Digital Impression System Market

Digital Impression System Market Analysis By Type (Standalone & Mobile / Portable System) By Compatibility (Third-Party Compatible & Integrated) By Region – Global Market Insights 2022-2032

Analysis of Digital Impression System market covering 30 + countries including analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

Digital Impression System Market Outlook

The global digital impression system market is poised to increase at a steady CAGR of 17.5%, reaching US$ 28.9 Bn by 2032, from US$ 5.8 Bn in 2022.

"Demand for digital impression system minimizes the number of retakes required in dental applications like restoration, reducing time and increasing production."

The growing understanding of the demand for digital impression system technology over traditional impression methods, such as simple, easy, and exact scanning with minimal effort for both the patient and the dentist, is having the greatest impact on the global sales of digital impression systems. 

Owing to these systems removing the time-consuming and unpleasant procedure of creating an elastomeric imprint for dental applications, their use in dental treatments has increased significantly. 

Furthermore, the demand for digital impression systems reduces the number of retakes necessary in dental applications like restoration, lowering the total time and boosting productivity, which is favorably impacting the market's growth. 

In the approaching years, the increased manufacture of improved powder-free intraoral scanners at a considerably lower price is likely to boost the sales of digital impression system significantly. Aside from that, the digital impression system market is expected to be propelled in the near future by dentists' increasing use of these systems, spurred by an increased focus on patients' comfort and treatment precision.



Digital Impression System Market Size (2022)

US$ 5.8 Bn

Digital Impression System Market Estimated Value (2026)

US$ 11.6 Bn

Digital Impression System Market Projected Value (2032)

US$ 28.9 Bn

Global Digital Impression System Market Growth Rate (2022-2032)

17.5% CAGR

Digital Impression System Market Share of Top 5 Countries


Digital Impression System Market Key Players

  • 3Shape A/S
  • Carestream Health, Inc.
  • Dental Wings Inc.
  • Densys3D Ltd

What is the COVID-19 Impact on Digital Impression System Market?

As a result of the present COVID-19 epidemic, a large number of people are attending healthcare institutions on a regular basis. COVID-19 has been recorded in 63.8 million instances spanning Africa, Asia Pacific, the Americas, Europe, and Oceania. Approximately 1.5 million people have died as a result of the infection.

With the COVID-19 epidemic, most nations, including the whole European Union, the United States, India, and Australia, have implemented statewide lockdowns. The supply chain for dental impression materials and scanners was also disrupted.

The number of patients seeing dentists worldwide has fallen as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the projected period, however, this is likely to alter, and demand for dental impressions is expected to revert to pre-COVID levels.

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Sales Analysis of the Digital Impression System Market Growth

"During the forecast period, growing demand for digital impression system technology in dentistry is likely to boost the development of the sales of digital impression system market."

In the dentistry profession, demand for digital impression system technology has proved critical. The market's major players are concentrating their efforts on R&D in order to produce unique products in the fields of optics, digitalization, and CAD/CAM. These technologies enable dentists to create an accurate digital record of visible intraoral soft and hard tissue components without the use of time-consuming elastomeric impression material. 

Patients have had bad experiences with previous elastomeric impression materials, making the entire process uncomfortable. Sales of digital impression system technology save time and money for both the patient and the dentist. An exact copy of the teeth is created using a digital impression system technology.

Demand for digital impression system devices allows for the creation of a three-dimensional (3-D) reproduction of teeth in a matter of seconds. Sirona Dental Systems, Inc., for example, offers the CEREC Connect portal, which allows a dentist to take a digital impression system technology and transmit the data to a dental laboratory within Sirona's network, making it simple for the laboratory to create the dental restoration and return it to the dentist by/during the patient's second visit.

Alginate, tray adhesive, elastomeric impression material, and occlusal registration material are required for elastomeric impression, impression tray, and impression material disinfection. Furthermore, if the operation produces harmful vapors, materials require a particular period of time to set. 

A complete arch elastomeric impression might cost up to US$ 40. Dentists, on the other hand, save money with digital impression system technology since less material is used and the workflow is more efficient. Furthermore, sales of digital impression system have enabled manufacturers to create portable and low-cost digital impression system machines. 

Dentists and dental assistants may learn to operate these digital scanners in as little as two days with the aid of manufacturer-guided training, which is included as part of the equipment purchase. In the near future, improved operation and profit are projected to boost the sales of digital impression system forward.

What are the Limits to the Digital Impression System Market?

"During the forecast period, technical problems and the high cost of scanners are projected to limit the growth of the sales of digital impression system."

Demand for digital impression systems has helped build on open software architecture, allowing dentists to scan tooth impressions as scanned images and export their data in (.stl) format for further processing. This service, however, comes at an extra fee of roughly US$ 20 for each transfer. 

Furthermore, laboratories that accept these scanned pictures pay manufacturers a charging fee. The data file containing the scanned picture in (.stl) format from a scanner may not successfully link its data to distinct lab-based milling devices in certain of this increased sales of digital impression system. 

Furthermore, only a few organisations on the market are having trouble communicating with the Ceramill milling equipment, which numbers in the thousands. As a result, demand for digital impression system growth is likely to be hampered throughout the projection period.

Manufacturing of these systems necessitates a high level of technological competence. Although developed nations are home to key market participants, emerging economies such as China and India are likely to struggle to expand the sales of digital impression system during the projection period due to a lack of this knowledge.


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What are the Emerging Trends in Digital Impression System Market?

"As mobile/tablet-based scanners become more widely adopted, attractive development prospects may emerge the demand for digital impression system."

Because orthodontists and oral surgeons are increasingly using mobile/tablet-based intraoral scanners, demand for digital impression system has skyrocketed. With optical wands, these are simple to move and handle in any location. 

For example, in October 2016, the 3M Company released a rechargeable tablet-based mobile intraoral scanner for physicians and patients to use in their daily life, eliminating the need for carts or power connections to go between operatories. It helps to clear away clutter and gives the assistant and clinician more room to move around in tight situations.

Sales of digital impression system technology improve clinical accuracy while also shortening the procedure time. On the other hand, traditional impression methods result in flaws and inconsistencies, as well as an unpleasant experience for patients. 

As a result, sales of digital impression system have begun to acquire popularity in both established and growing markets like the Asia Pacific. Furthermore, throughout the projection period, increased concerns about dental care and treatment, along with a growth in the geriatric population and demand for digital impression system and treatment, are likely to generate significant commercial prospects.

Comparative View of Adjacent Digital Impression System Market


Digital Impression System Market

Digital Loyalty Programs Market

Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) Market






Market Value


US$ 11.2 Bn

US$ 12.7 Bn

US$ 1.45 Bn

Growth Factor

Technological advancements have enabled manufacturers to produce handy and low-cost devices for digital impressions.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have the potential to change loyalty management systems in the future.

Rising usage of Audio as a Service (AaaS), AI the technology, and advanced audio interfaces may have been expected to fuel industry expansion.


Orthodontists and oral surgeons are increasingly using mobile/tablet-based intraoral scanners, increasing demand.

Customers are interested in tailored advice, discounts, and promotions from companies in order to obtain benefits.

This surge is due to increased demand for AI platforms in audio workstations and hybrid digital/analogue audio systems.

Key Trends

Digitization increases clinical accuracy and speed. Disadvantages of traditional imprint procedures include patient pain and defects.

The cloud deployment model covers many devices such as tablets, phones, and social media.

The global market for sales of digital audio workstations (DAWs) is expected to grow due to cloud computing and AR/VR usage.

The market size for value (million USD) and volume (square meters) is estimated in this digital impression system market study (K Units). To estimate and validate the market size of the digital impression system market, top-down and bottom-up methodologies were used, as well as to estimate the size of several other dependent submarkets in the entire market. 

Secondary research was used to identify key market participants, and primary and secondary research was used to calculate their market shares. Secondary sources and verified original sources were used to calculate all percentage share splits and breakdowns. 

During the forecast period, between 2022 and 2032, the global digital impression system market is expected to grow at a significant rate. The market is likely to develop at a steady rate through 2022, thanks to key players' increasing adoption of tactics.

Dentists employ a demand for digital impression system to construct a computer-generated virtual reproduction of the hard and soft tissues of the mouth using optical scanning instruments. The sales of digital impression system are subsequently increasing due to improvements that are utilised to build restorations without the usage of stone models in many cases. 

The research makes a spectacular attempt to disclose important opportunities accessible in the worldwide digital impression system market to assist businesses to achieve a strong sales of digital impression system position, with industry-standard precision in analysis and excellent data integrity. The report's buyers will have access to validated and trustworthy market projections, such as those for the worldwide digital impression system market total revenue size.

Overall, the study shows to be a useful tool for firms looking to acquire a competitive advantage over their rivals and achieve long-term success in the sales of digital impression system. With the support of reliable sources, all of the report's results, data, and information are confirmed and revalidated. 

For an in-depth examination of the worldwide digital impression system market, the researchers who prepared the report used a unique and industry-best research and analysis technique.

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What is the Segmentation Outlook for the Digital Impression System Market?

The global market demand for digital impression systems is divided into three categories: type, compatibility, and region. The digital impression system market is divided into two types: freestanding systems and portable systems (intraoral scanners, tablet/screens, and carts).

It is divided into third-party compatible and integrated systems based on compatibility. The market sales of digital impression systems are divided into four regions: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Caribbean. 

Which Segment has the Maximum Growth Potential in the Digital Impression System Market by Type?

The major segment creating a demand for digital impression systems available across the world includes standalone systems, such as plug-and-play intraoral scanners, and mobile/portable systems, such as intraoral scanners, tablets/ screens, and carts.

Mobile/portable systems have emerged as the primary contributor to the sales of digital impression systems, with a predicted strong CAGR of 18% by 2032. Mobile / Portable System by type segment dominated the global demand for digital impression system.

The demand for mobile/portable systems is expected to continue high in the near future due to new advances in the dentistry and healthcare industries and the entrance of different new technologies into the digital impression system market, such as mobile-based tablet intraoral scanners and dental 3D impression technology.

Nonetheless, due to their low pricing and small designs, standalone systems are projected to see a continuous increase in demand in the coming years.

Which is the Preferred Segment in the Digital Impression System Market by Compatibility?

The growing awareness of the advantages spiking the demand for digital impression system technology over traditional impression methods, such as straightforward, simple, and precise filtering with the least amount of effort for both the patient and the dental specialist, is having a significant impact on the global sales of digital impression system. 

Because these technologies eliminate the time-consuming and complex interaction of elastomeric impressions utilized in dental applications, their utilization in dental treatments has skyrocketed. Furthermore, the fact that digital impression system technology reduces the number of retakes required in dental applications such as rebuilding, reducing overall time, and increasing efficiency is influencing the market's growth.

The accelerated rate of production for cutting-edge non-powder intraoral scanners at a greatly reduced cost is expected to propel the third-party compatible by compatibility market segment with a strong expected CAGR of 16.8% in the coming years. Aside from that, the increased demand for digital impression systems by dental professionals, fueled by a growing focus on patient comfort and treatment precision, is expected to drive the market in the coming years.

What is the Regional Demand Analysis in the Digital Impression System Market?



United States


United Kingdom








The Asia Pacific market demand for digital impression system is expected to grow considerably among other regional markets in the next years because of its developing economy and rising consumer standards of living. In the approaching years, the expanding number of big orthodontic clinics and practitioners in Asian nations, including Japan, China, and India, is expected to enhance this regional market significantly. 

The major geographical categories of the global digital impression system market are North America, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia Pacific, and South America. With revenues of US$ 1.05 Billion in 2022, North America led the global market. 

Due to the existence of a big pool of established market participants, analysts estimate this regional market will maintain its dominance over the next few years. In the near future, the United States and Canada are anticipated to become the most important domestic markets sales of digital impression system in North America.

How Intense is the Competition in the Digital Impression System Market?

The market is driven by advantages such as the convenience of handling, device lightweight construction, and increased image precision provides strong sales of digital impression system over traditional impression systems.

Furthermore, better patient comfort and dentist approval of these gadgets are driving market expansion. The enormous costs connected with the development of various sorts of media culture, on the other hand, limit market expansion.

Recent Developments in the Digital Impression System Market:

  • Product launches are a priority for market leaders looking to extend their product offerings. For example, Dentsply Sirona, a subsidiary of Sirona Dental Systems Inc., introduced Primescan, a revolutionary intraoral scanner that can capture a digital image of the complete jaw, in February 2019.
  • To acquire a competitive edge in the industry, major market companies are interested in product development. For example, 3Shape A/S released the TRIOS 3 Basic intraoral scanner using core scanning technology in February 2019.

Key Segments

  • By Type

    • Standalone (Plug & Play Intraoral Scanner)
    • Mobile / Portable System (Intraoral Scanner, Tablet / Screens and Cart)
  • By Compatibility

    • Third-Party Compatible
    • Integrated
  • By Region

    • North America
    • Europe
    • Asia Pacific
    • Middle East and Africa
    • South America

- FAQs -

How is the Growth Outlook for the Digital Impression System Market?

The digital impression system market is expected to rise at a steady CAGR of 17.5% during the projected period.

What was the Digital Impression System Market Size in 2021?

The global digital impression system market was valued at US$ 4.9 Bn in 2021.

What is the Adoption Potential of Digital Impression System By 2032?

The global digital impression system market is anticipated to be worth nearly US$ 28.9 Bn by 2032.

Which Region Leads the Global Digital Impression System Market Report?

North America and China are the leading region in the digital impression system market.

What will be the Leading Segment of the Digital Impression System Market By Type?

Mobile / Portable System is the leading segment by type is expected to expand at a strong CAGR of 18% by 2032.

Digital Impression System Market

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