the global market. Manufacturers in these regions are making products keeping in mind the market trend of preferring organic and natural surfactants by the customers. Additionally, largest oleo chemical industry present in Asia, which provides raw materials for manufacturing detergents, is supporting market growth of surfactants cleansers and adjuvants.

Surfactants cleansers and adjuvants market forecast by Fact.MR

Category-wise Insights

What type of surfactants cleansers and adjuvants is projected to show maximum consumption?

Amongst different product type segment, anionic surfactants is likely to show maximum consumption, accounting for approximately one-fourth of revenue amongst all other product types.

Which segment of form is driving demand for surfactants cleansers and adjuvants products market?

The form segment of surfactants cleansers and adjuvants, is segmented into two forms i.e. dry and liquid. Liquid form is the leading segment growing at a mid-single digit growth rate, thus, reaching to USD 18,644 million, and representing a CAGR of 3.76% during the forecast years.

Competitive Landscape

The global surfactants cleanser and adjuvants market is highly fragmented and competitive in nature owing to the existence of many domestic and regional players. Various marketing strategies are adopted by key players such as mergers, expansions, acquisitions, and partnerships. Also, new product development as strategic approach is adopted by the leading companies to upscale their market presence among consumers and create a large customer base.

Manufacturers are keen for launching environmentally sound and sustainable products helping them to capture more consumer base. For instance, in 2021, BASF SE partnered with Allied Carbon Solutions (ACS), to offer bio-surfactants with market trend of offering environmentally sustainable surfactants cleansers.

Global Surfactants Cleansers and Adjuvants Market by Category

  • By Product Type, Global Surfactants Cleansers and Adjuvants Market is segmented as:

    • Anionic Surfactants
    • Non-ionic Surfactants
    • Cationic Surfactants
    • Amphoteric Surfactants
  • By Application, Global Surfactants Cleansers and Adjuvants Market is segmented as:

    • Skin Care Products
    • Hair Care Products
    • Fabric Care Products
    • Home Care Products
    • Industrial & Institutional Cleansers
    • Other Applications
  • By Form, Global Surfactants Cleansers and Adjuvants Market is segmented as:

    • Dry Surfactant Cleansers
    • Liquid Surfactant Cleansers
  • By Region, Global Surfactants Cleansers and Adjuvants Market is segmented as:

    • North America
    • Latin America
    • Europe
    • East Asia
    • South Asia
    • Oceania
    • MEA

- FAQs -

The global surfactants cleansers and adjuvants market is estimated to be worth over USD 23,305 million in 2022.
The market demand is anticipated to surpass USD 33,358 million by 2032 end.
Some of the prominent players in surfactants cleansers and adjuvants market are BASF, Akzo Nobel N.V., Kao Corporation, Stepan Company, Solvay.
The North America tops the global surfactants cleansers and adjuvants market by contributing nearly 27.6% of the overall market share.
Anionic surfactants contribute around one-fourth share in sales of surfactants cleansers and adjuvants under product type segment.

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