The automotive industry is approaching a turning point, with growing emission control targets and low-carbon vehicle transition presenting both, risks and opportunities to the industry. Adapting quickly to technological transformations and stringent environmental regulations is becoming a challenge to prominent as well as small companies in the industry. Given the rapidly changing inflexion point in vehicle technology, tremendous opportunities lie ahead for companies in the global market.

Analysts at Fact.MR offer exclusive insights on carbon reduction technologies apropos of the automotive sector, helping investors, government bodies, and innovators better understand the technologies that aid the transition towards a low carbon footprint. In the face of uncertainty created by technology and market shifts, leading companies that take development efforts related to carbon reduction technologies are likely to be well positioned to shape a low-carbon future for the automotive industry.

Tech giants are joining forces with auto manufacturers for improving the operational performance of vehicles, while retaining fuel efficiency. The advent of electric vehicles has been aiding the efforts of automakers in curtailing carbon emissions, without any significant impact on revenue, as cars with electric motors are gaining widespread traction, worldwide. However, compliance with emission-related regulations entails high capital investment for carmakers. Passing these costs onto the customers is likely to hamper the industry’s overall status quo in the near future.

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