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Ben Oil Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By End Use (Cosmetics, Food and Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Others (Chemical, Technology and etc.)), By Sales Channel (E-commerce, Offline), By Region - Global Market Insights 2022 To 2032

Analysis of Ben Oil market covering 30 + countries including analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

Ben Oil Market Outlook (2022-2032)

The global ben oil market is USD 7.94 Billion at present in 2022. Further, this market is anticipated to surpass the market size of USD 19.91 Billion by end of 2032. As per the growth, the forecast market is likely to expand with a CAGR of 9.63 % in the forecast duration. The assessment period for this research is 2022 to 2032.

There is a rise in demand for ben oil owing to its multiple benefits. Ben oil comprises of vitamin C, antioxidants, and nutrients, which are helpful in protecting skin from tissue ruptures and wrinkle problems. The oil comprises multiple components, including oleic acids, palmitic acid, stearic acid, and behenic acid, which add to its overall texture and wellness.

Ben oil is well-known for its extraordinarily long shelf life and pleasant & mild taste. Moringa oil or ben oil is extensively used as a perfume base, with extended applications in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals applications. Ben oil, commonly known as moringa oil, as extracted from the moringa oleifera seeds. Moreover, ben oil or moringa oil is also used in skin care products for its skin-nourishing benefits.

The rising incomes and progression in the global population are anticipated to play a significant role in the rising demand for healthy consumables by people. The demand for ben oil is due to high health awareness and increasing demand for nutrient-rich healthy options.

Report Attributes


Ben Oil Market Size (2022 A)

USD 7.94 Billion

Base Year for Estimation


Forecast duration for this research


Forecasted Market value (2032 F)

USD 19.91 Billion

Global Market Growth rate (2022-2032 E)

CAGR of 9.63%

Key Companies Profiled

  • AOS Products Pvt. Ltd.,
  • Avi Naturals,
  • Dawn Moringa,
  • Asili Natural Oils
  • Limited (ANO),
  • Katyani Exports,
  • Jedwards International, Inc.,
  • AETOS Essential Oils,
  • Kerfoot Group

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Drivers of Demand for Ben Oil Market

“Skincare and Personal Care to foster demand for Ben Oil Products.”

The incessant demand for natural ingredients in the beauty industry has resulted in the augmented adoption of ben oil in the skin and personal care space. With end-users developing resistance toward the use of artificial ingredients with potential side effects, manufacturers of skin & personal care products are actively investing in beneficial oils, such as ben oil, to offer products with health benefits.

Skin & personal care brands also seek ben oil for infusing into their products, thereby making their offerings capable of restoring skin vitality. Brands offering skin care & personal care products are capitalizing on this health & wellness trend via the incorporation of moringa oil or ben oil, on account of its excellent emollient properties.

“The rising usage in Pharmaceuticals to boost revenue potential of Ben Oil Market.”

The adoption of ben oil as a crucial ingredient in the pharmaceutical space, on account of its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, is significantly revving up. This, in turn, is creating sustained opportunities for key players in the ben oil market from an investment-making standpoint.

Moreover, ben oil or moringa oil is well-known for its wound-healing properties, which are promoted by the presence of phytosterols and phenolic compounds, thereby making it an essential ingredient in wound care drugs.

“Use of cold pressing to enhance product quality”

With the demand for high-quality products increasing at a rapid pace, manufacturers of ben oil are adopting the best ways possible to boost reliability. Manufacturers of ben oil are rolling out offerings that are 100% cold pressed from best-quality seeds, a part of their value proposition strategies.

Cold pressing techniques are being adopted by manufacturers to retain the aroma, flavor, and nutritional profile of their ben oil offerings, thereby boosting end-user confidence and boosting sales. Manufacturers are sourcing moringa seeds from small organic growers, which, in turn, ensures higher potency and beneficial properties of their products.

In addition, manufacturers in the ben oil market are also making strategic tie-ups with end-users for the formation of long-term contracts instrumental for sustained profitability.

The covid-19 pandemic propelled growth in online sales across all products

During the pandemic, the world has noticed drastic changes in terms of health and consumption patterns. The products associated with health and regular consumption have seen positive sales growth owing to the rising consciousness of people towards health. The existing lockdowns and restrictions have propelled online channel penetration. The demand for ben oil products is likely to gain revenue in the forecast period owing to its wide acceptance in light of health and daily consumption benefits.

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Competitive Landscape

The prominent market players in ben oil production are focused on sales and rising product quality. These companies are dedicated to capturing the capacities of maximum market share in worldwide markets. These firms are targeting the expansion of supply chain networks and retail distribution capacities. The companies are also focusing on strategic partnerships and extensive marketing for giving customers more information about their product’s benefits. These companies are targeting the expansion of production and supply capacity of ben oil to increase their overall profitability.

Recent Development

  • In 2019, Kerfoot Group- a leading player in the ben oil market- is set to showcase its range of natural and sustainable offerings at the popular personal care ingredients show ‘Incosmetics Global’ scheduled to be held in Paris, France. The company will showcase a new range of specialty and organic oils that are in sync with the emerging trends, including vegan, sustainable, ethical, and organic, which will foster its brand recognition for improved market sustenance.
  • In 2017, AETOS Essential Oils- a key player in the ben oil market- earned the Non-GMO project and USDA Organic verified status, establishing itself as one of the very few essential oil makers having both designations.

Regional Outlook

Based on the regions the ben oil market is categorized across the regions such as America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. These regions can be further studied nation-wise share of ben oil market shares. Across all regions, North America dominates sales of ben oil products owing to large-scale companies in ben oil production. The region is leading due to these key manufacturers who rapidly adopting changes in current trends in markets. The adoption of organic and vegan products in these regions has propelled the demand for the ben oil market.

After North America, Europe holds the major share in terms of revenue in ben oil market share. The region is expected to notice heavy competition in the forecast period and growing brand awareness in the region is anticipated to foster the ben oil market size.

Asia Pacific is expected to rise in terms of demand and sales of healthy consumables owing to rising health concerns and growing income in the region. India and China are expected to lead the demand owing to their higher population and rising pharmaceutical and health industry.

The middle east and Africa are anticipated to notice a slow to moderate growth rate in ben oil production in the assessment period due to the stagnant no of manufacturing units in the region.

Segment wise analysis

“The pharmaceuticals industry dominates the use of ben oil”

The moringa seeds are traditionally used in medicine production making it a core application in the pharma sector. The moringa trees are a great source of B-carotene as well as antioxidants which are widely used in human and animal consumption. The high quality of fatty acid content and notable resistance to degradation is the benefit of using ben oil in medicine production.

“Moringa Oil was adopted as a replacement for Vegetable oil due to its odourless feature.”

The food sector is also anticipated to record the fastest CAGR owing to richness of ben oil in oleic acid and sterols. The oxidative rancidity allows ben oil to replace olive oil in cooking. These oils can be used as lubrication and perfumes. The oil is dominantly used for preservative properties in the food industry. These are widely used as excellent options in the salad oil range. The odorless and mild nutty flavor of this oil making it widely adoptable in cooking as a replacement for vegetable oils.

Ben Oil Market: Segmentation

The global ben oil market is segmented on the basis of sales channel, end-use industry type, and region.

  • By End-Use Industry:

    • Cosmetics
    • Food and Beverages
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Others (Chemical, Technology and etc.)
  • By Sales Channel:

    • E-commerce
    • Offline
  • By Region :

    • North America
    • Latin America
    • Europe
    • APAC
    • MEA

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This market is anticipated to surpass the market size of USD 19.91 Billion by end of 2032.

As per the growth, the forecast market is likely to expand with a CAGR of 9.63% in the forecast duration. The assessment period for this research is 2022 to 2032.

The key industry player in Ben Oil production are- • AOS Products Pvt. Ltd., • Avi Naturals, • Dawn Moringa, • Asili Natural Oils • Limited (ANO), • Katyani Exports, • Jedwards International, Inc., • AETOS Essential Oils

North America is the dominant region in terms of demand and manufacturers of ben oil products market.

North America is the dominant region in terms of demand and manufacturers of ben oil products market.

The valuation of the worldwide Ben Oil Market is USD 7.94 Billion at present in 2022.

Ben Oil Market

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