High Purity Argon Market

High Purity Argon Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Review 2018 to 2027

Analysis of High Purity Argon market covering 30 + countries including analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

Global High Purity Argon Market: Snapshot

Argon is a odorless, colorless, non-toxic gas which populates the earth’s atmosphere by less than 1% in terms of volume. Being an inert gas, argon does not chemically react with other substances easily. Argon, when electrically excited, emits a pale blue-violet light.

Argon could be referred to as pure liquid argon (PLAR) or crude liquid argon (CLAR). Crude argon is generally found as a by-product in the production of high purity argon. Crude argon also finds some limited uses such as welding applications and steelmaking. High purity argon is typically recovered or purified using the purge gas as its feed. A mix of nitrogen and hydrogen, with a small amount of argon, used for the commercial production of ammonia produces high purity argon as a by-product. The methane produced in ammonia production is recycled in a fired heater, driving the synthesized gas generation, from which high purity argon is retrieved and processed.

High purity argon is commercially valued for it is an inert gas, and is employed in critical industrial applications, such as the production of pure silicon crystals for the manufacture of semiconductors, manufacture of high-quality stainless steel, as an inert filler gas for light bulbs, and as dry and heavy filler for space between glass panels in the multi-pane window of high efficiency.

In its newly compiled research report, Fact.MR offers valuable perspectives on the global high purity argon market and detailed insights related pertaining to its growth prospects over the forecast period, 2018-2027. Crucial information provided in the research report throws light on the major challenges faced by leading manufacturers and the contribution of high purity argon across industries. On the basis of recent market trends and development traced in the global market, the report provides accurate analysis and predictions on the high purity argon market.

The research report can be used as a comprehensive business document for leading business organizations operating in the global high purity argon market. Some of the leading players identified in the global market include Air Liquide, Praxaire, The Linde Group, and Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. The report offers insightful information related to the marketing strategies adopted by these companies over the years.

High purity gas witnesses diversified application in the manufacturing process across various industries globally. These products are used in various industrial processes as a protective atmosphere to prevent chemical changes and oxidation during the manufacturing process. Electronics and automotive parts manufacturing, steel manufacturing, winemaking, welding, and metal fabrication, and food preservation are some applications that witness significant demand for high purity argon globally.

Novel Extraction Techniques Adopted by Manufacturer to Boost Growth

With the growing need to conduct examinations for verification of product quality in the laboratories, demand for high purity and ultra-high purity argon continues to persist. As the need for high-purity and ultra-high purity argon persist, leading manufacturing companies such as Air Liquid are implementing innovative techniques such as gas chromatography to engineer high purity argon. Through gas chromatography, the company can conveniently segregate argon from the nitrogen peak and oxygen combined peak.

Besides gas chromatography, major manufacturing companies such as The Linde Group is implementing cryogenic distillation technique to extract high purity and ultra-high purity argon. With the adoption of cryogenic distillation system, the crude argon can be purified by segregating oxygen in a getter system. The other impurities are segregated from argon through cryogenic distillation to produce high purity argon gas for various applications.

Demand to Remain Concentrated in Welding Applications

With the growing need for shielded arc processes during industrial processes such as wielding stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and bronze, demand for high purity argon continues to remain high. Leading manufacturers across industries utilize high purity argon as a shielding gas as it maintains an inert atmosphere and prevents instances of chemical changes and oxidation, which would be detrimental for the weld. Plasma cutting, arc welding, and root shielding are some of the prominent industrial applications that are witnessing robust demand for high purity and ultra-high purity argon gas.

In addition, manufacturers are also utilizing high purity argon to prevent the interaction between the atmospheric setting and liquid during the steel production. In order to offer convenience to the end users, major manufacturing companies such as Air Liquide are focusing on offering high purity argon along with the ready-to weld products for efficient and reliable use.

The company is also concentrating on offering high purity argon in cryogenic liquid form at 99.999% purity level for the use of FTIR and ICP instruments. To sustain their lead in the forefront of the competitive market, leading companies such as The Linde Group and Air Liquide are focusing on offering high purity argon for the fluorescent lightening applications.

Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions to Underscore Lucrative Growth Opportunities

Leading manufacturing companies are focusing on adopting marketing strategies such as collaborations, mergers, and partnerships. For instance, leading German company, The Linde Group collaborated with Praxair Inc., an American company. Through strategic collaborations, the companies are focusing on operating together and developing innovative production solutions. In addition, the companies are concentrating on obtaining a leading position by collaborating their operations.

Also, Air Products and Chemicals, an American international corporation has recently announced that it has acquired ACP Europe SA to strengthen its position in Europe. With the acquisition of ACP, Air Products and Chemicals will focus on expanding its supply of liquid form of carbon dioxide in additional European countries.

In addition, the gas companies are focusing on expanding their product portfolio, and broaden their source as well as supply chain through this acquisition. To remain in the forefront of the competitive market, leading manufacturing companies are concentrating on strategic mergers and collaborations.

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Novel Extraction Techniques Adopted by Manufacturer to Boost Growth

Key players identified in the global market include Air Liquide, Praxaire, The Linde Group and Air Products & Chemicals Inc.

High Purity Argon Market

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