Olive Oil Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking: Global Market insights 2017 to 2022

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Key Insights: Global Olive Oil Market

Spiraling Olive Oil Demand amid Falling Supply Continues to Jack-up Prices through 2022

The recent consequences of adverse climatic events in the key olive growing regions within the Mediterranean have taken a severe toll on olive production, thereby affecting volumetric output of olive oil. As the olive yield, supply, olive oil volumes, and overall prices prominently rely on a set of external factors including weather, Spain and Italy have had experienced skyrocketing olive oil prices in the recent years. Similarly, floods have been responsible for plunging olive oil market in Spain, whereas heat waves ravaged olive oil markets in Italy and Greece. While experts have already projected a long-term worldwide olive oil shortage, olive crop decimation due to bacterial infections and fruit fly attack is expected to further cause the fall of the most fertile olive groves. Despite drastic price volatility, there has been no signs of olive oil demand abating across the globe, which points to a challenging scenario facing olive oil producers.

Major Opportunities Sill Flash in Retail and Foodservice Sectors in Olive Oil Market

As indicated by the analysis of global olive oil market on the basis of end user, retail and foodservice currently contribute a lion’s share to the total olive oil market value. Nearly four-fifth of the entire olive oil market sales revenue is being collectively brought in by these two end users. While Europe’s foodservice sector has been the most prominent market for olive oil producers over the years, foodservice in Asia Pacific is identified to reveal a wealth of new opportunities in the years ahead. On the other side, retail will also remain one of the most dynamically evolving realms that enables olive oil market players to constantly be on their toes, in an effort to discern their target customers - maintaining a customized approach.

Olive Oil Exporters to Explore New Business Opportunities with the EU-Japan Trade Deal

European farmers and agricultural product companies are presumed to enjoy revolutionary benefits of the brand new EU-Japan Trade Deal. While the deal intends to appease the tax pressure on the goods and service trade among the EU and Japan, it is foreseen to pave the way for European farmers and agricultural product exporters to penetrate the massive Japanese market space. A large number of agricultural products exported by the EU countries to Japan will now have a ready access to Japanese market, followed by a protected scenario for more than 200 food and beverage products. Producers, bottlers, and exporters of olive oil are likely to explore a free trade zone in Japan post this deal, owing to flexible packaging and labeling guidelines.

China to Make it Big in Olive Oil Market; North America Still Awaits Breakthrough Progress

China, with an estimated US$ 200 million worth of yearly olive oil consumption, is predicted to emerge as a big market for olive oil in the near future. China’s nouveau riche is rapidly shifting to healthier dietary alternatives including olive oil, compelling the country to raise a massive volume to import each year. American consumers have been relatively unaffected by the supply-demand and pricing scenario of olive oil market. According to industry experts, Americans are relatively undereducated regarding nutritional offerings of olive oil, which highlights the scope for improved performance of North America’s olive oil market. Post the first Olive Oil Conference to be held at Yale, The School of Public Health under Yale University is planning to establish an olive oil research center, emphasizing its health and nutritional benefits. This and more such initiatives will possibly push consumer awareness about olive oil consumption – encouraging sales of olive oil in North America.

Competition Analysis: Global Olive Oil Market Report

The report provides a complete analysis of the global olive oil market landscape with an objective to help key competitors build prudent growth strategies to stand out from the competition. Some of the companies profiled in the olive oil market report include Associated British Foods (Ach), Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd., The Adani Wilmar Ltd., Archer Daniels Midland Company, Cargill Inc., Adams Group Inc., and Bunge Limited.

Colavita USA, a leading international oil distributor, recently launched its Dixon site to support the processing and bottling of 100% extra virgin olive oil - exclusively originated in California. The production site sources olive from across the state to process the premium product, and distributes olive oil bottles to domestic and Asian markets.

Italy and Spain have been dominating Japan’s olive oil market over the years. The trade deal between the EU and Japan will set up a huge open trade zone that is anticipated to introduce lucrative opportunities for merchants and olive oil exporters based in EU countries. European stakeholders in the olive oil market are poised to focus on capitalizing the benefits of the EU-Japan deal in the near future.

Product Definition: Olive Oil Market

Originally from the Mediterranean, olive oil has garnered incredible popularity over the years, all over the globe. Although developed regional markets have been the early adopters of olive oil, remarkably growing olive oil consumption by fast growing Asian economies is expected to shape the performance of olive oil market in upcoming years.

Global Olive Oil Market: About the Report

As predicted by a recent report intelligence publication on the global olive oil market, the market for olive oil will possibly approach the valuation in excess of US$ 11 Bn towards 2022 end. The global olive oil market report offers strategic insights to the stakeholders operating in the olive oil market landscape.

Additional Questions Answered by Global Olive Oil Market Report

  • What is Europe’s current revenue share in the global olive oil market? How will the trade deal impact European olive oil market performance in upcoming years?
  • What are the key strategies that leading market players are adopting to overcome challenges posed by the supply-demand and pricing conditions in olive oil market?

Fact.MR released a new research intelligence outlook, which is an exhaustive assessment of global olive oil market and offers in-depth actionable insights on the global olive oil market over the next five-year forecast period, 2017-2022. The report has been titled “Olive Oil Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking: Global Review 2017 to 2022”  that offers thorough examination of the global market for olive oil within the aforementioned tenure, to elaborate on each of the aspects that are likely to influence the olive oil market performance through 2022.

For convenience of understanding and offering a precise view of each facet of olive oil market, the report has been broken down in 13 chapters, which cover the entire olive oil market in individual sections – from standard product definition to the market competition.

Chapter 1: Executive Summary - Global Olive Oil Market Report

The report starts with an executive summary that provides quick insights on the global olive oil market. This chapter introduces report readers to the crux of the olive oil market report that gives an overall report scope at a glance, backed by accurate recent facts and statistical figures related to the global olive oil market.

Chapter 2: Overview - Global Olive Oil Market Overview

This section of the report presents the olive oil market overview through basic market introduction, standard product definition, and accurate market sizing and forecast over the projection period. This part of the report provides yearly as well as compound annual growth rate comparison for the entire forecast period. It further discusses key market dynamics (drivers, restraints, trends, and opportunities) impacting growth of olive oil market, followed by supply chain analysis, pricing structure analysis, and raw material sourcing and strategy evaluation. A list of key participants of the supply chain has been provided at the end of this chapter, followed by region-wise analysis of leading market participants.

The next chapters of global olive oil market elaborate on the key taxonomy of the olive oil market, providing an extensive analysis of various market segments on the basis of the type of product, the type of end user, and the type of distribution channel.

Chapters 3-6: Segmentation - Global Olive Oil Market

These chapters offer thorough segmental analysis of olive oil market through revenue and market share comparison in key regional markets – product type (processed, virgin), end user (foodservice, food processor, retail), and distribution channel (modern trade, franchise outlets, specialty stores, online).

Chapter 7-13: Global Olive Oil Market: Regional Segmentation

This chapter of the report on the global market for olive oil provides individual as well as country-wise analysis of six key regional markets for olive oil at a global level. While the regions covered in the report include North America, Latin America, Europe, Japan, Asia Pacific (excluding Japan), and Middle East and Africa (MEA), the chapter provides revenue comparison analysis for each of these based on product type, end user type, and distribution channel.

Chapter 14: Competition Tracking - Global Olive Oil Market

This chapter of the global olive oil market report offers in-depth tracking of the competitive landscape of the market for olive oil at a global level. With exhaustive profiling of around eight companies, including manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors operating in the olive oil ecology, this part of the report offers strategic insights on each competitor's company and product overview, financial status, key developments, SWOT analysis, and revenue projections.

With the commitment to providing independent and unbiased research insights on the global olive oil market, the report has been prepared only after months of extensive research process. Banking equally on the traditional, tried-and-tested methodologies of research and innovative market research methods, the expert research consulting team at Fact.MR strives to deliver an exhaustive yet precise set of data points. While a series of secondary research sources and the entire primary research process have remained of paramount importance to mine the accurate information on the global olive oil market, a few other research techniques have also been adopted for a multifocal lookout at the global market for olive oil – focused interviews, trade research, and social media analysis.

The scope of the global olive oil market report is to offer a set of unbiased and accurate insights on the growth prospects of the olive oil market at a global level. The insights provided by this report are expected to benefit various stakeholders in the global olive oil marketplace, including manufacturers, suppliers, automakers, dealers, distributors, and aftermarket operators. It also aims to help leading farming institutes, traders, magazines, magazines, and international journals gain deep-dive insights on the olive oil market, enhancing and fulfilling the areas of their interests.

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Olive Oil Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking: Global Market insights 2017 to 2022