Deodorants Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking: Global Market insights 2017 to 2022

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Increasing Emphasis on Hygiene makes Deodorants Staple in Personal Care Routines

The worldwide demand for deodorants among consumers is increasingly reinforced by the changing lifestyles and intensifying focus on personal hygiene. The proclivity of a growing number of people toward a pleasing body odor and feeling fresh throughout the day is fueling the demand for deodorants in personal care routines. The need for protecting against perspiration and the consequent foul body odor is propelling the uptake of deodorants. The deodorants market is substantially propelled by the constant launches of body sprays with new fragrances and scents in the personal care industry, especially in emerging economies. Deodorant brands are focusing on exotic fragrances along with functionality and long-lasting protection to gain increased traction among consumers. The growing frequency of usage of deodorants among female consumers in emerging and developed regions is a notable factor driving the market.

Inclination of Consumers toward Natural as well as Functional Deodorants open Lucrative Avenues

The benefits deodorants confer on consumers center on the following key parameters: functionality, long-last protection, and scents. A key aspect that is gathering steam in the deodorant market is the demand for products made with natural formulations. This is in part attributed to the growing awareness about the harmful effects some chemicals can have on the skin, particularly the underarm skin. The popularity of natural formulations in deodorants is rising as these help in maintaining the natural pH and moisture levels of the body where they are used. Deodorants made with natural/botanical oils are gaining popularity among consumers with sensitive skin. Another trend opening new avenues in the deodorants market is focus of brands on youth. This is notably witnessed in recent marketing messages on the scents and fragrances in deodorants.

Attractive Designs and Packaging allure Deodorant Consumers

The functionality and versatility of deodorants has been a central aspect of product marketing for quite some time. Recent trends suggest that deodorant brands are tweaking with designs and the entire packaging to chart new growth trajectories in the market. They are focused on launching deodorants with attractive designs and innovative packaging styles. These aspects are proving to be pivotal in product differentiation in the deodorants market. A growing number of consumers are also become aware on sustainable packaging for deodorants, thereby creating a new avenues for brands to increase their product reach.

Focusing on Increasing Affordability kicks in Demand in Untapped Markets

The rapid pace of urbanization has opened up a plethora of opportunities for deodorant manufacturers, particularly in Asia-Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ). They are tapping into emerging avenues in developing countries. To this end, they have been focused on launching an array of deodorants in the premium range at affordable prices. They are also quick to add new fragrances and scents to meet the changing consumer dynamic in the deodorants market. The fast-paced lifestyles in emerging markets is accounting for the burgeoning opportunities in these regions. Furthermore, brands are experimenting by varying product sizes and shapes.

About the Report

The report on “Deodorants Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking: Global Review 2017 to 2022” offers insights into trends and factors shaping the current outlook of the deodorants market and influencing its future prospects. The elaborate assessment of these factors helps in getting a clear view on the dynamics of the deodorants market, opportunities in various segments, and promising avenues in key regions. An analysis of the prevailing competitive landscape and factors expected to change the intensity of competition offers insight into the prospective consolidation strategies by emerging and established players in the deodorants market. The report assesses the prospects of various products such as stick deodorants, spray deodorants, and roll-on deodorants. Furthermore, the scope of various channels in the overall deodorant market is analyzed. Some of the broad distribution channels are supermarkets, online stores, hypermarkets, and specialized cosmetic stores.

Market Definition

Deodorants is a type of personal hygiene product applied to different parts of the body to prevent unpleasing body odor caused by perspiration and bacterial action. These may also contain scents and perfume fragrances and are predominantly bactericidal in action. Deodorants are usually applied on underarms and feet. Antiperspirants may be considered as a subcategory of deodorants which are particularly functional in preventing the flow of sweating among users and notably contain antimicrobial agents.

Additional Questions Answered

The report on the global deodorants market shed lights on several pertinent aspects such as:

  • Will spray deodorants hold its sway as a product category of the deodorant market in the next few years?
  • What are some of the other regions that are rising at promising CAGR other than Europe and how will the burgeoning demand for deodorants will fare up with that of Europe in the coming years?
  • Hypermarkets or online distribution channels—which will gain more traction among brands? And what will be the key trends influencing this dynamic?
  • What are some of the game-changing strategies likely to be adopted by players that will considerably change the course of the deodorants market?

Competitive Landscape

The report on the global deodorants market offers a comprehensive assessment of the company profiling, key growth strategies adopted by various players, and recent measures adopted by top companies to stay ahead of others. Some of the prominent players operating in the deodorants market are Avon Products, Inc., Beiersdorf Aktiengesellschaft, CavinKare Pvt. Ltd., Church & Dwight Co., Inc., Colgate-Palmolive Company, and Henkel AG & Co. KGaA. Some of the other players vying for sizeable shares are Adidas AG, Lion Corporation, The Procter & Gamble Company, and Unilever PLC.

The “Deodorants Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking: Global Review 2017 to 2022” research report presents comprehensive insights into the various dynamics of the deodorants markets and factors influencing its future growth trajectories. The study evaluates various trends and notable opportunities expected to change the future trajectories of the deodorants market. It offers evidence-based insights into prevailing prospects and emerging avenues. The report offers historic data on the deodorant market during 2012 - 2017 and year-over-year growth estimations through 2022. The insights and assessment of the global deodorants market are covered in 12 chapters. All share, size, and volume figures in the report are represented in US$ Mn.

Chapter 1 – Executive Summary

The first chapter of the deodorants market report offers and a broad assessment of prospects and evaluates the role of various factors on the current outlook of the market. The impact analysis of key dynamic are provided and future growth trajectories are portrayed.

Chapter 2 – Overview

The second chapter defines the deodorants market and assesses its scope to enable in-depth analysis of key dynamics. Key elements of dynamics such as drivers, restraints, and trends are offered in the analyses and their impact on driving the sales of deodorants in various regions is analyzed in this section. The report also offers industry chain analysis by assessing supply chain analysis, average pricing analysis, and strategies adopted by players in raw materials sourcing of deodorants. It also offers intensity map that analyzes the presence of key participants in the deodorants market.

Chapter 3 – Product-wise Analysis of Deodorants Market

This chapter assesses the revenue size, market share, and year-over-year growth of various product types in various regions. Key product types of deodorants analyzed in this are stick, spray, and roll-on. There is also ‘others’ category with the aim to make the segmental analysis exhaustive. 

Chapter 4 - Deodorants Market Analysis based on Distribution Channel

The fourth chapter takes a closer look at various distribution channels for deodorants. The report zeroes in on their market share and revenue size and also makes a year-over-year growth comparisons. Some of the popular channels of deodorants are supermarkets, online sales, hypermarkets, and specialized cosmetic stores.

Chapter 5 - Global Deodorants Market Regional Analysis and Estimations

This section presents insights into the shares, revenue size, and CAGRs of various regional markets for deodorants during the forecast period. The study also identifies potentially lucrative regions and the countries with promising avenues. Key regional analyzed in the report are Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Europe, Latin America, Japan, and the Middle East and Africa (MEA).

Chapter 6 - North America Deodorants Market Analysis

This section presents revenue contributed by various countries of North America and further analyzes market shares with respect to different product types of deodorants and on the basis of distribution channels. The U.S. and Canada are the key countries whose prospects are analyzed here.

Chapter 7 - Latin America Deodorants Market Assessment and Forecasts

In this section, the report evaluates the prospects of the Latin America market for deodorants based on revenue and market shares of various countries. Key countries whose dynamics are analyzed here Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico.

Chapter 8 – Europe Deodorants Market Assessment and Forecasts

This chapter presents a detailed assessment of the Europe market for deodorants and takes a closer look at the prospects in its various economies. Key countries are the U.K., Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and the Nordics.

Chapter 9 - Japan Deodorants Market Analysis

This chapter analyzes demand dynamics of deodorants in Japan and offers granular assessment of this regional market.

Chapter 10 – Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) Assessment and Forecasts

This section presents revenue share, market size, and prospects of various product types and distribution channels for deodorants in various economies of Asia Pacific. Key countries are China, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Australia.

Chapter 11 - MEA Deodorants Market Analysis and Forecasts

This section presents market sizing, forecasts, and detailed assessment of various countries of the Middle East and Africa. Key country markets analyzed here are GCC, South Africa, Nigeria, and Israel.

Chapter 12 – Company Overview and Financials

This section offers a detailed company profiling and overview of their products in the deodorant market. Companies profiled in the report are Avon Products, Inc., Beiersdorf Aktiengesellschaft, CavinKare Pvt. Ltd., Church & Dwight Co., Inc., Colgate-Palmolive Company, Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, Adidas AG, Lion Corporation, The Procter & Gamble Company, and Unilever PLC.

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Deodorants Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking: Global Market insights 2017 to 2022