Incident and Emergency Management Market

Incident and Emergency Management Market Analysis by Component (Solution, Services, Communication System), by Simulation (Traffic Simulation Systems, Hazard Propagation Simulation Tools, Incident and Evacuation Simulation Tools), by Vertical, by Region - Global Forecast 2022-2032

Analysis of Incident and Emergency Management Market Covering 30+ Countries Including Analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

Incident and Emergency Management Market Outlook

The global incident and emergency management market is poised to increase at a steady CAGR of 6.4% during 2022-2032. The incident and emergency management market is estimated to reach US$ 245.6 Bn by 2032 from US$ 132.4 Bn in 2021.

Due to the fluid nature of the events encountered during these crises, communication tools for engagement between many stakeholders have grown from professional PMRs to cutting-edge solutions like UnifyVoice and UnifyVehicle. Government organisations, such as the fire service and airports, are using these solutions.

Data Points

Market Insights

Incident and Emergency Management Market Size (2021)

US$ 124 Bn

Estimated Market Value (2022)

US$ 132.4 Bn

Projected Market Value (2032)

US$ 245.6 Bn

Global Market Growth Rate (2022-2032)

6.4% CAGR

Market Share of Top 5 Countries


Key Market Players

  • Honeywell
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Motorola Solutions
  • Siemens
  • NEC

Impact of COVID-19 on the Industry

Risk managers and compliance officers are battling the COVID-19 pandemic as a result of the latest outbreak. Risk management optimization has swiftly emerged as one of the finest defences a company may have to maintain business continuity in this circumstance. Businesses are putting their risk teams' expertise to good use by investing wisely in risk technology.

Despite the fact that being proactive is the greatest risk management strategy in normal circumstances, because the pandemic is a danger that has already materialised, there has been an emphasis on ways that can react rapidly to the newest developments. In addition, compliance managers throughout the world are ensuring that state governments' laws and procedures for containing the virus are followed.

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Sales Analysis of Incident and Emergency Management Market for 2022 to 2032

“Rising number of explosive assaults and threats of nuclear strikes to generate demand.”

9/11, 26/11, and numerous following terrorist acts throughout the world inspired a number of key counter-terrorism developments. Individuals have grown more concerned about the plan of action to be used in the event of an emergency as a result of increased global insecurity as a result of a rise in terrorist attacks and criminal activities.

Procedures for dealing with emergency situations such as HAZMAT incidents, public disturbances, or even intentional assaults are included in the plan of action. Explosive assaults, chemical attacks, toxic industrial chemical/material attacks, traditional war agents, biological attacks, local attacks, pandemic attacks, radiological attacks, and nuclear strikes are all examples of terrorist attacks.

Terrorists are increasingly resorting to transnational organised crime for money and logistical support in order to carry out cross-border terrorist attacks and other violent acts that threaten the public and people.

“Rising number of compliance issues to limit the market potential.”

Surveillance and communication system in locations like roads, parking lots, parks, transit modes, retail establishments, financial institutions, and workplaces are frequently considered invasions of privacy and are fought by civil rights organisations and activists. People want their personal information to be used for specified and legal objectives, and there have been worries about who views surveillance and communication system recordings and how they may be used or exploited.

Governments and private sector organisations should provide standards such as the General Data Protection Regulation to reduce the impact of video surveillance systems on people's privacy (GDPR). With the implementation of GDPR in Europe, every public or private entity that uses CCTV to monitor public places must comply with the regulations.

What are the Emerging Trends in the Incident and Emergency Management Market?

Companies are constantly developing new technologies to aid in the planning, preparation, and mitigation of emergencies, such as crowdsourcing, NG9-1-1, early warning systems, Q-Rad tools, tsunami apps, sophisticated early warning systems, advanced communication systems, geospatial solutions, and simulation tools and solutions. These new technological breakthroughs and services give the incident and emergency management sector competitive advantage.

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How are Some Challenges Stifling Incident and Emergency Management Market Growth?

Although incident and emergency management solutions improve corporate profitability in the long term, they are expensive to deploy and maintain, which has a negative influence on the adoption rate of standardised incident and emergency management systems.

The cost of installing video surveillance, detecting sensors, and controllers is too expensive for SMEs. As a result of their financial constraints, SMEs frequently choose low-costincident and emergency managementsystems, such as poor camera resolutions and detection ranges, weakening security against assaults, thefts, and criminal activities. In addition, it causes false alarms. As a result, SMEs in the incident and emergency sector face expensive installation and maintenance costs.

Comparative View of Adjacent Incident and Emergency Management Market

Incident And Emergency Management Market :


Incident And Emergency Management Market

CAGR (2022-2032)

6.4 %

Market Value (2026)

US$ 194.5 Bn

Growth Factor

Technology consultancy in emergency management and preparedness infrastructure planning and design.


Sophisticated communication, and simulation solutions that aid in emergency planning, preparation, and mitigation.

Key Trends

Various firms produce gadgets that monitor public areas for hazardous materials and warn EOCs if a threat is detected.

Workplace Safety Market :


Workplace Safety Market

CAGR (2022-2032)

10 %

Market Value (2026)

US$ 24 Bn

Growth Factor

Growing need for stronger safety rules and a more holistic approach to health and well-being is driving market expansion.


Global lockdown has resulted in a growth in the usage of digital and cloud-based solutions and services.

Key Trends

Various legislative frameworks permit workplace safety items, therefore driving the market.

Disaster Preparedness Systems Market :


Disaster Preparedness Systems Market

CAGR (2022-2032)

7.2 %

Market Value (2026)

US$ 221.5 Bn

Growth Factor

One of the main drivers of the demand for disaster preparedness is the growth in natural catastrophes.


The technology helps firms save money, enhance staff productivity, and improve employee retention.

Key Trends

Enterprises are increasingly using cloud-based solutions to protect their essential data, increasing the need for disaster recovery and backup systems.

Category-wise Insights

What is the Segmentation Outlook for the Incident and Emergency Management Market?

The incident and emergency management market is segmented by component, end user, and geography. The research discusses the industry dynamics and trends affecting the incident and emergency management market.

All technology gadgets that assist departments and teams in delivering early aid or action during an emergency are referred to as first responder tools. Medical teams, police and security workers, and fire departments are among the initial responders. The communication system segment is predicted to be increasing at a steady CAGR of 6.1% in the forecast period 2022-2032.

These first responders employ advanced communication gear such as smart glasses, wearable cameras, Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA), Ultra High Frequency (UHF) and Very High Frequency (VHF) radios, smartwatches and land mobile phones during crises are proven to be the leading components of incident and emergency management market.

Many communication firms are developing LTE communication solutions for public safety, as well as next-generation software-defined radios and cognitive radios. Despite the fact that radios have traditionally been the most often utilised first response equipment in the event of an emergency, the usage of smartphones and smart devices has expanded dramatically over the last decade.

Smart gateways may link sensors worn by first responders, such as body cameras, heart rate monitors, and location beacons, and transmit that data back to a command centre, where it can be retrieved at a later time.

Which Segment is Likely to Lead the Incident and Emergency Management Market By Simulation?

To prepare for an emergency, solid systems and preparation are essential. Many businesses offer services such as emergency preparedness, consultancy, and process development. Local, state, and federal governments all provide these services which lead to an increase in the hazard propagation simulation tools segment’s CAGR at 6.3% throughout 2022-2032.

Companies create, develop, plan, and prepare for natural and man-made catastrophes, as well as provide end-to-end emergency management consulting services. Technology consultancy is offered in the development and design of disaster management and preparedness infrastructure.

These services enable proactive risk management and improved alignment of programme objectives with business goals, resulting in enhanced benefit realisation. Lockheed Martin, for example, provides incident and emergency management consulting services to government agencies and businesses.

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Region-wise Outlook

What is the Regional Demand Analysis in the Incident and Emergency Management Market?


CAGR (2022-2032)

US Market

6.2 %

UK Market

5.7 %

China Market

5.9 %

Japan Market

5.6 %

South Korea Market

5.2 %

In the worldwide incident and emergency management market, North America is predicted to have the greatest market size, while Asia Pacific (APAC) is expected to develop at the fastest CAGR during the forecast period. In terms of incident and emergency management solutions and services, North America is predicted to be the dominant market.

The developed economies of North America, such as the United States, place a strong emphasis on R&D and technology-based breakthroughs. Due to a rise in government investment in emergency and disaster management systems to protect people from calamities, the APAC region is predicted to be the fastest-growing area in the incident and emergency management market.

Competitive Landscape

Emergency management solutions are employed in educational institutions, private companies, and vital infrastructures, which has kept the manufacturers eyeing for these end users. The diverse line of emergency management tools has helped the organisation expand its market reach.

Recent Developments in the Incident and Emergency Management Market :

  • Honeywell announced the launch of the Honeywell AMIR Service in June 2021. The service delivers 24/7 cybersecurity detection and quick response for existing and new cyber threats.
  • Honeywell developed a new manufacturing line in May 2020 to create disposable face masks to assist the UK government during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Lockheed Martin introduced the LTE-over-Satellite technology in March 2019 to provide connection to remote places and assist businesses during natural catastrophes such as hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, severe flooding, or volcanoes.
  • Siemens launched Cerberus Portal, a cloud-based online fire prevention software for monitoring fire systems, in May 2019. The data from the fire panel is sent to the cloud utilising encrypted transmission technology and a built-in firewall via the Cerberus Connect X300 gateway. Maintenance personnel receives real-time information in the event of a fire incident, allowing them to react quickly, alert consumers, and arrange site inspections.

Key Segments

  • By Component :

    • Solution
      • Web-based Emergency Management System
      • Emergency / Mass Notification System
      • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
      • Perimeter Intrusion Detection
      • Geospatial Solutions
      • Fire and HAZMAT Solutions
    • Services
      • Consulting Services
      • Emergency Operation Center (EOC) Design and Integration Services
      • Training and Simulation Services
      • Public Information Services
    • Communication System
      • First Responder Tools
      • Satellite Assisted Equipment
      • Vehicle Ready Gateways
      • Emergency Response Radars
  • By Vertical:

    • Commercial and Industrial
    • IT and Telecom
    • Energy and Utilities
    • Healthcare and Lifesciences
    • Defense and Military
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • Government and Public Sector
    • Others (BFSI, ITES, and Hospitality)
  • By Simulation:

    • Traffic Simulation Systems
    • Hazard Propagation Simulation Tools
    • Incident and Evacuation Simulation Tools
  • By Region:

    • North America
    • Europe
    • APAC
    • Middle East and Africa (MEA)
    • Latin America

- FAQs -

How is the Growth Outlook for the Incident and Emergency Management Market?

The incident and emergency management market is expected to rise at a steady CAGR of 6.4% during the projected period.

What was the Incident and Emergency Management Market Size In 2021?

The global incident and emergency management market was valued at US$ 124 Bn in 2021.

What is the Adoption Potential of Incident and Emergency Management Systems By 2032?

The global incident and emergency management market is anticipated to be worth nearly US$ 132.3 Bn by 2032.

Which Region Leads the Global Incident and Emergency Management Market Report?

North America is a leading region for incident and emergency management market.

Which will be the Leading Segment of Incident and Emergency Management Marker By 2032?

The hazard propagation simulation tools segment leads the incident and emergency management market with an expected CAGR 6.3 % by 2032.

Incident and Emergency Management Market