Deodorants and Antiperspirants Market

Deodorants and Antiperspirants Market By Product (Deodorants, Antiperspirants), By Fragrance (Floral, Fruity, Warm, Woody & Earthy, Fragrance-Free), By Consumer Orientation (Women, Men, Unisex), By Sales Channel & By Region - Global Insights 2022 To 2032

Analysis of Deodorants and Antiperspirants market covering 30 + countries including analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

Deodorants and Antiperspirants Market Outlook (2022-2032)

The global deodorants and antiperspirants market is projected to expand steadily at a value CAGR of 5.1%, during the forecast period 2022-2032. In the year 2022, the market size is projected to expand and gain a global market valuation of US$ 27 Billion. Considering this steady growth along with the booming demand in the global market, the deodorants and antiperspirants market is expected to reach US$ 44.5 Billion by 2032.

Deodorant and antiperspirant are personal care items that are used to reduce or eliminate perspiration and body odor. These products contain a variety of components, including carriers, aroma, and antimicrobial agents. Furthermore, these compounds improve the deodorant and antiperspirant's shelf life, wetness, and other properties.

Consumers' increased disposable income and growing awareness of personal hygiene are driving growth in the deodorant and antiperspirant industry. Furthermore, increased urbanization and the increasing launch of novel products by major competitors to meet rising demand are fueling market expansion. Unilever, for example, will release deodorant wipes in February 2019. Its new deodorant wipes provide a clever solution for individuals to keep fresh as they go through one activity to the next. Such product developments are expected to boost the demand for deodorants and antiperspirants during the forecast period.

Report Attributes


Anticipated Base Year Value (2021)

US$ 25.7 Billion

Expected Market Value (2022)

US$ 27 Billion

Projected Forecast Value (2032)

US$ 44.5 Billion

Global Growth Rate (2022-2032)

5.1 %

Expected Growth Rate of the US Market (2022-2032)


Anticipated Growth Rate of China Market (2022-2032)


Prominent Players in The Global Market

  • Unilever Plc.
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Henkel AG & Company, KGaA
  • L'Oreal Company
  • Beiersdorf AG
  • Colgate Palmolive
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Christian Dior SE
  • Forest Essentials
  • Marks and Spencer Group plc.
  • The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.
  • The Body Shop
  • Godrej Consumer Product Limited
  • Avon Products Inc.
  • CavinKare Pvt. Ltd.

The expanding young population is propelling the deodorant and antiperspirant business forward. They are the fastest-growing items in terms of youth demand. They have accounted for the greatest selling in the perfumes category, due to perks such as anti-bacterial prevention and long-lasting freshness. The market for personal grooming items such as fragrances is expanding rapidly due to the growing youthful population and the increasing demand of these products throughout the world.

Advanced technologies, eye-catching designs, and appealing packaging are fueling the deodorant and antiperspirant market expansion. The increasing adoption for smaller packages and better spray effectiveness for the deodorant solutions, which are convenient and easy to use, is propelling market expansion. Furthermore, the continual introduction of aluminum-based deodorants with appealing designs in order to broaden the customer base is fueling the deodorant and antiperspirant market expansion.

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2017-2021 Deodorants And Antiperspirants Market Demand Analysis vs. Forecast 2022-2032

According to market research and competitive intelligence provider Fact.MR- the market for deodorants and antiperspirants reflected a value CAGR of 8% during the historical period, 2017- 2021. Lower middle-class consumers have quietly developed as a consumer segment that has begun to purchase a variety of things that they previously considered specialized or costly. Deodorants and antiperspirants are among the most mature goods throughout geographies. Taking this demographic shift into consideration, marketers in emerging nations have begun to intentionally shift their channels to rural and semi-urban areas, where demand is plentiful but mostly untapped.

Deodorants and antiperspirants contain chemical components like cyclomethicone and dimethicone, which operate as great carrier substances and have good emollient characteristics. Nivea Whitening deodorant, for example, a famous brand manufactured by Beiersdorf, includes cyclomethicone to provide skin smoothening and whitening properties. Such features are attracting more skin-conscious people to this market.

Given these data and changes in dynamics, the market for deodorants and antiperspirants is expected to grow at a moderate CAGR of roughly 5% over the next decade. As a result, growth forecasts for the projected time frame are relatively moderate when compared to the historical period.

Prominent Growth Drivers Influencing deodorants and antiperspirants market

Growing demand for organic and natural ingredients to boost the global market demand

Consumers are increasingly requesting natural components in deodorants and antiperspirants. Consumers are becoming more aware of the negative impacts of the chemicals utilized in these items. Growing customer desire for natural goods, as well as increased competition, are pressuring corporations to develop products with improved attributes and no irritation risk. Every year, over 1,200 patents for deodorants and antiperspirants containing natural components are submitted, prompting independent businesses to develop natural deodorants.

Companies are increasingly minimizing the use of aluminum and alcohol in antiperspirants due to the danger of skin damage and illnesses such as breast cancer caused by the use of these substances. Alcohol-free antiperspirants, such as dermatologist-tested Dove Clinical Protection and Dry Sure, have been brought to the market. These products are completely safe to use and will not cause skin irritation or harm. Such products will surely attract more consumers to this market during 2022-2032.

Companies to spend a lot on advertisements to Promote Brands Globally

R&D and advertising are propelling the market forward. These elements are being invested in by key parties in order to influence consumer purchasing decisions. Furthermore, the growing significance of celebrity endorsement and social media is influencing important market participants' advertising methods.

With the increase in online sales, deodorants and antiperspirants businesses are increasingly integrating photos and videos to encourage perfume and scent sales. Some online cosmetics merchants also allow customers to personalize their scents and aromas. As a result, the major market participants are actively investing in advertising and marketing to entice customers to use digital platforms.

For example, L'Oréal created the cockpit tool, which evaluates the ROI and productivity of its media spending in real time. This allows for improved decision-making while developing performance plans. Furthermore, due to rising advertising and marketing costs, the market is likely to see considerable rise in sales of artisanal and custom deodorants items throughout the forecast period.

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What Could Possibly Hinder Deodorants and Antiperspirants Market Demand?

Chemical ingredients to harm the skin and thus restrict the market growth

Aluminum salt is a significant element in antiperspirants because it suppresses perspiration, hence limiting bacterial development and body odor. The use of antiperspirants containing aluminum salt results in the deposition of aluminum salts over the pores on the skin, which may be hazardous to some extent.

Furthermore, propellants and volatile organic chemicals included in deodorants and antiperspirants deplete the ozone layer, causing environmental imbalance. These drugs must be taken in moderation.

As a result, mid- and low-scale businesses have difficulties in selecting alternative ingredients. Manufacturers are also concerned about the cost of competing items. Such factors will hinder the growth of the global deodorants and antiperspirants during the forecast period.

Category-wise Insights

Which product type is forecast to gain the maximum market share?

The deodorants segment will continue to dominate the global market during the forecast period

The deodorants category is expected to lead the global deodorants and antiperspirants market in 2022 and is likely to retain its dominance throughout the forecast period. The segment is predicted to gain a global market share of 65% by 2022.

Deodorants prevent odor, but antiperspirants fight perspiration and odor. Antiperspirants are generally used to treat excessive sweating and dampness beneath the arms. While these statistics show that antiperspirants are more widely used than deodorants, the former is more expensive. This helps in boosting the demand in the deodorants segment globally.

Furthermore, because antiperspirants inhibit sweat glands, which some customers think is unnatural and not beneficial physiologically, many consumers avoid using them. Deodorants are widely accessible in retail outlets such as local grocery shops and are affordable to the majority of consumers.

Which consumer orientation segment will gain the bigger share during the forecast period?

Women’ category is being highly preferred by the customers

In 2022, the women’s segment is expected to hold the major portion of the deodorants and antiperspirants market by type, accounting for almost 40% of the global market share.

The aroma of products aimed at women differs from that of those aimed at males. Women typically buy things that appeal to their feminine sensibilities.

Furthermore, women are more concerned about their odor and are more conscious of how they seem and smell outside of their houses. This is the primary cause for women's high sales of antiperspirants, deodorants, fragrances, and body mists and hence propel the market growth.

Which sales channel will generate the highest revenue in 2022?

Modern trade to register the highest revenues in 2022

In 2022, modern commerce is predicted to account for more than 35% of total deodorant and antiperspirant sales. Consumers may discover a wide assortment of products at a variety of prices in modern trade channels such as supermarkets and hypermarkets.

They also provide sample goods to test the aroma before purchasing. Their combined product offerings also make them the most sought-after sales channel for deodorants and antiperspirants. Such developments will propel the growth in the global market.

Country-wise Analysis

What is the outlook of the US deodorants and antiperspirants market?

Elevated lifestyle changes will boost the market demand

The US market will be the most lucrative market for deodorants and antiperspirants during the forecast period. As per Fact.MR, the US market is expected to gain a market share of 45% in 2022.

Personal care and grooming goods, such as deodorants and antiperspirants, are popular among the metropolitan population in the United States. Due to their elevated lifestyle and concern for maintaining the status quo, they are frequent users of such things.

Despite the fact that customers choose products with a better mix of ingredients and functionality, demand for deodorants and antiperspirants is likely to develop at a slower rate. While the market in the United States expanded at a CAGR of 4% from 2017 to 2021, it is expected to increase at a rate close to 5% through 2032.

What can be expected from the Chinese market for deodorants and antiperspirants?

Increased use of antiperspirants to boost the regional demand

China has emerged as one of the most profitable markets for the marketing of deodorants and antiperspirants and is also expected to register the highest CAGR during 2022-2032.During the forecast period, the Chinese market for deodorants and antiperspirants is expected to grow at an 8% CAGR.

Previously, Chinese people felt that perspiration was beneficial since it detoxified the body, making it difficult for most deodorant and antiperspirant firms to promote their products in the nation. However, as a result of the cross-cultural habit induction effect, as European and American cultures find their way into the Chinese population, acceptability and liking for deodorant and antiperspirant products have increased. Because of the country's huge white space and limited penetration of such items, China represents a big potential for market participants.

Start-up Scenario :

  • Wild, an eco-friendly deodorant company, has just established new collaborations with some of the UK's largest supermarkets, shops, and department stores in order to develop and grow their reach in 2021. With rising customer awareness of the need for sustainable consumption and environmentally responsible shopping, Wild provides a unique brand with focused sustainability pledges.
  • SmartyPits is free of aluminum, phthalates, parabens, and propylene glycol, and we give a portion of sales back to breast cancer research and survivor support. In the last year, SmartyPits has grown from making under $110,000 in 2020 to making over $520,000 by the end of Q3 in 2021.

Competitive Landscape

The majority of corporations have concentrated on new product launches and growing production operations in emerging countries. Innovation, cooperation with important actors, partnerships, strategic alliances, and the growth of regional and worldwide distribution networks are examples of strategies. Some significant advances in the deodorants and antiperspirants market include:

  • Unilever announced the launch of its Degree deodorants for people with impairments in 2021. The deodorant has a hook design, magnetic cap closing, and enhanced grip positioning to make it more accessible to persons with mobility or vision impairments.
  • Procter & Gamble Company announced in 2021 that it’s Secret and Old Spice brand antiperspirants will be available in refillable cases. The business also intends to extend its line of aluminum-free deodorants, which will be packed in recyclable paper tubes consisting of 90% recycled paperboard and Forest Stewardship Council-certified (FSC).
  • Procter & Gamble Company announced the debut of three product varieties of its brand Old Spice in 2021. The three scent sub-brands have been dubbed Dynasty, Sea Spray, and Royalty by the corporation. Aluminum-free claims are offered for all three types.

Key Segments Covered in the Deodorants and Antiperspirants Market Report

  • By Product :

    • Deodorants
      • Aerosol Sprays
      • Sticks and Solids
      • Creams & Wipes
    • Antiperspirants
      • Aerosol Sprays
      • Roll-Ons
      • Sticks and Solids
      • Gels
  • By Fragrance :

    • Fruity
    • Floral
    • Warm
    • Woody & Earthy
    • Fragrance-free
  • By Consumer Orientation :

    • Women
    • Men
    • Unisex
  • By Sales Channel :

    • Modern Trade
    • Drug Stores
    • Convenience Stores
    • Beauty Stores
    • Online Retail
    • Other Sales Channels
  • By Region :

    • North America
    • Latin America
    • Europe
    • East Asia
    • South Asia
    • Oceania
    • Middle East Africa

- FAQs -

What will be the projected market size of the deodorants and antiperspirants market by 2032?

The global deodorants and antiperspirants market is projected to reach a market size of US$ 44.5 Billion by 2032.

What will be the growth rate of the global deodorants and antiperspirants market during the forecast period?

The global deodorants and antiperspirants market is expected to grow with a 5.1% CAGR during 2022-2032.

What is the present market value of the deodorants and antiperspirants industry?

The global deodorants and antiperspirants market is currently worth more than US$ 25.7 Billion.

Which segment is expected to dominate the global deodorants and antiperspirants market during 2022?

In 2022, the deodorants segment by product type is expected to occupy a 65% market share and is expected to dominate the global market during 2022-2032 too.

What will be the outlook of the deodorants and antiperspirants customer orientation segment during the forecast period?

The women’s segment is projected to hold a global market share of 40% in 2022.

How is the US deodorants and antiperspirants market projected to grow during 2022-2032?

The US is predicted to acquire 45% of the global market share in 2022 and grow with a 5% CAGR during 2022-2032.

What was the outlook of the Chinese deodorants and antiperspirants market during 2022?

The Chinese region is forecast to have a CAGR of 8% over the projection period of 2022- 2032.

Deodorants and Antiperspirants Market