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Sodium Trimetaphosphate Market

Sodium Trimetaphosphate Market

Sodium Trimetaphosphate Market By Grade (Food, Technical, Industrial), By Application (Food Processing, Water Treatment, Pharmaceutical Industry, Starch Modification) - Global Market Insights 2020 to 2030

Sodium Trimetaphosphate Market

Sodium Trimetaphosphate Market Outlook

Sodium trimetaphosphate falls under the branch of essential phosphates, and serves a multitude of purposes, ranging from food processing to pharmaceutical additives.

Applications of sodium trimetaphosphate has diversified over the past half-decade, owing to channeling of the product across avenues.

Despite this diversification, demand is concentrated in starch modification application. In a recently published report by Fact.MR, insights regarding key factors fueling market growth have been offered for the period of 2020 to 2030.

The market has been tracked in 20+ high-growth countries, where the region of East Asia tops the pecking order. The report also details what impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having in the global sodium trimetaphosphate market across the world.

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Historical & Future Projections

Over the past half-decade, sodium trimetaphosphate has portrayed a moderate growth rate of 4.2%. Demand growth over the period can solely be assessed analyzing the demanded quantity across food, pharmaceutical, and water treatment industries.

Demand for sodium trimetaphosphate declined by nearly 2-3% over the 2nd quarter and 1-2% over the 3rd quarter of FY2020. This decline was a result of reduced demand major end-use industries such as food and water treatment.

Despite this declination, the market has resurrected by 1% over the 4th quarter of FY2020, and is set to experience a complete recovery by the end of Q3 FY2021.

Assessing the market over the forecast period, in the short run (2020-2022), the market is expected to grow at a slow pace, while shifting its stance to rapid pace by the medium run (2020-25).

Moderate growth rate of the sodium trimetaphosphate market is set to be observed over the long-run forecast period, at a CAGR of over 5% through 2030.

sodium trimetaphosphate market application

How will Demand Growth of Modified Starch Impact Sodium Trimetaphosphate?

Over the past half-decade, demand for modified starch has grown rapidly, owing to growing consumer consciousness regarding the benefits provided by the product.

In response to growing demand for modified starch, key manufacturers have enacted upon ramping up their production facilities to stay afloat in the competition.

Sodium trimetaphosphate is an essential raw material used for manufacturing modified starch. It is used as a cross linking agent in the starch modification process and as a stabilizing agent for the starch produced.

As such, it could be assessed that, demand for sodium trimephosphate has higher correlation with growing demand for modified starch over the long-term forecast period.

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What is the Potential Demand for Trimetaphosphate in Water Treatment?

Growing water treatment projects across regions and inclination of regional policies towards ensuring potable water to residents will bolster demand for sodium trimetaphosphate over the medium- and long-term forecast period.

Water processed in water treatment plants loses its nutrition balance, which can only be fulfilled by adding external nutrition. At this point, sodium trimetaphosphate comes into action, which is added in certain proportions to level up the nutrition balance of phosphates in the water.

All in all, the growing water treatment industry is set to bolster demand for sodium trimetaphosphate, and demand growth can be assessed on the back of dynamic regional policies.

What are the Key Barriers for Sodium Trimetaphosphate Manufacturers?

Analyzing the overall supply chain, the demand bubble of sodium trimetaphopshate leads us to the starch modification application. Extensive concentration of sodium trimetaphosphate demand in starch modification enhances the overall risk of the sodium trimetaphosphate market.

Fluctuations in overall demand for modified starch are set to cascade the effect to sodium trimetaphosphate demand, as such, affecting overall market stance over the long-term forecast period.

Apart from demand risk, there are risks associated with dynamic shift in policies over utilization of sodium trimetaphosphate in detergents and cosmetic applications.

Europe and the U.S. have effectively enacted a ban over the utilization of phosphates in manufacturing detergents, which is set to affect overall demand for sodium trimetaphosphate in these regions.

sodium trimetaphosphate market region

Country-wise Analysis

Why is the China Sodium Trimetaphosphate Market Surging?

In the past decade, modified starch players shifted their production zones to China, owing to attractive market factors in the country.

These dynamics have shifted the overall demand curve, reducing the price of the product, owing to economies of density and transportation.

Moreover, collaboration of sodium trimetaphosphate giants with key players of modified starch such as Cargill, Ingredion, and ADM has been observed over the same period, which has provided a strong wave among investors inclining towards the sodium trimetaphosphate market in China.

Moreover, free regulations in the region over the utilization of the sodium trimetaphosphate in detergents and water treatment applications will provide an attractive outlook as compared to other regions in the market. Of the countries considered in the Asian region, China is set to hold the higher demand ratio.

Why are Sodium Trimetaphosphate Manufacturers Wary of Germany?

Europe is one of the key regions affecting the dynamics of the sodium trimetaphosphate market. Compared to East Asia, sodium trimetaphosphate holds significant demand share in Europe too.

Germany, being a key supplier of sodium trimetaphosphate in Europe, has inclined towards sustainable policies such as lowering the levels of sulphates in treated water and detergents. This has largely affected the market in a negative manner.

Largest consumer density of sodium trimetaphosphate hails from the country, and the shift in overall market stance has shattered the long-term dynamics of sodium trimetaphosphate in Germany.

Owing to stringent regional policies, the market is set to decline by nearly 2% over the long-term forecast period in the Germany.

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Category-Wise Insights

Which Grade of Sodium Trimetaphosphate Accounts for the Highest Demand?

Of the grades considered, food grade captures a major chunk of the sodium trimetaphosphate market, at more than four-fifth of the overall market share. Food grade sodium trimetaphosphate is extensively used to modify starch, and has also found its use in food processing.

Followed by food grade, industrial grade captures a significant share of global demand. Industrial grade sodium trimetaphosphate is extensively used in producing cosmetics, and is also used as an additive to gypsum, which is set to provide a strong positive stance to the industrial grade sodium trimetaphosphate (STMP) market.

How Big is the Opportunity in Starch Modification Application?

As discussed above, starch modification captures a governing share of the sodium trimetaphosphate market. Rapid expansion of modified starch production sites in East Asia and South Asia & Oceania will reinforce the demand for sodium trimetaphosphate in these regions.

Moreover, extensive utilization and speculative demand for starch modification provides an image of strong market growth for sodium trimetaphosphate across East Asia and South Asia & Oceania over the long-term forecast period.

Which Region Offers Great Potential for Sodium Trimetaphosphate Plants?

Considering the demand analysis of sodium trimetaphosphate across regions over the period of 2015-2030, North America is set to hold the demand torch, followed by Europe and East Asia.

With recent shift in dynamics of the market, spike in demand for sodium trimetaphosphate in East Asia, especially China, is set to be observed over the coming years.

Establishment of new production sites of modified starch in China with the ramping up of production by key players such as Xingfa positioned in the same region will provide an impetus to the market in future.

Growing demand for modified starch is set to provide stimulus to regional manufacturers, and hence, encourage new manufacturers to position their facilities in the region. On the supply side, new manufacturers of sodium trimetaphosphate are anticipated to evolve in China.

Key Strategies Adopted by Sodium Trimetaphosphate Market Players

The global sodium trimetaphosphate market is highly consolidated in nature. Xingfa, ICL, and Innophos are the only key market players in tier-1 accounting for more than 80% of global supply.

Players have adopted conservative strategies in prominent growth regions. For instance, Xingfa has tightened its supply belt of channeling food grade, owing to rise in the number of modified starch manufacturers in the region.

How is COVID-19 Impacting the Sodium Trimetaphosphate Landscape?

COVID-19 has had a major impact on the suppliers of sodium trimetaphosphate across regions, as the market stepped on the demand brakes over the period of Q2 and Q3 of FY2020. Reopening of industries has opened the gates for manufacturers to supply sodium trimetaphosphate.

On the other side of COVID implication coin, tier-2 manufacturers are struggling to manufacture and channel the product in the market, owing to higher marginal loss and partial demand. However, the market is set to resuscitate completely by Q3 of FY2021.

Competition Landscape

The sodium trimetaphosphate market is consolidated in terms of the supply pie. Key players such as Xingfa, Innophos, and ICL hold a majority of the market share, and are key price controllers of sodium trimetaphosphate.

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  • Norwest Chemicals
  • Reephos Chemical Co., Ltd

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Key Segments of Sodium Trimetaphosphate Market


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  • Food Processing
  • Water Treatment
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Starch Modification
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  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • East Asia
  • South Asia & Oceania
  • Middle East & Africa

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Fact.MR projects the global sodium trimetaphosphate market to portray a modest growth of over 5% CAGRacross the 2020-2030 assessment period. High demand for advanced sodium trimetaphosphate is anticipated to drive growth in a positive direction.
Starch modification will act as a prominent driver for the sodium trimetaphosphate market over the long-term forecast period. This phenomena of market concentration is mainly due to the inability of the product to diversify, which has provided a governing
Prominent players operating in the global sodium trimetaphosphate landscape include Huaxing, ICL, Hubei Xingfa Chemicals Group, Innophos, Norwest Chemicals, Reephos Chemicals Co., Ltd, and others.

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